Friday, December 30, 2016

Orso and Dorso

Several moons later in the strange structure somewhere in the erotic Toyverse..
Nena didn't expected shared but it happen. Dorso,Orso ghoul twin eagerly tied Nena's wrist behind her bareback for her march to the underground. Since she consummated Orso she realize the same species can have her as well. The two ghouls escort Nena toward what appears to be a secret door.Entwined between them she knows there's no chance to escape. The door disappears into something like a dark cavern. The three stroll down a series of stairwells. Nena hears eerie monster crys in the semi darkness. Dorso explains a long tooth creature of immense size lives here. She asks "Where are we going?"
They don't answer Dorso takes his torch and touches Nena's bareback OUCH! YOU BASTARD.
The ghouls laugh at her.
She complys to their commands to stay alive. They reach the bottom and Nena remains with the ghouls fearful of the monster that dwells here. She grips the heavy bolas which Dorso tied around her wrists hours ago it seems. She deviates off from them but Dorso grabs her long hair and pulls back in her place.
I'm their slave,she thinks. Dorso touches her hardbod,pinches her. She moans softly as she walks barefoot. She yearns to be back in the jungle not with these jerks. Nymphs treat me better,she thinks as marches under their guard. They follow a trail that now leads them out of the underground cavern and into the erotic jungle. They reach their destination where two broken totem poles stand. Quickly Orso cuts her bonds and the two ghouls grab her wrists as she struggles against them. She trys to put up a fight but the ghouls are strong for her.
 Moments later her wrists are hitched to the posts. The two ghouls now close in on her and she feels a sensual euphoria over take her. She lets their lips roam all over her and she moans OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DON'T STOP! Nena keeps her eyes close and she returns the embrace and murmurs "Cut me loose I'll show you both my passion." For hours she;s over taken by the ghoul's strength and touch.
Then it stops.
All of them are tired. Nena exhausted most of all. "I need to rest." She murmurs as she feels pain all over her buxem hardbod. She admits she couldn't get this good sex on earth. Like the ghouls she falls asleep despite her body pains. Nena knows that rest will heal her for now.

Ghoul's delight

Somewhere in the Toyverse..
Nena stirs awake from a drugged induce sleep. Her buxem hardbod now rests on a mane of a huge four legged lizard. She feels the ghoul Orso's powerful fingers keeping her anchored in place extremely close to him. She sees that his lizard is drifting in a vast beautiful river under the canopy of the erotic jungle. Judging by the various shapes Nena knows she's in unfamiliar territory. Very unfamiliar territory.
"Where we going Orso?" She inquires gently. She feels the ghoul's powerful hand gently squeeze her nude ass. OHHHHHHHHHHH she moans aloud. She feels she's no longer  a queen but a hunted captured toy again. In reaction to his powerful grip  Nena lets her body tense. She feels fear running up her spine despite the fact she isn't afraid. Nena quietly agrees to go along with Orso. She has no idea what he has planned,she concludes he wants a human to mate with. I can live with that,she thinks as she lays on the huge lizard. She feels Orso stroking her hair and licking her cheek. She knows the ghoul king has immense power and knows how to wield it.
"Where we going?" Nena ventures again.
  "A magic place where we can't be disturbed," the ghoul king answers. He squeezes her gently again. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans seductively. Nena realizes he loves to squeeze her just to hear her react. She squirms under his hand but a chilling monster reptile marches across a levee then turns into the jungle. The reptile is a huge raptor like monster and reminds her how small she is on this world. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans as she feels his hand squeeze her and she feels a sedative drug take affect again. Nena drifts back asleep as she lays on the vast large reptile.
Hours later...
 Orso stands behind Nena and reties her wrists behind her back. The powerful ghoul king now shoves Nena forward and reminds her no funny business. With his spear staff at her curvy back she has no choice to comply with her captor. Nena knows a ghoul will kill a human in a heartbeat for she's seen it. Orso she figures has differernt plans for her.
They're on an isolated trail. For they don't hear no growling sounds in the jungle around them. Nena follows a path which leads them into a vast ancient city. Nena couldn't read the glyphics to figure out the city's name. Orso prods her with his spear and she continues to march in silence.
Nena muses "Any number of these places could be our love nest."
 "True my sweet," Orso responds.
Echausted from a long walk, Nena falls to the ground. Orso quickly gathers her over his shoulder and Nena feels his powerful grips as she watches the twilight moons rise. Orso moves forward with grit and determination with his rare human prize...

