Sunday, November 27, 2016

Din Keeps Nena

Somewhere in Din's castle along the long coast of the erotic Toyverse
She doesn't know how long she slept. Or how many days he's kept her for his personal satisfaction. No longer chained to her post,Nena roams around her small cage somewhere in his keep. From the Fiona and flora Nena knows she's in some exotic courtyard below the surface. She knows soon that Din will be leaving and she'll be going with him.
Out of the erotic courtyard jungle his companion musclenoid, Shubar, appears and opens her cage. He shuts the door and Shubar quickly grabs Nena and pushes her against the iron bars of of her iron cage. Shubar and Nena quickly embrace madly as she squeals softly. Next thing Shubar has laying on the wet grass as she fights against Shubar; she sees an opportunity to kill him now. She picks up an small iron curved bar and whacks him in the head. She hits him twice and blood spills from his head. She escapes her cage and trys to make her way back to the upper levels of the castle. She searches the underground as she follows the stream.
She hears a deep roar a few meters from her.
The many fang tooth monster appears and chases her for several kilometers until she sees some stone steps. She grabs a spear and throws it at the monster and her spear penentrates the monster's skull. Nena has no idea that Din is watching and waiting for her. Once she races up the stone steps she reemerges in a vast courtyard. She has a sense that she's being watched but she doesn't care she yearns to be back in the erotic jungle. At least in the jungle her chances fair better.
"No you don't," She hears Din's voice in her ear as he grabs her nude buxem hardbod and drags her from the wall. She stands erect as Din tightly reties her wrist behind her bareback. She feels herself being lifted off her barefeet as Din returns with new steed: a huge dragon bird. Moments later Nena lays on her chest as she feels Din clasping her close to him. Again the Queen of the Trocs feels helpless as the dragonbird rises in the air.
"You wanted me to kill Shuba eh?" Nena inquires.
"Yes.You succeeded and now it's only the two of us my babe toy."
She feels his great bird stir direction. As the bird turns she gapes as his four skull castle is reclaimed by the sea. The huge waves crash and destroy it instantly. She can only guess where Din is now going to take his fond queen toy. He didn't steer his bird over sea she notes but Din now flys along the coastline as Nena feels his hand keeping her close and his lips caressing her. She relaxes as she wonder how may days she's been his prisoner as she stares and yearns to return to the Toyverse jungle.
My Trocs are looking for me, She thinks. They have to be.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Din Reclains Nena

In the erotic Toyverse jungle there is no escape..
 Several nights later...
Under two beautiful supermoons which hang in the heavens, Nena feels their warm rays as she stands chained between to broken stone double totem poles. She's exhausted from being moved from  one to another by her musclenoid captors. Yet they didn't venture away from the coastline for she hears the gentle roar of the surf. She figures she isn't too far from Din's keep on the sea. Like ghosts the two musclenoids appear again and grab her; she doesn't resist them except she gives them into them as her own cannibalistic lust overtake her. OHHHHHHHH She moans,AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she screams into the erotic jungle. "Complete me noids," Nena murmurs as she lets their hands,lips,roam all over her. On earth she never got this much attention. With each touch she succumbs to them. She arches her neck back and let their lips roam all over her--
 She sees a wing shadow with a familiar figure sweep over the trees above. She welcomes the quick gusts on wind as it blows her. But the gust knocks the musclenoids off their feet. They try rise but are instantly killed by unseen arrows which hit their chests.
 Nena goes calm as she sees Din the Conquoror. She knows he's upset with her for escaping him and she knows she'll pay a price for it. Din comes closer and breaks her chains with his bare hands. He takes the same chains and binds her wrists behind her bareback. Once again she finds herself his prisorner and he drags her back to his dragonfly steed. Once she's anchored close to him,she feels his hand keeping her lock in place as his steed returns to the heavens and follows the coastline. Moments his dragonfly lands in a death like courtyard. Again she hears the huge waves banging against the wall as Din throws her back over his shoulder. He squeezes her again and moans OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
aloud as he disappears into the walls of his keep with her.
 "You shouldn't have escape me mortal," his voice boom.
Nena shudder at what her punishment would be.
Din bypasses his throne room and enters a torch lighted hallway. Nena squirms meekly over the conquor's shoulder as his large hand squeezes her. OHHHHH she moans again as he enters into his bedroom.
 Nena struggles as Din binds to a copperbronze pole. She feels cool brass hands lock her ankles in place. Other bars fall from the stone ceiling and a spherical cage forms around her with a door. Nena struggles against pole as Din grins at her from outside her cage.
 "Like your cage mortal?"
  "You intend to keep me don't you."
"I do. I'll fetch when we're ready for sex." Din turns around and disappears out of his bedroom.
She struggles against the pole. Nena now realizes escape is out of the question.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rival Musclenoids

