Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gorebeast Captive

Deep in the erotic Toyverse jungle...a few hours later
For Nena time either moves slow or fast depending on the situation she's in. All she knows she's been with the Gorebeasts now for a week. She can tell by the phases of the exotic moons which orbit the Ownverse. She figures the Ownverse is larger solar system and the planet is a small part of that system.
Suddenly two Gorebeast appear and cut her loose. She pleas not to have her hands bound behind her back but the creatures don't understand her English. They give her gruttal reply and one of the grabs her wrists,ties them with his spider silk bolas and she forced to march with them to their leader. We're on the move,she thinks, but where?
The leader gorebeast takes control of buxem Nena with no problem. Using his staff spear he growls forcing Nena to march forward no questions ask like she's their slave. Actually she's their captive. She marches erect her nude curvy hardbod sending off its sensual signals. Yet Nena knows no hero would save her; she's a toy to be play with on this planet. Nothing more. But conquest has made her ambitious but for the gorebeasts have suppressed her ambition. For several hours they walk on  the trail which leads to a stream which cuts the trail in half. No problem. The leader Gorebeast tosses Nena over his shoulder and they march through the stream back on the shore again. He squeezes Nena by her firm thighs: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans aloud. "Human lightweight over my shoulder," the leader gorebeast states as they follow the strange neon trail into a series of surreal broken square structures.
"Where are we?" Nena inquires.
"Sorick place of the ancient Gods."
Once the leader Gorebeast places Nena on her barefeet and he marches her into one of the square structures. She feels his knife cut her wrists bonds. He contines to march Nena toward some chains on the wall.
"Put yourself against the wall babe toy."
Nena does as she told and she feels his powerful hand lock her wrists in a pair schackles. She struggles and spits at him. "Bastard!"
The Gorebeast laughs at her and takes her in his arms. He wildly madly embraces her and reminds her: "I own you Nena.I intend to keep you."

Monday, January 23, 2017

Gorebeasts on the Charge

Deep in the erotic Toyverse jungle somewhere...
a few hours later.
As she rest bound and gagged over the leader Gorebeast shoulder she can't believe how just a few hours passed since they abducted her from the defunct cult. One minute a plan sacrifice and the next a found babe toy for ones enjoyment. Nena squirm over the Gorebeast shoulder as his hand tighten its grip over her. His companion toys with her long hair as she moans helplessly. The two had made time quickly to a riverbank for she hears the soothing of a stream.
 The two hop in their boat and Nena is guarded under the leader's feet below him. She shudders what lays ahead with these two charactors. She feels the boat push away from the bank and their boat heads quickly down stream. The soothing scents along the river make Nena fall asleep. She's small compared to her immense captors. She dreams of the Gorebeasts. She's on a path marching under arm protection with no means to escape a path that takes them to ancient square structure and the beast bound her spread eagle on the ground in a flower patch and the talls flowers hide her from others who desire her in the erotic jungle. The leader gorebeast conquers her at night and she consents with them and she becomes their slave. Just being a slave makes her shudder but in this world there isn't much choice.
The boat rocks and Nena wakes up. Their boat is close to land now and Nena shudders still from the bad dream she had.
Moments later...
 With her wrists hound behind her back,Nena marches with a long spear at her back; she slows down she feels a gently stab to make her go forward faster. She does so. Nena follows the trail which doesn't lead into ancient structure but a huge flower patch. He quickly orders his second in command to hold on to Nena for she feels his powerful hands grasping her arms. She looks around and realizes she can't escape them. The Gorebeast rams his spear staff into the ground-
 "Bring her."
The second gorebeast does and Nena is handed over to the leader. He cuts her bola ropes from wrists and orders her stand close to the spear. She does so and she feels the Gorebeast hands retiie her wrists behind the slim pole. "Let me go," she begs. Nena jumps with a startle as slim hands emerge from the spear and clamp hold on her ankles. She struggles on the spear for now she's at the Gorebeast's mercy. She's erect and inviting now for their conquest....