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ghoul king Orso

Deep in the erotic Toyverse somewhere....
Their love nest is near a small roaring river and Zodax proves his sensual power over Nena. She moans softly as his giant fingers run all over her. However,Nena senses they're not alone. She feels something unsettling watching them but the stalker's eyes are more on her than anyone else. A human toy like her would bring in loot when captured. She rolls Zodax over until his back on the ground and Nena displays her powerful sensusality as she moans softly. She can't get over the sensusal power of this world sometimes. On earth she felt so much contraints but here in the Toyverse she's like a goddess herself; she didn't care if she's called a toy or not.
They hear a rustle of leaves and bushes. Suddenly some hideous dark ghouls surround them. One of the ghouls bellows: "Get the girl kill her lover."
Strong hands pull Nena off Zodax and she stands under a ghoul's powerful grip. She gazes around as they lick their lips over her. OUCH! she screams as her ghoul captor reties her wrist behind her back. In a matter of minutes it's over with. The ghouls force her to watch the death of her god lover and then she's grab by the arm and force to march back into the vast erotic jungle. She feels wetness under barefeet; she's daze and confuse still from their surprise attack. She blurts out "Where are you taking me?"
"King Orso Toy." One of the ghouls responds and he shoves forward down the trail. Eerie crys dot the path as Nena enters into an unfamiliar part of the erotic jungle. Above she hears a crack of thunder follow by lightening. Suddenly there's a downpour of rain but they forge forward anyway. When they reach a vast stream,one of ghouls throws a dazed Nena over his shoulder; his hand grips her firmly as she trys to figure out where King Orso is and who he is. She squirms and struggles as the ghoul holds her tightly. As the rain stops they forge up a hill as Nena welcomes a warm twilight on her wet body.
 They enter into their camp. The camp is set up in some unfamiliar ruins. She feels a bright torch light as the ghoul bearing her enters into a large tent.
 She hears the king's words: "Bound the toy so she can't escape."
Nena shutter as she place on a pole; quickly her wrists and ankles are chained to the pole. Her naked buxem curvy hardbod glows in alls its glory. She sees King Orso for the first time and he kisses her cheeks. "Tasty.Worthy."
Nena struggles as his clawhand strokes her and her head droops downward. "Let me rest your majesty." She blurts. "Let me rest."
  King Orso smiles and kisses her cheek as Nena drifts asleep.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Buxem Doll Nena

Deep in the Toyverse...
deep in Zadox's keep.

Nena struggles on the large pillows. She squeals softly to be free but Zadox stands over her like mad possessed master. Thus far she has survived his snakes crawling over her and the fact the reptiles never bit her. Every physical torment he's thrown at her she survived by her strong will power alone. The man like god can't help but admire for this. His torment are her punishment for attempting to flee from him.
 She's still tied down square eagle but he likes to watch her struggle against her bonds. She says "I'll stay with you my master god."
"On one condition," Zadox intones in his bellowing voice. He passes his hand over her eyes and Nena falls into a deep sleep. A deep dreamy sleep--

Hours later...
She wakes up with a deep shock. She's in the palm of his hand she esitmates she's now six inches tall and she screams,"What have you done with me?"
"Made you my doll,my plaything." He intones as he rolls out in his palm and his large fingers gently grab her hands. She feels her buxem body sway back in forth and then he drops her in his another large hand. Nena is in disbelief that she's six inches tall. Worst Zadox is now more powerful with her small. She struggles in the clutches of his fist. His grip doesn't hurt her at all as she sees the world from a new perspective.
"Now I'm a doll,when will I be normal size?"
"Depends on how good you are," Zadox bellows as he enters into another room. His fingers now gently hold Nena by her small bare waste. She feels herself being planted on her barefeet in his open hand. She stands curvy as she locks a stare at his huge eyes. His finger brushes her long hair as she looks at him. She cuts a bagain: "You want to conquer me find us a love nest."
"I know many love nests in the jungle."
"I bet you do."
He puts her to asleep again-
she wakes up normal size resting on his gold and black Scarab as it gallups through the jungle. She feels his powerful hand keeping her in her place. He's taking her to a love nest where she has no idea as she feels his hand stroke her to control her.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