Near the four skull castle at edge of the erotic Toyverse
After making out with her captors Nena sees an opportunity to escape and she does so. She dives into the cold Toyverse waters. She plummets and hits the water. Despite its strange coldness she swims fiercly back to the mainland. She's unaware other eyes have been watching her. As she reaches a huge balloon shadow drops from above,several painted musclenoids grab her as she rises to her feet. Nena screams EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE as she's pull into the rising balloon. Quickly she finds herself bound and gagged as she lays on the bottom of basket as their balloon hugs along the coast. One of the unnamed musclenoids bends down and kisses her forehead. He says to the other "Din's toy was an easy catch."
"Weak mortals like her are." The other states.
Nena's soaken wet hardbod shivers as she feels the wind briefly. Her brown eyes search frantically to see if Din is looking for her. She senses that he is and will not tolerate his toy being taken or abducted by these jerks. But with her bound and gagged the musclenoids control her at their whim and she shudders what lays at the end of the balloon journey. She moans over her gag as the two unnamed musclenoid thieves stare at her as if she's lost jewel.
"Put her to sleep." The tall one orders. His campion bends down and sticks a thorn rose into her skin and removes it; Nena drifts off to a quick sleep and the musclenoid admires her perfect curvy buxem hardbod as she now relaxes into a quick sleep. One of the musclenoids kisses her cheek as she sleeps. The superior creatures can't believe they captured a babe toy so easily.

Hours later...
At sunset, Nena wakes up with a jump over the shoulder of a powerful musclenoid.She feels his powerful fingers locked on her bare thigh as she slumps bound over his shoulder. She knows she's back on the mainland but not far from the coastline. She doesn't see the balloon no where as they march with her. Nena shudders what lays at the end of the journey. Already she suspects they have a priceless queen in their poesssession. She tenses and squirm but the powerful musclenoid moves unabated through the jungle and he kisses her hip. She bites her gag as she tenses out of fear. She figures their lair isn't far and whatever they drugged her with she feels weak. Nena looks around as the musclenoid strokes her bare thigh and she calms down. Chilling crys fill the jungle and she knows the carnivores are on the prowl. She wishes she's back at the castle tied between two staffs.
 For Nena shoves it out of her mind as she gazes at the dangerous unfamiliar erotic jungle as the musclenoids take her to their lair.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Din the Powerful

Deep in the eroric Toyverse jungle...
With his huge hand anchored on her bare bound ass,Nena could only guess where the powerful musclenoid is taking. Her small buxem hardbod gleams from a recent jungle rain as she lays helpless on his fast galloping leopard horse. How long have they been riding in the jungle? Nena could only guess as she feels his large fingers clamping and squeezing her gently. As far as this musclenoid is concern she belongs to him. She gasps at the beauty of the erotic flowers,and leaves. She hears the faint sound of surf.
"Are you taking me to the ocean?" The Queen of the Trocs blurts.
 "That's my secret lovely."
She doesn't say anything further for she knows this musclenoid have the power of his strength to kill her if he wants; just a few days ago she consented with him in a sensual patch of flowers where her life could be spared. She doesn't think herself as a toy no more. But the musclenoid didn't let no harm come to her either for he killed giant snake which grabbed her and pulled her to stream shore. Din killed the snake instantly and Din kissed her instantly. She's forever in his debt. As she looks around the changing,morphing terrain she has no idea where he's taking her. Nena relaxes under his hand. As he strokes her glowing wet hair she takes being stroked as affection. '
They reach the beach and not far Nena sees a four skull castle. An ancient looking castle older beyond time and place. Din rides along the beach toward the skull castle; the waves roll back and forth roughly. In the horizon, Nena stares at the moons as a few rise in the distance. She feels evening is coming on. She feels Din's hand grip her tightly as his leopard horse gallups closer to his strange skull castle. He stops his leopard horse.
A stone ramp appears and Din rides his steed upward as Nena stares in fascination at what maybe be her new prison. His leopard horse enters into an empty large courtyard. Beyond the huge wall,gigantic waves crash against the wall. Sea water shoots over the edge.
 Nena is placed on her barefeet and Din reties her wrists bond tighter. Another musclenoid joins him and sees Nena he licks his lips at her. She his sex slave she realizes. A sex slave at the edge of the known world.
"March," Din says forcefully as he prods her bareback with his spear staff. The other musclenoid gets in front of her as Din marches his sexy burden into his castle. As the cloud darken Nena senses a strong storm coming and she wonders if she's been taken to a Castle of Horrors.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Din the Conquor

