Thursday, February 2, 2017

Giant Troll

In the erotic Toyverse so many trails lead somewhere...
A few moons later...
The Rogue Orc has long since abducted Nena as his own. She lays bound and gagged on his scarab steed as it transverse the vast erotic jungle forest. As she squirms she feels his hand keeping her bare ass anchored as she stares with blank terror at the jungle and shadows in the forest. One thing she learn being a babe toy the creatures here love to poessess her. Now under the hand of a Rogue Orc should only wonder where he's taking her.
 Nena bites her silk gag as she feels his hand squeeze her. Like the leader Orc he has a powerful touch. Her brown eyes grow wide at his touch. She now feels like an object everyone desires. She hears the Orc laugh and says "There's a troll looking for you.HEHEHEHEHEHEHE."
Nena wants to scream but she can't. She lays helpless on his scarab as it navigates the erotic jungle. A troll wants me,she thinks.

Hours later..
The Orc cut her ankle bonds but kept her wrists bound and her mouth gagged. He prods Nena with his weapon and the buxem girl marches forward along a neon trail. The terrain has long since change to large and immense; the giant tree rootss make Nena feel real small as she follows the trail toward the mysterious destination. She marches erect and alert. She feels the rogue Orc stroke her beautiful brown eye as she remains his quiet slave. The Orc Orgy which she unwillingly participated in is fresh on her mind--the leader Orc had been a terrific kisser and knew how to excite her.
I could never get sex like that on earth,she muses,here sex is everything.
"March bitch!" The Rogue Orc yells and Nena picks up her pace.The two follow the trail quickly and she stares in awe at the giant figure sitting on a boulder in front of them.
"I have the babe toy," the Orc states as he marches Nena in front of the boulder. The immense troll looks her over and reaches out with his giant hand grabs Nena as her gag falls off,she screams in mortal terror.
 He examines her buxem bare ass in his huge hand. As she lays she feels his huge fingers stroke her.
"Your worthy to keep human." The troll declares as he gently wraps his fingers around her. Nena screams as the giant troll moves away from the boulder and the orc with his new sexy toy.