Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Undiscovered Jungle

Deep in the Toyverse somewhere...somewhere in the beautiful heavens...
His large fingers keep Nena in her place as he steers his dirtdopper toward an unfamiliar exotic jungle. As Nena squirms Dorvyo  clutches her tight as her long brown hair whips in the wind. The toy babe knows she can't escape this dude. She had tried at waystation a few days before but Dorvyo recaptured her so easy. She couldn't believe it and now she lays helpless on his dirtdopper with his large hand on her bare buxem ass. Her brown eyes are drawn to the unfamiliar exotic jungle. The strange bigfoot is determined to keep her or make her his human mate. The mating lesser makes her shiver and tense under his firm large fingers.
"What's down there?" Nena inquires as the strange unknown jungle draws closer. Actually a small open patch stands with large erotic jungle trees. The jungle trees are unfamiliar to Nena as she stares at them. Dorvyo must have a hidden place,she thinks as the huge leaves draw closer. He circles his dirtdopper over the small patch and seconds later he lands his steed in the small patch which has beautiful purple red dandilions.
Moments later Nena stands on her barefeet as she Dorvyo's large hand grab her wrists behind her bareback and using a small chain to rebound her wrists. He had his reasons to this: so the human couldn't resist him or try to kill him.
"March human or I'll kill you." Dorvyo bellows aloud.
Nena doesn't challenge she strolls forward instead. She feels Dorvyo march closer behind her keeping his eyes on her. As she marches ahead she sees some dark structure hidden in the unfamiliar jungle. Whatever it is it's either magic or someplace to be controlled,she thinks. Live plants decorate the trail toward the mysterious structure whatever it is. Giant Venus like flytraps with small eyes stare at her hungrly but Dorvyo pokes one of the carnivore plant's eye and it squeals. Nena,her nude buxem ass shows its hardbod curves as she marches toward the hiddent structure. Dorvyo orders "STOP!"
Nena does so with no question.
Fearing that the strange carnivore plants will grab Nena,he grabs and tosses her busty ass over his shoulder. Nena gapes as she feels the large fingers grip her thighs and Dorvyo continues on the journey as she gazes at the unfamiliar jungle. She squirms and tense her hardbod but his powerful fingers keep her in place.
 Dorvyo,clutching Nena over his shoulder,marches up the broad anctient steps of the square broken bust head structure. Already parts of the jungle have claimed the ancient building. He finds a tablet aqnd he lays a frighten Nena on her back. She gasps as Dorvyo's large hands strokes her cury busty ass. She has no idea what's going on as she lets Dorvyo work her over.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Thief in the Night

Deep in the Toyverse jungle somewhere...
A lone yeti has been eyeing Nena for sometime. He watches her struggle between the bang poles and he had a priviledge to bang her but they creatures couldn't control her. Sexually the small buxem human proved her worth. The yeti name Dorvyo waits for the moons to be position so he can take the toy babe. Of course he would be committing a crime amidst his tribe but Dorvyo didn't care. He wants the babe real bad.
 So now several nights later the moon has move into their positions. Dorvyo smiles. He makes his move toward a sleeping Nena. He cuts her free and tosses her over his shoulder. He disappears into the jungle and the other bigfoots don't notice their prize is gone. A shock awaken Nena stirs over his shoulder as he transvers the jungle in search of a riding stead but he has put the buxem babe under his control. He finds a quiet patch along his trail and Dorvyo knows what to do with the human toy. He lays a struggling Nena on her chest on the ground and aggressively grabs her hands placing them behind her bare curvyback. She feels heavy bolas wrap around her wrists and she murmurs "No.Don't hurt me great Dorvyo I'll do you bidding."
"Of course you will human." Dorvyo kisses her lips and she lets him throw her bare ass over his shoulder again. Nena could only imagine what this alien bigfoot would do with her once he reaches his desire destination. Huge fingers wrap around her bare thighs as she rests helpless over his shoulder; their times the Toyverse is cruel with her but Nena frequently amazes herself how she's survived.
Dorvyo reaches a large patch populated by strange looking insect steeds,Nena can determine. She feels her bigfoot captor grasping her tightly as  heads toward the patch. Once in the patch he ties Nena to a slim tree and she's watches the yeti tame a large dirtdopper like flyer as his steed. Once controlled by Dorvyo he returns to the slim tree. Only with her wrists tied now the bigfoot manhandles Nena and lays her on her chest. She takes this action as not just being controlled but being owned. She feels Dorvyo big hand keeping her anchored as the wind whips her hair and as she gazes at the varied moons of the Toyverse...
 She knows there's no telling where she'll end up with this zealot bigfoot who desires so much. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans as she feels his hand gently squeeze her.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yetis in the Night

