Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Orc Raiders

Somewhere in the deep erotic jungle of the Toyverse
With her wrists bound her curvy back,Nena marches escorted by one of the Gorebeasts to a love patch comprise of seductive smelling roses. The gorebeast growls his order to Nena to lay on the ground and she does so. The Gorebeast has already conquered her nights ago and now he conquers her again as his lips and touch drive Nena mad with desire. They roll over in the rose/dandelion patch. In the dark jungle around them they're unsaware they're being watched. The intruders spie on Nena with great interest. To them the buxem babe toy would be perfect as their slave.
"We kill the Gorebeast first and then we seize the human toy." One of them whispers as he watches them. He throws a rock to distract the Gorebeast. He breaks away from Nena and he heads in their direction. Once the Gorebeast enters into their territory They draw their knives quickly and the small band of Orcs kills the Gorebeast silently and quickly.
Nena rises upward and she searches for the Gorebeast but he's no where to be found. Just as she trys to leave the love patch the Orcs suddenly surround her and Nena gapes in surprise. She surrenders and several Orcs quickly pull her to the ground where they bound and gag her quickly. Overwhem with fear,Nena faints--

Moments later...
It feels like hours later. Nena stirs awake to the sound of galloping hoofs and she finds herself on her chest on a Rathorse which moves quickly through the jungle. She moans softly as the brutal leader Orc squeezes her bare ass to see if his human prize is alive. She is and now she belongs to him. Nena remains silent as she stares at the toyverse jungle. Her world spins in slow motion as she bites her gag. There's no telling what the brutal Orc wants from her. She's a babe toy lost in a vast jungle that doesn't seem to end. She feels the Orc stroke her bareback and play with her long glowing hair. She stares forward trying to ignore him but she can't. She could only imagine where he's taking her. The Orcs must've follow my scent, she thinks.

Hours later...
The Orcs keep Nena underguard as she marches with her wrists bound her back. Her buxem naked ass glows under the moonlight as she follows the trail that leads somewhere. She feels the Orc leader breathing down her back as he marches with her under his weapon. "Stop human."
Nena does so. She feels the Orc leader rip her gag off. She asks "Where are we going?"
"Someplace special."