Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yetis in the Night

Deep in the erotic jungle of the Toyverse.
The beastmen didn't see the huge raiders coming. The attack takes them by surprise.
  Nena watches in horror the violence that quickly unfolds in front of her. She lays bound against a huge comfortable fungi log. She remains quiet as the fight ensues around her; the beastmen put a strong fight with swords and spears. She watches in horror as both sides pratcially terminate one another; the hairy monster raiders when the night. The tall yeti stares down at Nena as if she's rare prize. "Your coming with us." The huge creature says.
 The hairy yeti throws a bound buxem bare ass Nena over his shoulder; she gapes as she feels his huge hand grasp her thighs tightly; he and his raiding party leave. She stares at the carnage that's left behind and already various scavengers are feeding off the bodies of the dead beastmen. She squirms under a new huge hand as she hears the thunder of a coming storm. Why these yetis or monsters want her she has no idea. She feels the fingers squeeze her and she moans aloud OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and she hears her moan echo in the strange toyverse jungle. Where the yetis are she has no idea or clue alls she knows she's their toy now.
The Yetis reach their very huge hideous looking arachnids.
The lead Yeti places Nena on her chest of his huge spider; she feels the power of his hand as it presses and keeps her anchor in place. They get underway as she lays under the yeti's hand and a tropical like rain falls--
 Nena still has no idea where the yeti party is headed. She gazes at the flora and Fiona along the trail. "Where we going?"
The yeti didn't reply on reassert pressure on her bare ass hardbod to remind her whose in charge. She shuts her eyes as she welcomes the rain; a drenching rain which will make her soaken wet and appealing. Due to the rain she couldn't make out where the yeti's are headed with her. Nena didn't like being bound but she has no choice or say in the matter of how she's treated. All she can do is look on through the rain and try to figure wherer these yetis are taking her. She feels his huge tongue lick her.
"Human tasty." She hears the yeti say.