No Escape from a God

Deep in the exoskeleton castle of Zadox in the erotic Toyverse...
During a supermoon Nena sees an oppurnity to escape. As she lays clamped spread eagle she discovers she can remove her wrists and ankles from the clamps. As the supermoon shines its bright rays,she slides her ankles and wrists from the glowing brass clamps.
I have to get away from him,she thinks.
Nena glances around her grotto prison and finds away out. A small grass path. She follows the narrow path back into the erotic jungle. So far,so good no one hasn't followed me. Nena thinks. The narrow path widens out as she re-enters the erotic jungle. She's only a few kilometers from Zadox's castle. She follows the trail all night into the morning; she ends up in a surreal colored orchid. She picks the fruit off a tree and bites it. Suddenly she finds herself drowsy and she finds a huge clam to sleep in. She curls in the clam and sleeps as a storm rolls in, a savage storm rolls dumping rain and wind.
Hours later..
Nena wakes up and pops the clam open. She stretches her buxem nude hardbod and resumes on the trail. She knows something is watching her. She senses and smells his Ratmen. As she trys to flee the Ratmen jump her quickly. Immediately Nena is bound and gagged. A heftly Ratman carries her back to his huge rate steed. Nena moans OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH as she feels handclaws squeeze her bare ass. The Ratman whispers in her ear: "You shouldn't escape toy."
She trys to resist but its futile. She no longer tenses her bardbod for somesort of drug has calmed her down. What ever unknown drug has pierced her flesh with it calms her whole hardbod. She feels numb all over except where she feels her captor's handclaw.
 Moments later the Ratmen reetenter into the exoskeleton castle and vast drawing room where Zadox is waiting. He eyes Nena immediately and she feels his huge hands toss her small hardbod over his shoulder and she feels huge fingers locking over her bare thighs. She squirms out of fear as Zadox returns into the bowels of his keep with his buxem prize.
 "You shouldn't escape my dear."
 Nena remains quiet as the immense Zadox carrys her to another location within his keep. He kisses her thigh affectionately. He enters into a room with a large bed and he drops on her back; Zadox slides her hands into some ringlets as she struggles with him. He can't help but admire the babe's resistance to him. As she struggles, Zadox climbs on top of her and kisses her affectionately. She realizes I can't escape from god in this jungle,she thinks.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Zadox controls Nena

Deep,deep in the erotic Toyverse jungle..
His immense giant muscle shape dwarves Nena. He remains behind her with his unknown powerful weapon meters from her bare curvy back. Her buxem curves emerge under the late twilight as Nena trys to figure where this Zadox is taking her. "Are we going to a sex tower?" Nena ventures a question with Zadox. She feels more like prisoner than a toy. She feels wet grass under her barefeet as she marches under his control. Zadox doesn't answer her question.
Gently he steers her down into a beautiful valley. Sounds of streams and waterfalls are heard as Nena ventures down the new neon trail. The sounds grow louder as the trail peters out into a beautiful green rose clearing. All around them are small waterfalls.
 Nena begs for a rest. She falls to the ground but Zadox stands over her and tosses her over gigantic shoulder. As he heads toward one of the waterfalls,he squeezes her toned thighs. OHHHHHHHHH she echos as she rests helpless over his shoulder. She feel Zadox's power gradually take control of her as he nears one waterfalls and climbs up some strong stone steps to the top. He moves effortsly with his human prize; Nena gazes around trying to guess where powerful captor is taking her. All she knows she's in an unfamiliar part of Toyverse jungle she's never been before.
 Zadox follows a trail that's embedded into a stream which links into a waterfall. As she squirms Zadox keeps his control of her. She tenses her nude bardbod in reaction to his touch and often to strange sounds in the  erotic jungle. "WHERE ARE WE GOING I DEMAND ANSWER," Nena declares in her authoritive voice.
 "You'll find out my sweetness." He replies as she feels his tighten his grip over her. She reacts by squirming to let him know she's alive and kicking.
Hours later
With fresh silk rope bolas tied rubbing agains her bound wrists behind her back,Nena marches quietly as Zadox remains behind her with his powerful spear weapon. Ahead she sees a large insect exoskeleton arranged in a form of small keep but she thinks she sees a mirage. A mirage due to the varied properties of Toyverse atmosphere. Once under a skeleton corridor that she's convinced it's very real.
Two Ratmen quickly appear beside Nena. She wants to scream but the fear of them grips her in helplessness. "Zadox should we take Queen Nena to the Love Grotto."
 "I don't see why not."
Moments later they escort Nena into a rocky jungle grotto surrounded by large bones--bones that dwarf thtem in size. Zadox orders Nena to lay down on her back near a huge spiderweb. She struggles meekly as the three of them clamp her spread eagle on the smooth wet ground. They watch with delight as their captive Nena struggles against the ring cuffs. "Let  Me GO!" she yells as she feels her muscles ache as she struggles.
 She knows Zadox is beginning to have his fun with her now.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Zadox Gets Nena