Deep in the erotic jungle of the Toyverse.
The beastmen didn't see the huge raiders coming. The attack takes them by surprise.
  Nena watches in horror the violence that quickly unfolds in front of her. She lays bound against a huge comfortable fungi log. She remains quiet as the fight ensues around her; the beastmen put a strong fight with swords and spears. She watches in horror as both sides pratcially terminate one another; the hairy monster raiders when the night. The tall yeti stares down at Nena as if she's rare prize. "Your coming with us." The huge creature says.
 The hairy yeti throws a bound buxem bare ass Nena over his shoulder; she gapes as she feels his huge hand grasp her thighs tightly; he and his raiding party leave. She stares at the carnage that's left behind and already various scavengers are feeding off the bodies of the dead beastmen. She squirms under a new huge hand as she hears the thunder of a coming storm. Why these yetis or monsters want her she has no idea. She feels the fingers squeeze her and she moans aloud OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and she hears her moan echo in the strange toyverse jungle. Where the yetis are she has no idea or clue alls she knows she's their toy now.
The Yetis reach their very huge hideous looking arachnids.
The lead Yeti places Nena on her chest of his huge spider; she feels the power of his hand as it presses and keeps her anchor in place. They get underway as she lays under the yeti's hand and a tropical like rain falls--
 Nena still has no idea where the yeti party is headed. She gazes at the flora and Fiona along the trail. "Where we going?"
The yeti didn't reply on reassert pressure on her bare ass hardbod to remind her whose in charge. She shuts her eyes as she welcomes the rain; a drenching rain which will make her soaken wet and appealing. Due to the rain she couldn't make out where the yeti's are headed with her. Nena didn't like being bound but she has no choice or say in the matter of how she's treated. All she can do is look on through the rain and try to figure wherer these yetis are taking her. She feels his huge tongue lick her.
"Human tasty." She hears the yeti say.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Captive Nena

In the deep vast erotic jungle of the Toyverse.
Among unknown trails and unfamiliar ruins...
The glistening scarab beattles cut along an unknown trail. Oko,the Beastman, keeps the rare babe toy Nena close to him as lays on her chest on his scarab steed. She has no idea how long she's been with them. All she feels is Oko's hand stroking her as she lay bound and beautiful under the alien skys of the Toyverse. She squirms slight but his fingers keep the busty babe in place. Nena could only guess where they're going. At least they're fat from the troll whose fresh visions of him having his fun with her still haunt her. She feels Oko squeeze her as she lays under his hand. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans in reaction. "Where are you taking me?" Nena begs Oko.
"Someplace where no one can find us." Oko responds with malevolence in his voice. She feels the scarab move quickly as the erotic jungle blurs around her. Oko licks his lips over Nena as she lays under his hand. The toy babe is his. The wind whips her long hair as she stares at the jungle and sees carnivore shadows devour each other. It's hard to say what they are plant or animal or both. She feels Oko grip on her tighten as he turns his scarab down another path. His firm strong hand reminds her he's in charge of her. Nena remains silent as she lays on his scarab. Her silence leads to her dropping to sleep for a while.
Several hours later...
With her wrists bound behind her bareback,Oko marches his Nena along another trail. Her buxem hardbod glistens under the twilight as she marches willingly along the trail. What lies at the end of this trail only Oko knows. "Where are you taking me?" She ask.
"You'll find out sweetheart."
Nena continues to walk fearfully of being jab by his spear staff. Yes,Oko has power of her and she can't do nothing about it; she sees a strange surreal structure through a rolling fog shrouded jungle. Nena knows when to escape so she stays on trail. With a spear at her back she knows Oko could kill her if he wants. But he wants this babe alive.
 She sees more of the strange structure as she draws close to it. "So what do you have plan Oko?" She ventures with another question.
 Oko only jabs her with spear to continue to walk to the structure. She feels his lustful eyes scoping her hardbod ass out as she walks toward the stone structure...

