Thursday, February 9, 2017

Captive Nena

In the deep vast erotic jungle of the Toyverse.
Among unknown trails and unfamiliar ruins...
The glistening scarab beattles cut along an unknown trail. Oko,the Beastman, keeps the rare babe toy Nena close to him as lays on her chest on his scarab steed. She has no idea how long she's been with them. All she feels is Oko's hand stroking her as she lay bound and beautiful under the alien skys of the Toyverse. She squirms slight but his fingers keep the busty babe in place. Nena could only guess where they're going. At least they're fat from the troll whose fresh visions of him having his fun with her still haunt her. She feels Oko squeeze her as she lays under his hand. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans in reaction. "Where are you taking me?" Nena begs Oko.
"Someplace where no one can find us." Oko responds with malevolence in his voice. She feels the scarab move quickly as the erotic jungle blurs around her. Oko licks his lips over Nena as she lays under his hand. The toy babe is his. The wind whips her long hair as she stares at the jungle and sees carnivore shadows devour each other. It's hard to say what they are plant or animal or both. She feels Oko grip on her tighten as he turns his scarab down another path. His firm strong hand reminds her he's in charge of her. Nena remains silent as she lays on his scarab. Her silence leads to her dropping to sleep for a while.
Several hours later...
With her wrists bound behind her bareback,Oko marches his Nena along another trail. Her buxem hardbod glistens under the twilight as she marches willingly along the trail. What lies at the end of this trail only Oko knows. "Where are you taking me?" She ask.
"You'll find out sweetheart."
Nena continues to walk fearfully of being jab by his spear staff. Yes,Oko has power of her and she can't do nothing about it; she sees a strange surreal structure through a rolling fog shrouded jungle. Nena knows when to escape so she stays on trail. With a spear at her back she knows Oko could kill her if he wants. But he wants this babe alive.
 She sees more of the strange structure as she draws close to it. "So what do you have plan Oko?" She ventures with another question.
 Oko only jabs her with spear to continue to walk to the structure. She feels his lustful eyes scoping her hardbod ass out as she walks toward the stone structure...