Several hours later in erotic Toyverse somewhere.
In a chamber,not far from where their sacrifices take place, Nena lays on a smooth tablet with a rose red thin blanket over her. She's long since been sedated since she ate the strange sweet fig. Now she lays still with her wrists and ankles schackled by heavy chains. As she sleeps the red thin blanket works its magic and her nude busty hardbod is painted in the neon bright colors of the jungle. Her mind stirs in a series of dreams that don't make senses. One feels like a premonition which she rides over Zadox's shoulder in a giant human immense form and he takes her deep,deep into the Toyverse jungle.So deep in the surreal jungle she has no idea where they are.
She wakes up to find herself bound. She struggles but the cult has the upper hand. She hears poles slide into the smooth tablet and she sees malevolent figures carrying her out of the chamber. They walk for a few minutes and then place the sheet covered tablet on a block. Nena hears a click as she lays,she figures her tablet bed has locked on another piece of stone.
 She hears the words "Zadox,Zadox..." being chanted in unison. The chants stop and a deep controlled voice booms "Remove the sheet of the human sacrifice."
 One of the cloaked subordinates cuts the small ropes of the red sheet and then the wind blows sheet off revealing a beautiful Nena councious. She's now painted in the glowing colors of the jungle the pulsating glow reveals her curvy hardbod as she lays still her mind reaked with terror. As they chant Zadox again she sees what appears to be a black pool churning in different colors and then glowing glowing jungle colors which match her own.
The chants intensify in volume and strange tentacle rises out of the water and pokes Nena. Then it wraps itself around her lifting her upwards and disappearing with her into the black pool. The tentacle holds onto Nena tightly as she struggles. Below her something glows with a radiance she swears that Zadox is actually a giant immobile squid. She feels the cool black water as lets the tentacle take her downward--
The squid form lights up intenstily as it draws her closer--
Then blackness.

Several minutes later Nena stirs awake in a flower patch near a small beautiful pond somewhere in the Toyverse. She feels her leg bonds being cut and she sees the immense muscle humanlike form Zadox has assumed. She embraces Zadox for saving her life but she knows she isn't out of the woods yet. Zadox raises Nena to her barefeet and ties her wrists bonds tighter. "March forward my toy."
"Yes all knowing Zadox."
They disappear down a neon trail out away from the beautiful pond. Nena could only guess what this new god creature whatever it is had in store for her.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Savage Cult Zadox

Deep in the Toyverse somewhere..somewhere in the vast erotic jungle.
Nena lives to her rep as a lover. In a flowery love patch hidden amidst some gigantic jungle trees, Nena sits on top of the White Beastman and gives her all. The beastman reacts like a human and pulls Nena cloeer and they kiss,caress,stroke each other. Unknown to them their lovemaking has attracted some intruders. Intruders they didn't see coming.
 As Nena lets the white beastman lays on her it's when she sees a hideous horned goblin staring down at them both. Nena rplls her head around and she gasps in fear to see them both vastly outnumbered. Two powerful goblins throw the white bestman off of her and the second one quickly grabs a struggling Nena and throws her over his shoulder. Two of the armed goblins slash and beat up the beastman as Nena watches in horror. As the slashing continues,the powerful goblin grips a struggling Nena and the cadre disappear from the love patch.
OHHHHHH Nena moans softly as her new captor squeezes her. She overhears. "She's perfect for the sacrifice."
Uh oh Nena murmurs softly.
Once the cadre is far away from the white beastman, her abductor places Nena on the ground and orders her to standstill. Once again she feels powerful hand bind her wrists behind back. She gazes around and asks "Who are you people?"
"We reperesent the cultx Zadox.A powerful god little human toy."
She doesn't say anything. An arm goblins shoves Nena forward and she strolls with an arm escort. She senses their greedy eyes looking over her nude busty buxem hardbod as she walks. She gasps as a few play with her long hair; she doesn't dare escape them for she knows death will follow. She follows the cadre until they reach a nauntral water bridge. The huge leader goblin takes control of Nena by keeping his scimitar spear at her bareback. The two separate down a different trail from the nautral water bridge,the short neon trail returns them to the erotic jungle. He stops in front of camaflauge wall and says "March bitch."
Nena does so and finds herself in lighted corridor. The taller goblin dwarves her strength and she doesn't want to get him mad. She says "Is this the House of Zadox?"
"Yes. Human."
They continue to march forward and Nena wonders what these charactors have in mind for her at the end of the strange journey.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bound Nena