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cult Raiders

Somewhere in a temple of Gothos...
None of the goonbeasts didn't see the Gorbeasts raiders coming. The dark gorilla forms hit the temple an angery aggression. First the killed the witch and and her cloak priests quickly. As the Goonbeast fight off the Gorbeast Nena sees an oppurtinity   to escape and she does so. She climbs a burning temple wall and falls to the ground. She gets up and moves quickly across the tall grass toward the erotic jungle.
 She never makes it-
A Gorbeast comes out of nowhere on his horselike steeed and grabs her. Next a bewildered Nena lays on the steed mane under a powerful hand as the Gorbeast heads into the jungle with his new found human prize. He squeezes her buxem hardbod and she moans OHHHHHHHHHHH in reaction. She looks into the gorilla like face. How did he find me? She thinks. She looks behind her and the Gothos temple is in flames and lights up the night like a bonfire. She gasps as her new captor rides off quickly with her. She doesn't care where he goes with her. At least she didn't become a sacrifice for another crazy cult. She feels the Gorbeast stroke her bareback as she clutches the mane of his steed as he gallups far into the jungle with her.
"Who are you?" She blurts out.
"Your new master human HEHEHEHEHE."
Uh-oh she mouths as she feels his steed slow to a halt.He climbs off his steed and pulls Nena off. She stands helpless as she feels fresh silk rope bind her wrists behind her bareback. She's now his captive and will do his bidding whenever he wishes. Seconds later she lays bound on his steed's mane as the Gorbeast gallups off with her. She squirm and tenses under the Gorbeast's hand as she moans softly. She belongs to him and she can't escape that notion.

A few hours later...
The Gorebeast doesn't take chances. With Nena over his shoulder and his firm hand lock on her bare thighs he navs the trail with no problem. He can't believe how small and light she is over his shoulder. He kisses her thigh and Nena doesn't utter a word as her captor marches off with her somewhere in the erotic Toyverse jungle.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Gothos Cult

Deep in the erotic Toyverse jungle somewhere...
With her wrist tied behind her bare curvy back,Nena marches under the guard of the ugly Goonbeasts within the grounds of the temple. She feels the wet grass under barefeet as she marches under armed Goonbeasts, She senses their greedy eyes scoping her out as she walk quietly. As she gazes around the ancient broken temple she notes the creatures aren't in a hurry to sacrifice her. With a gently prod of a spear tip she picks up her pace as they march her toward a circular chamber. Within the circular is a circular jade colored dias. The goons quickly cut Nena's bonds, she struggles as she's clamp spread eagle onto the jade dias. It glows once Nena is schackled to it.
  She feels the dias raise up as she gapes feeling its power. She learns she's in the hand of the Gothos Cult who worship some dark god of the cosmos. One of the goonbeast orders "Get the witch. Tell her we found the sacrifice."
"What Witch?" Nena murmurs as she gazes arouind. Her brown eyes try to grasph where she is but the chamber didn't tell her much.
 Seconds later a tall dark cloak figure,the Witch floats in,Nena sees her ugly face as she checks her out. Her long nails peirce her flesh and Nena screams. She trys to look away but she can't. The Witch says "This human is perfect for the sacrifice."
Nena puts up a struggle against her bonds. The Witch says "She's feisty. Excellent." As the Witch checks her Nena spits in her face in defiance. The Witch disappears out of the chamber with her malevolent laughter.
 One of the goonbeasts steps up and licks Nena on her cheek. She feels his grasp her face and he kisses her hard. The other goonbeast does the same as Nena struggles. She wants to escape but they went to great lengths to prevent her from doing so. The Goonbeasts stand guard as moonlight floods the chamber and Nena welcomes it.
 All she can think about is killing the witch. Behead the witch she could conquer and divide the cult. She relaxes her head back against the green dias. Time is on her sife for now. She figures the sacrifice would take place in the next moon cycles.
For now she endures hands and lips of the Goonbeasts.

Tied to a hidious blackwidow spider

Deep in  the erotic jungles of the Toyverse..
The Goonbeast put his Nena to sleep-a long sleep. He keeps her bound so escape for her is out of the question.
 Nena wakes up to find herself bound and she sees the long mandibles of the blackwidow spider and the Goonbeast sitting on it. He manuvers his spider steed closer and he let's blackwidow's mandibles scoop Nena up. She feels the Goonbeast grasp her buxem hardbod and roll her over on her chest. She gapes in silent as she feels the Goonheast's powerful hand. He cuts her silk rope bonds and Nena squeals softly as the Goonbeast reties her ankles and wrists to hooks on the blackwidow steed. She feels her hardbod stretch her muscles ache slightly yet still she's a helpless human toy in the hands of the Goonbeast who captured her days ago it seems.
 "Where is your temple?" She inquires.
The Goonbeast doesn't say anything as she feels his hand squeeze her again OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans in response. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....she tenses her muscles to ease the aching pain as the blackwidow spider navs the jungle. Nena shivers at the carnivore plants which take down some mammal like creatures; or she gapes a Z-Rex as it takes down Zorosaurus in front of her eyes. She feels the spider change direction and feels the smelly lips of the Goonbeast on her cheek. He whispers in her ear: "You belong to me Nena.You belong to the cult."
"I belong to no one," She protests in her hostile voice and the Goonbeast mocks her. The mock reminds her of her status in the Toyverse. She gazes around for this cult's temple if they hand one. All she knows this Goonbeast could be laying a con on her to have her for himself. "You have a firm bod my Nena," The Goonbeast observes.
"So my firm bod makes a worthy sacrifice I bet."
The Goonbeast laughs at her as he squeezes her again and he kisses her again. Whatever this Goonbeast is he now has power of life and death over her. In the distance Nena sees a jungle ruin temple drawing closer.
Other figures pour out, the Goonbeast stops as the two sentienal goons ride in. She feels the Goonbeast tighten his grip on her. "The priests will be pleased you have a sacrifice."
Nena remains quiet as the Goonbeast rides with his escort toward the temple of the unknown cult.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

