Monday, February 6, 2017

Beasties take Nena

Deep in the Toyverse,somewhere in the land of the giant troll.
The devious beastmen had waited till after midnight to put their master the troll into a deep sleep and still his human concubine Nena. Once the troll slump into a deep sleep in chair,the two beastmen leave him and head toward the fishbowl.
They offer Nena to come with them and she agrees. So she let's them bound and gag her for her own safety. Yet she has no idea what they plan for her. The lead beastman throws a buxem bare ass Nena over his shoulder. She squirms meekly and moans under her gag but not loud enough to wake up anything or anyone. Their flyers are park on the table and the Lead Beastman takes Nena to his flyer and plops her on her chest. His hand locks frimly on her as two beastmen fly out the window back toward the Toyverse jungle. Nena relaxes her muscles as she feels the powerful beastman keeping her anchored close to his saddle. Still the visions of being tormented by the troll fill her mind. She couldn't believe the troll would be willing to sell her to a giant dwarf. She sighs relief for she would rather be owned by Beastmen than some crazy giants.
 Their flyers get pass the boundries of the very huge trees,huge grass blades and back in familiar setting erotic trees and giant flowers. Still Nena has no idea where the beastmen are taking her. She's their toy babe,thier human concubine. Yet their unpredictable behavior made it impossible for her to guess where she's being taking too.
  Under the moonlight, the circle their flyers near a glistening lake and they land not far from the shore. The lead beastman grabs his Nena and throws her over his shoulder. The second cuts off her gag. The second one reminds her "You're ours now."
"I know."
She feels the lead beastman clasp her bare thighs as they move quickly away from the lake. Nena feels his hand rub on her thighs up and down. The rub relaxes her and she moans OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. She knows they can't wait to have her for themselves. Nena gazes at the beauty of the erotic jungle around her. Moments later she's on her barefeet and she marches with her wrists bound her back entwine between her beastie captors. For her the night feels young...