Saturday, February 4, 2017

Don't Escape from Giants

Deep in the erotic Toyverse somewhere...
Nena had long since escape from the clutches of the troll-or so she thought. She follows a golden trail that would lead her back to the normal erotic jungle. Yet the giant tree roots and tall grass blades make it impossible to transverse. Worsr they're giant hungry spiders lingering about who love to have her for a dinner morsal.
She reaches the edge where large grass blades meet normal jungle. Just as she crosses back into the normal jungle a large beastie hand grabs her mouth and waste and drags her back. Quickly the two beastmen bound and gag Nena. Terror and horror chills her spine as she lays helpless over the second beastman's immense shoulder. She could feel his powerful hand keeping her locked in place. One of them says "You shouldn't have run off from the troll. HEHEHEHEHE."
Nena try to scream as the two beastmen return to their flyers. Personally if they were free of the troll the babe toy would rightfully be theirs.

The lead beastman plops buxem ass Nena on her chest close to him. She feels his powerful hand as she slumps over his small flyer. Their flyers quickly return to the air and Nena feels the full strength of the lead beastman clutching her. She bites the gag as he strokes her. The buxem babe toy doesn't put much of a fight with him. He whispers in her ear: "When the troll gets bored with you..I'll take you for myself."
Nena shudders at the thought--

The flyers enter into giant window and settle down on a table. Nena could see the giant troll grinning that his rare human toy would try to escape him; the lead beastman dumps her on the ground. Nena sees the troll draw closer and he reaches out for her with his giant fingers. She feels herself being lifited gently as she struggles with her bonds. He says "You shouldn't escape my human."
The troll gently removes her bonds and she stands in the palm of the hand. She says definatly "You don't own me."
The troll laughs at her. Then the troll takes Nena by surprise and rolls her into his other hand; his giant fingers clasp her hands together; her nude buxem ass sways back and forth before him in delight.
For safekeeping the troll drops Nena into a fishbowl. She knows now that the troll has her fate in his hands. She peers out of the the fishbowl. Never has terror made her shiver so much before.