GoonBeast's Babe

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse
The cloaked creature grins at Nena as his hand keeps her anchored close to him. His hand feels her nude buxem hardbod tense and relax under his power. The babe moan softly at his powerful touch and he likes the fact she's helpless against him. His huge ant covers a lot a jungle territory in a short amount of time; he swears he feels Nena shiver under his hand. Frequently Nena would gaze at his hood cover face to determine who he is. He doesn't remove his hood yet but his eyes make contact with Nena's large brown eyes. He reads into her soul. He knows this human babe is strong but she's now his  to do his bidding.
Half way through the jungle the cloak figure stops. He quickly pulls Nena onto her barefeet and she feels a knife slice her ankle bonds. Then he cuts her wrists bonds and reties them with fresh silk rope bolas. Her hands quickly grip the bolas as she now moves forward. She senses the creature smiling at her as he forces her down a trail. "What are you?" Nena asks.
 They stop.
  She gazes at the creature which removes his hood. Nena sees that a goonbeast has captured her. The goonbeast has the appearance of a bigfoot from earth accept it's slightly shorter but still all muscle. He takes out his staff and prods her. "March Nena toy." He bellows.
 Satisfied she obeys him and remains on trail as they hear the rumble of thunder. Then unexpectly a drenching rain falls but the two continue to stroll down the trail regardless of the rain. The Goonbeast grins at as her nude buxem hardbod glows from the rain. Nena continues to stroll unabated. With the Goonbeast a meter behind her an escape would be out of the question. She feels his powerful magic via through his heavy bolas which she clasps in her hands. As far as Nena is concerned she'd been abducted by some Goon Cult. Whatever they are. She feels the wet mud and grass under her barefeet.
"Stop babe."
She does so. Suddenly with no explaination the strange goonbeast throws her over his shoulder. Nena is light over his shoulder for she's smaller than he is. He smells her sweet skin as the Goonbeast navs the erotic jungle. The trail to the temple is long,Nena thinks as she rides over his shoulder. She sticks her tongue out and tastes the rain as the Goonbeast takes her deeper into the unknown....

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Man Nymph Raiders

Somewhere in an unknown ancient city in the erotic jungles of the Toyverse..
In a courtyard now overgrowned with vines,flowers and other beautiful flora,Dorso makes out with his babe toy Nena. The grass is recently wet due to a storm which pass over night and Nena lays inviting on the ground as she gives the ghoul what he wants. Yet her eyes search for his dagger so she could him when the time comes. But thus far she hasn't seen his weapon.
They're not alone in the garden for the intruders are hidden meters watching like voyeurs their love making. The intruders know what to do it's a matter of a short time. But the buxem babe toy is their objective not the ghoul whom they will kill. "She's perfect." The first intruder whispers.
"She is and she'll belong to the cult soon." The second one responds. So they wait and watch the lovers make out especially Nena who moans seductively.

Several seconds later...
The intruders,powerful man Nymphs, jump and take them by shock and awe. Dorso,the ghoul is instantly killed by one of the maucho man nymphs and Nena screams. Quickly several man nymphs grab her and one throws her over his shoulder. It's over with in seconds and Nena gapes as she rides over the shoulder of the man nymph intruders. Once they reach another clear patch,they subdue Nena easily by binding her wrists,ankles and gag her. She feels another man nymph toss her over his shoulder and the small cadre disappears into the erotic jungle. Nena squirms and moans as the man nymphs follow a trail toward a stream. Bound,gagged Nena feels truly helpless and powerless as they follow a trail toward a small roaring stream where a medium long boat is waiting. She sees some cloak figures on it--she draws a quick conclusion that a cult has captured her for their own ends.
They reach the boat and another pair of powerful hands grab a bound Nena and she lays on the bottom of the boat. She feels the boat push away from the shore and she sees the powerful paddle row as she squirms. She knows in the Toyverse many strange cults large and small exists. In the jungle she often avoids them but a few often find her for their crazy sacrifice. Nena could only wonder who they are as she feels strange hands stroking her like she's a rare catch.