Monday, February 6, 2017

Beasties take Nena

Deep in the Toyverse,somewhere in the land of the giant troll.
The devious beastmen had waited till after midnight to put their master the troll into a deep sleep and still his human concubine Nena. Once the troll slump into a deep sleep in chair,the two beastmen leave him and head toward the fishbowl.
They offer Nena to come with them and she agrees. So she let's them bound and gag her for her own safety. Yet she has no idea what they plan for her. The lead beastman throws a buxem bare ass Nena over his shoulder. She squirms meekly and moans under her gag but not loud enough to wake up anything or anyone. Their flyers are park on the table and the Lead Beastman takes Nena to his flyer and plops her on her chest. His hand locks frimly on her as two beastmen fly out the window back toward the Toyverse jungle. Nena relaxes her muscles as she feels the powerful beastman keeping her anchored close to his saddle. Still the visions of being tormented by the troll fill her mind. She couldn't believe the troll would be willing to sell her to a giant dwarf. She sighs relief for she would rather be owned by Beastmen than some crazy giants.
 Their flyers get pass the boundries of the very huge trees,huge grass blades and back in familiar setting erotic trees and giant flowers. Still Nena has no idea where the beastmen are taking her. She's their toy babe,thier human concubine. Yet their unpredictable behavior made it impossible for her to guess where she's being taking too.
  Under the moonlight, the circle their flyers near a glistening lake and they land not far from the shore. The lead beastman grabs his Nena and throws her over his shoulder. The second cuts off her gag. The second one reminds her "You're ours now."
"I know."
She feels the lead beastman clasp her bare thighs as they move quickly away from the lake. Nena feels his hand rub on her thighs up and down. The rub relaxes her and she moans OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. She knows they can't wait to have her for themselves. Nena gazes at the beauty of the erotic jungle around her. Moments later she's on her barefeet and she marches with her wrists bound her back entwine between her beastie captors. For her the night feels young...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Don't Escape from Giants

Deep in the erotic Toyverse somewhere...
Nena had long since escape from the clutches of the troll-or so she thought. She follows a golden trail that would lead her back to the normal erotic jungle. Yet the giant tree roots and tall grass blades make it impossible to transverse. Worsr they're giant hungry spiders lingering about who love to have her for a dinner morsal.
She reaches the edge where large grass blades meet normal jungle. Just as she crosses back into the normal jungle a large beastie hand grabs her mouth and waste and drags her back. Quickly the two beastmen bound and gag Nena. Terror and horror chills her spine as she lays helpless over the second beastman's immense shoulder. She could feel his powerful hand keeping her locked in place. One of them says "You shouldn't have run off from the troll. HEHEHEHEHE."
Nena try to scream as the two beastmen return to their flyers. Personally if they were free of the troll the babe toy would rightfully be theirs.

The lead beastman plops buxem ass Nena on her chest close to him. She feels his powerful hand as she slumps over his small flyer. Their flyers quickly return to the air and Nena feels the full strength of the lead beastman clutching her. She bites the gag as he strokes her. The buxem babe toy doesn't put much of a fight with him. He whispers in her ear: "When the troll gets bored with you..I'll take you for myself."
Nena shudders at the thought--

The flyers enter into giant window and settle down on a table. Nena could see the giant troll grinning that his rare human toy would try to escape him; the lead beastman dumps her on the ground. Nena sees the troll draw closer and he reaches out for her with his giant fingers. She feels herself being lifited gently as she struggles with her bonds. He says "You shouldn't escape my human."
The troll gently removes her bonds and she stands in the palm of the hand. She says definatly "You don't own me."
The troll laughs at her. Then the troll takes Nena by surprise and rolls her into his other hand; his giant fingers clasp her hands together; her nude buxem ass sways back and forth before him in delight.
For safekeeping the troll drops Nena into a fishbowl. She knows now that the troll has her fate in his hands. She peers out of the the fishbowl. Never has terror made her shiver so much before.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Giant Troll