In the Tower of the Waterfalls in the surreal world of the Toyverse
Nena lives up to her sexy reputation.. Not just trying prove herself as a queen but she's a hunted toy and she knows it. She and lizard made out for days. All thoughts about earth has mow been erased and the Toyverse is her new home and she's determined to conquer it. But she realizes conquest is never is easy; she wants to conquer the beastman but the Toyverse has many unknowns. She giggles as she feels the lizard claws draw her buxem hardbod closer and she smothers him with kisses.
 They don't see the intruder that has entered into the bedroom. His muscular,,maucho and human like in appearance. His name is Din the Conquor and he comes for Nena. They don't see him but Din remains patient waiting for his moment to kill and take the babe for himself. Like a voyour he watches them and waites as the lizard proves his superiority over the babe as sits on her and licks her affectionally.
 Din draws his long dagger and comes behind Kron and rams his dagger into the spine of the lizard. It screams and falls off of her and Nena is agast by Din's powerful presesence. They look at the carcass of Kron the lizard.
Nena says "Bastard you killed him."
"Of course Nena of the Trocs." Din bellows in his deep voice as his eyes remain focus of her. He adds "Surrender Nena."
She crawls out of bed memorized by Din who appears to be as human as any man that layed her on earth but taller and muscular. She places her hands behind her back and Din clasp her writs firmly as she feels his silk ropes bind her wrists behind her back. He places his hand on her shoulder amd marches her toward Kron's dragonfly. He climbs on first and then lifts her up gently and plops her wet hardbod gently as she gasps at his powerful grip. He kisses her on a cheek.
She feels the dragonfly rising upward and Din's firm hand keeping her in her place. Whoever Din is she likes the fact that's he's part human.
Moments later the dragonfly is out the strange valley of the waterfalls. Nena welcomes the wind whipping her shoulder length hair. She isn't sure is Din is greedy or evil.
 "Your mine Queen of the Trocs."
 "How did you know I'm a troc queen?"
 "Your tattoo on your back."
"I see.Bet my subjects are looking for me."
"I can assure you they are.But for the time being you belong to me." Din intones.
Nena licks her lips on whats to come.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Tower in the Middle of the Waterfalls

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse...
Khon first put Nena asleep. With her sleeping bound buxem hardbod over his shoulder,he returns to his steed.In the waterfall midsts he sees a dark tower rising out of the water. The waterfall roars loudly but Khon ignores it as he finds a faster steed for himself and his babe burden. It's then he sees a peaceful dragonfly resting near the shoreline. He throws a ring at it and the dragonfly immediately obeys his commands.
Once he reaches his new steed,he drops Nena down on her chest in front of him. His claws dig in her flesh to keep her anchor close. She's his toy and he can do with her what he wants. Nena squirms as she wakes up but his powerful claw keeps her in her place as she feels the dragonfly rise up and heads into the midst.
Like a fog the midst clouds Nena's vision. As she  tenses she trys to get a sense where the lizard is going with her. All she hears is loundness of the waterfalling into the water below. She feels the water now against her skin and hair. She figures the lizard must have a reason to fly through the midst with her.
Once the midst clears she sees it. A vast ancient slim tower which rises out of the green sparkling water. She feels the dragonfly descend and circle the huge ancient tower; Nena feels a sensual power tugging her from the tower and she suddenly relaxes under her master's hand.
Khon lands his dragonfly at the edge of the tower; she sees a strange bed embedded within the top turret. Khon quickly gathrers his bound Nena over shoulder and clutches her as lands on stone of the turret. He moves quickly with her toward the bed. He knows the more he conquers the human the more she will belong to him.
She gapes as she feels the softnesss of the bed under her. Khon doesn't let go of her,she lets his claws and lips caress her; she feels this tower strange sensual power now control her as she succumbs to the charms Khon. Her hardbod shakes and shivers as Khon takes her over. "OH KHON I'M YOURS MY AMOUR."
"You're mine Nena." Khon intones as he licks a helpless Nena in his grip: her brown eyes grow wide in reaction to Khon's touch and Nena realizes she has no choice but to let him to his bidding with her.She moans aloud in satisfaction as the loud waterfall drowns them out.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Lizard's Toy