She wakes up.
She rests on the mane of a huge carnivorious ant. A firm hand rests on her as Nena stares trying to guess where the cloak figure headed is with her. All she can make out of the cloaked figure are strange glyphs on his cloak. To her surprise her gag is removed. She feels her capture's hand squeeze her OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans softly as the same strokes her.
"Who are you?" She begs. "Who are you?"

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Erotic Captive of the Jungle

Somewhere deep in the vast erotic Toyverse
Dorso the Ghoul lets out his malevolent HEHEHEHEHEhEhE as marches his hardbod buxem toy babe Nena along the path. A path that leads somewhere only Dorso knows.
 He gently jabs Nena with his spear staff. Nena knows he could kill her if he wants but a human toy babe like her is to high value to kill. She knows when the ghoul grows tired of her he would sell her to another of his species or one many monsters that live in this erotic jungle.
  "Stop Nena."
She does as so. She feels his hands remove her bola bonds and throws them away. He removes a fresh pair of silk rope bolas and reties her. The ghould smiles as she smell Nena sweet scents. "I like it when you tie my wrists behind my back, You show your power of my meekness."
 He pulls her by her long hair closer to him and the ghould embraces her lips. He says greedly "My you have such sweet tasty lips." Dorso pushes her forward and Nena complys as she feels the smooth path under her barefeet. Her nude buxem hardbod glows under the strange sunlight and the moons which surround the Toyverse reminds her she's somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy.
All her memories of earth now feel distance. Light years distance as she adapts more to the bizarre Toyverse.
"Where are you taking me?" Nena inquires casually. "An ancient city perhaps."
"Yes,my dear,someplace ancient." Dorso states cryptically. He jabs Nena's back gently and she moves quickly forward but the ghoul remains close behind her. His immense size dwarfs her and he's in control. She knows Dorso is smart; on earth if Dorsso had been a man he would be known as the jerk for his acts or something worse.
Dorso pushes Nena to her physical limits. Moments later she collaspse on the path and gasps "I need to rest." Dorso folds his spear staff and slides into his pouch. He gathers a physically exhausted Nena and tosses her over his shoulder. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans as Dorso squeezes his babe toy. She murmurs "Thanks great one."
 Dorso ignores her and moves down the path further. He sees a ruined city in the distance separated by the path; Nena feels him running as he quickly runs with superhuman speed. She passes out due to her exhaustion.
 Nena wakes up refreshed but chained between ancient broken totem poles. She gazes around at the ancient glyphs trying to translate the ancient glyphs. She manage to translate the two  glyphs. Ghoul
Temple. She looks around the exotic vast room. Nena trys to break the chains but she can't. Soon the ghould will be all over her.
Very soon,she thinks.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dorso Grabs Nena

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse jungle
Nena escaped the two ghould while they slept. Under the lights of the moons she covers as much ground she could keep herself distance from them. She would rather risk being capture by a nymph or a goblin than a ghoul. She reaches a beautiful river and she catches up on her sleep. By dawn she's rested on her barefeet zig zagging on trails. She doesn't know that the ghoul Dorso is on her scent. How long can I go without being captured? Nena wonders as she ventures into new jungle territory--now she feels lost. With trails all broken she couldn't compraahend which directon to go. She chooses east and hears the thunder of a coming storm. She welcomes the rain on her nude buxem hardbod as she follows the trail which peters out into a lake waterfall.
  She lays and rest for a while. She eats some fresh fruit and trys to follow a trail that leads down the waterfall--
Suddenly ghould hands clasps her mouth and waste. She's dragged into a cove and she sees that her abductor is Dorso. "I own you now sweetie."
 Nena couldn't fight him. He binds her wrists her bareback and tosses her over his shouder. He carries to his flyer. Now she rests on her chest on the mane of his flyer. His powerful hand keeps her anchored and he squeezes her OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she reacts louly as his flyer leaves the lake. She shutters what Dorso has plan for her. She wishes some king had nab her instead.
 Dorso flys over the waterfall and back over the erotic jungle. Nena trys to determine where her abductor is taking her. Directions still confuse her. She asks "Where are yoii taking me you jerk,"
Dorso laughs. "Meek human.You will find out."
 She continues to gaze at the jungle below as she feel Dorso's hand claw assert his power over her. She wants to kill him but she's powerless to do so. She feels his hand claw stroke her gently and she calms down. As the wind whips her long brown hair,she gazes at the jungle around her. There's no telling where Dorso has his private lair. She knows that tend to buy her or capture her love to take her to someplace private and intimate to conquer her.
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she squeals as Dorso squeezes her gently. She feels his greedy smile as he hold onto to her like a rare jewel.