In the erotic Toyverse so many trails lead somewhere...
A few moons later...
The Rogue Orc has long since abducted Nena as his own. She lays bound and gagged on his scarab steed as it transverse the vast erotic jungle forest. As she squirms she feels his hand keeping her bare ass anchored as she stares with blank terror at the jungle and shadows in the forest. One thing she learn being a babe toy the creatures here love to poessess her. Now under the hand of a Rogue Orc should only wonder where he's taking her.
 Nena bites her silk gag as she feels his hand squeeze her. Like the leader Orc he has a powerful touch. Her brown eyes grow wide at his touch. She now feels like an object everyone desires. She hears the Orc laugh and says "There's a troll looking for you.HEHEHEHEHEHEHE."
Nena wants to scream but she can't. She lays helpless on his scarab as it navigates the erotic jungle. A troll wants me,she thinks.

Hours later..
The Orc cut her ankle bonds but kept her wrists bound and her mouth gagged. He prods Nena with his weapon and the buxem girl marches forward along a neon trail. The terrain has long since change to large and immense; the giant tree rootss make Nena feel real small as she follows the trail toward the mysterious destination. She marches erect and alert. She feels the rogue Orc stroke her beautiful brown eye as she remains his quiet slave. The Orc Orgy which she unwillingly participated in is fresh on her mind--the leader Orc had been a terrific kisser and knew how to excite her.
I could never get sex like that on earth,she muses,here sex is everything.
"March bitch!" The Rogue Orc yells and Nena picks up her pace.The two follow the trail quickly and she stares in awe at the giant figure sitting on a boulder in front of them.
"I have the babe toy," the Orc states as he marches Nena in front of the boulder. The immense troll looks her over and reaches out with his giant hand grabs Nena as her gag falls off,she screams in mortal terror.
 He examines her buxem bare ass in his huge hand. As she lays she feels his huge fingers stroke her.
"Your worthy to keep human." The troll declares as he gently wraps his fingers around her. Nena screams as the giant troll moves away from the boulder and the orc with his new sexy toy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Orc Raiders

Somewhere in the deep erotic jungle of the Toyverse
With her wrists bound her curvy back,Nena marches escorted by one of the Gorebeasts to a love patch comprise of seductive smelling roses. The gorebeast growls his order to Nena to lay on the ground and she does so. The Gorebeast has already conquered her nights ago and now he conquers her again as his lips and touch drive Nena mad with desire. They roll over in the rose/dandelion patch. In the dark jungle around them they're unsaware they're being watched. The intruders spie on Nena with great interest. To them the buxem babe toy would be perfect as their slave.
"We kill the Gorebeast first and then we seize the human toy." One of them whispers as he watches them. He throws a rock to distract the Gorebeast. He breaks away from Nena and he heads in their direction. Once the Gorebeast enters into their territory They draw their knives quickly and the small band of Orcs kills the Gorebeast silently and quickly.
Nena rises upward and she searches for the Gorebeast but he's no where to be found. Just as she trys to leave the love patch the Orcs suddenly surround her and Nena gapes in surprise. She surrenders and several Orcs quickly pull her to the ground where they bound and gag her quickly. Overwhem with fear,Nena faints--

Moments later...
It feels like hours later. Nena stirs awake to the sound of galloping hoofs and she finds herself on her chest on a Rathorse which moves quickly through the jungle. She moans softly as the brutal leader Orc squeezes her bare ass to see if his human prize is alive. She is and now she belongs to him. Nena remains silent as she stares at the toyverse jungle. Her world spins in slow motion as she bites her gag. There's no telling what the brutal Orc wants from her. She's a babe toy lost in a vast jungle that doesn't seem to end. She feels the Orc stroke her bareback and play with her long glowing hair. She stares forward trying to ignore him but she can't. She could only imagine where he's taking her. The Orcs must've follow my scent, she thinks.

Hours later...
The Orcs keep Nena underguard as she marches with her wrists bound her back. Her buxem naked ass glows under the moonlight as she follows the trail that leads somewhere. She feels the Orc leader breathing down her back as he marches with her under his weapon. "Stop human."
Nena does so. She feels the Orc leader rip her gag off. She asks "Where are we going?"
"Someplace special."