Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gorebeast Captive

Deep in the erotic Toyverse jungle...a few hours later
For Nena time either moves slow or fast depending on the situation she's in. All she knows she's been with the Gorebeasts now for a week. She can tell by the phases of the exotic moons which orbit the Ownverse. She figures the Ownverse is larger solar system and the planet is a small part of that system.
Suddenly two Gorebeast appear and cut her loose. She pleas not to have her hands bound behind her back but the creatures don't understand her English. They give her gruttal reply and one of the grabs her wrists,ties them with his spider silk bolas and she forced to march with them to their leader. We're on the move,she thinks, but where?
The leader gorebeast takes control of buxem Nena with no problem. Using his staff spear he growls forcing Nena to march forward no questions ask like she's their slave. Actually she's their captive. She marches erect her nude curvy hardbod sending off its sensual signals. Yet Nena knows no hero would save her; she's a toy to be play with on this planet. Nothing more. But conquest has made her ambitious but for the gorebeasts have suppressed her ambition. For several hours they walk on  the trail which leads to a stream which cuts the trail in half. No problem. The leader Gorebeast tosses Nena over his shoulder and they march through the stream back on the shore again. He squeezes Nena by her firm thighs: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans aloud. "Human lightweight over my shoulder," the leader gorebeast states as they follow the strange neon trail into a series of surreal broken square structures.
"Where are we?" Nena inquires.
"Sorick place of the ancient Gods."
Once the leader Gorebeast places Nena on her barefeet and he marches her into one of the square structures. She feels his knife cut her wrists bonds. He contines to march Nena toward some chains on the wall.
"Put yourself against the wall babe toy."
Nena does as she told and she feels his powerful hand lock her wrists in a pair schackles. She struggles and spits at him. "Bastard!"
The Gorebeast laughs at her and takes her in his arms. He wildly madly embraces her and reminds her: "I own you Nena.I intend to keep you."