Several hours later...
The unnamed lizard raises Nena to her barefeet and she gasps as she feels her wrists being retied behind her bare bronze back. She gazes around the dead spider skeletons as she feels the mysterious lizard reassert his control of her.
The lizard says "March my Nena."
"My wrists hurt," she complains as she marches under his zealot guard. The lizard licks his lips and reminded her of her consent with him which allow him to control and do with her what he wanted. They stroll out of the mass spider grave back into the beautiful erotic jungle and Nena welcomes the wet grass under her feet. She's in an unknown part of the toyverse she realizes. She feels the lizard place his human hand on her shoulder. They steer down into a valley. she's unfamiliar with. The lizard's grip is firm and he reminds her that's he in charge and Nena doesn't challenge him.
"You know I'm a queen," she muses.
"I know but your Trocs will never find you."
"Do you?" She challenges him. The lizard stops and grabs her by her cury hard waiste. He pulls Nena close. With his tongue he licks and he bites her gently with his teeth. "I submit to you Grand Khon of the Lizards."
"Excellent human.You know my name." He pushes her forward and Nena marches with a certain alligance. She wishes she's back in her kingdom and wonders if Trocs are on her scent. I found my place and I get taken. She thinks.
 They reach an edge of a huge waterfall. This is much larger than any on earth she realizes. Nena stops and sits on the wet grass welcoming the cool mist. She lets the lizard Khon conquer her again since her consent with her long ago. She has no idea where they are in Toyverse except she could see waterfalls which streatch out in a pond shape. Jungle still surrounds the region they're in and Nena relaxes and ask "Where are you taking me?"
"Some place ancient.Powerful."
"A tower?" Nena muses as she rolls on her chest and welcomes the wet grass.
"Close but not exactly."
Now that they find a resting place Khon looks for a strong slim tree and he finds it near the jungle. He marches Nena their and he ties her via her ankles and wrists to the slim tree. Nena stares at the vast waterfall as she knows she's at the lizard khon mercy.
I'm a queen but still a toy she thinks as gazes around the beautiful of the Toyverse jungle.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lizard on the charge

Deep in the erotic toyverse jungle...
The unamned lizard took the shape of a Triceratops head with an immense human body. Nena often admire some of the toyverse creatures for their strength. Now bound and gagged Nena rests on a Geico like four leg lizard as its owner gallup his steed across the surreal jungle. Nena bit the gag as she feels his long claw peirce her bare ass; she wants to scream but the gag prevents her. Whatever the lizard wants he gets; a HEHEHEHEHE she hears as she feels his claw keeping her anchored and close. No matter how hard Nena squirms and tenses the claw grows tighter over her small buxem hardbod; her hair whips in the wind as she gazes at the erotic jungle.
"Where are you taking me you big jerk."
The lizard lets out a laugh at her.
"I'm Queen of the Trocs," Nena declares.
"You're no queen you're still a toy." The lizard reminds her as he gallups off with her. Fear this time  makes her shiver for she knows what a lizard would want of her. As claw strokes her bareback she calms down and she feels the same claw stroke her hair. Nena remains calm. There is time and place to kill your captor-
His steed stops in a dark shadow patch. Nena can't make out any structures anywhere amidst the Fiona and foliage. The unnamed lizard grabs Nena places her on her barefeet. She feels her ankle binds get cut off but she remains gagged. She feels the lizard forcing her stand erect and she feels his claw retieing her wrists binds as if to remind her whose in charge. He pushes her forward and Nena does so. "Where we going?"
The lizard doesn't answer. Insteand he steers Nena on another path which ends in a ramp downward. With the erotic jungle trees over grown leaves,Nena finds it impossible to walk but she manages as the lizard keeps her close to him. The ramp isn't far she realizes. She follows the trail and suddenly she finds herself marching downward as the lizard's shadow reminds her who now owns her. Nena bites the silk gag as she sees dead bodies of spiders and lizards. Was this death pit? She isn't sure as the lizard guides through the passageway and they emerge out in a jungle grown grotto. A bolder shuts off the passageway back to the erotic jungle.
 Near a large spiderweb,the lizard smiles with delight as he forces Nena to lay and he ties her spread eagle. She isn't sure what's going on as she struggles and the lizard sits on top of her removes her gag and licks her. She feels his power and she looks around in a panic for there isn't no other route of escape for her.