Deep in the erotic jungle of the Toyverse.
A heavy rain falls in the jungle as the White Beastman guides his scarab through the storm. A soaken wet Nena slumps over the mane of the scarab. OHHHHHHH she squeals as she feels a powerful wet hand gently squeezing her. She looks around the jungle trees and fungi look unfamiliar. Nena didn't like being bound but the White Beastman did it to her any to show his maucho power over her. OHHHHHHH she coos as she feels his huge hand stroking her rain soak bare ass. She feels like a helpless damsel in a Heavy Metal graphic comic she read so long ago. They hear eerie sounds in the eroric jungle which makes one blood curl; she shivers under the beastman's hand.
"Where we going?" She coughs.
"Someplace special my sweet."
"I'm not your sweet." Nena says defensively.
The White Beastman clamps his hand harder on her to remind her he's in charge. Her small buxem ass shivers but the slight pain tells her do as the white beastman says. Personally she wants to kill the bastard for stealing her in the first place. Now she lays helpless at his mercy. She feels his scarab moving quickly as she raises her head. Ahead sunlight emerges as the rain stops. But the beastman keeps her close to him; he licks and kisses her. "Your so tasty buxem one.:"
Nena doesn't answer. She looks around and complains. "Find a love patch and we consent so I want be so feisty Beastman."
She feels the scarab go off the trail into the wet glowing jungle. He spots a quick field of large red roses. He lifts Nena to her barefeet cuts her ankle bounds and forces marches her toward the roses. Once they arrive Nena lays down and the White Beastman sits on her. Nena gets turn on quickly as the white beastman touches and strokes her. OHHHHHHHH she squeals as his lips caress her. She murmurs "Beastie I comply to be yours."
The white beastman clutches her hard and they kiss madly for several minutes. Moments later Nena finds herself with her wrists bound behind her bare ass walking back to his scarab. Once he takes the saddle he he plops Nena back on her bare chest and she feels his powerful hand keeping her firmly anchored. She can only guess where he's taking her. But she knows the White Beastman hasn't lost his toruch with her.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Reclaimed by White Beastman

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse...
The last thing Nena recalls is laying on Din's wing steed coasting along the coastline and a heavy storm blows in. After that everything went black.
Nena stirs awake and screams when she sees Din dead and his wing steed dead. She takes a knife and cuts her bonds. Despite her headache from the fall or whatever happened,she follows a neon trail into the erotic jungle. Where it leads she hopes back to her own kingdom but she doubts it. She stops by a lagoon and freshens up with water and fruit. Now fully alive she moves with quick purpose along the strange neon trail. Nena follows the trail and out no where a large carnivore ant appears and pursues her for its dinner. Again Nena slips on a wet stone and she rolls down into a valley. The valley shields her from the hideous carnivore ant she realizes.
Nena continues to look for a trail to get her out. She finds some stone steps and follows the steps upward; to her surprise an ancient city. Exhausted Nena finds a stone hut and fall sleeps on a sweet smelling green leaf. She keeps her knife close in case some intruder enters and trys to kill her. Now alone again she knows she's sought after prey. Her sleep is short and she wakes up. She rises up and explores the ancient city; it's not nothing much but much is covered by jungle vines and weird kudzo. Beyond it is the erotic dark jungle which she plans to venture to. Nena searches along a smooth stone path and then finds a new stone path which leads her back to the jungle. Once in the jungle she has this sense suddenly that something familiar is stalking her. She doesn't what but she picks up her pace and that's when the booby trap springs. A rope net drops from the tree canopy and traps her; she screams and struggles.
 A deep guteral voice orders: "Bound the bitch."
Suddnely large hands grab her wrists and she's force on the ground.As she feels the bolas bounding her wrists behind her bareback, she sees a familiar boot come into view. As she struggles against the other beastmen she sees it's the White Beastman staring down at delight with her. He says "Don't harm her." She's quickly raised to her barefeet and they cut the rope net off of her. She stands erect as the White Beastman smiles to have his fav babe toy back.
"I never thought I would find you," the White Beastman states. "Rumor has it you're now a queen. Queen of the Trocs. Shouldn't you have stayed in the safety of your relm?"
"I was on my back when a hungry ant ruin things." She doesn't say no more. She lets the White Beastman manhandle her. She feels his huge hand on her shoulder and wrists as he marches with her toward his hideous two mandible Scarab. He climbs on his huge Scarab and lifts Nena gently upward and places her on her chest. Once again she finds herself a hapless prisoner as the White Beastman departs from the dark jungle. Nena tenses as she feels his powerful hand squeeze her OHHHHHHHHH Nena echos as she now wonders where the White Beastman is going. Now reclaimed she has no idea what he has planned for her as her buxem nude hardbod glows under the warm twilight as his Scarab forges through the vast erotic jungle.