Sunday, October 30, 2016


Deep in the erotic Toyverse
Nena does her best to fight the strong current but the river current doesn't let her go. She rushes with the river fast but to make matters worst a river squid is now pursuing her. It has been following her waiting for its moment to strike; the current slowly ebbs now and she trys to reach shore. Instead a tentacle wraps around her leg pulling her under. Another tentacle wraps around her waiste and the river squid disappears with his caught prize.
Nena trys to fight but the tenticles have her firmly lock. She isn't harmed to her surprise it's as if the river squid is taking her somewhere. She eases her buxem hardbod and shuts her eyes. She lets the river squid take her down river where the river current pans out--
Suddenly the tenticles loosens and sends Nena back into the water; she's weak and swims to the shore whatever it is. She rises up and crawls out of the river onto the smooth shore. The erotic jungle speaks with its dozen neon colors and Nena realizes she's lost again. She wonders if the Trocs will find her again,afterall she's there queen.
She stumbles on her barefeet when the tall dead figures appeared. She can tell there zombies but not ordinary zombies for intelligence speaks in their eyes. Two of them seize Nena quickly and she's drag into dark meadow and they bind her wrists behind her bareback. They guard her zealously as she marches under an armed zombie guard. The dead cyclops creatures march her with her purpose down another trail toward somewhere.
Nena shivers in fear for she fears zombies. She's so scared of them she doesn't escape. A dead large hand clasp her shoulder and keeps her on the trail. She assumes they work for a higher power for her questions go unanswered. As the trail pans out she sees a horned lizard on his strange dragonfly steed.
"Bring the girl." His voicle bellows.
The tall zombies do so. The strange lizard doesn't pay the zombies; the lizard manhandles Nena onto his steed; she feels her buxem hardbod resting on a cool smooth mane and a cold lizard hand keeping her anchored. She has no idea what the lizard will do with her--
OHHHHHHHH she echos as he squeezes her. She feels the wings hmmm as the lizard ascends into the heavens with his newly found toy. "Zombies have no use for you--hehehehe."
Nena squirms and tenses as she feels her troubles are beginning.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

All Tied Up

Around the realm of the erotic tower in the vast Toyverse jungle.
 No matter how many times Nena tried to escape the beast sentries would recapture her. It's like these beasties had sense about her and her actions. Once again she tried to escape but for the fourth time aroind the beast sentries recaptured her at the dark edge of the erotic Toyverse jungle. Quickly the beast sentries rebouind and gag her and Nena is quickly march back to the erotic tower. Once in the tower they free her and she's forced on this strange hand circle where she's clamped by her wrists and ankles in spread eagle. Her head droops and her long hair covers her face. Nena feels trap in a surreal nightmare she can't break. The sentries know that their king would return to lay his paws on the hardbod buxem prize.
OHHHHHHHH she moans as she feels the strange circle pull hard on her lifeforce. Her soul. Never has magic made her feel so week. Her head droops feeling exhaustion and pain reak her buxem hardbod and she falls asleep.

Hours later...
She wakes up with a gag in her mouth and she feels the heavy silk ropes which bind her ankles and wrists. She feels the King Beastman's hand stroke her as she lays helpless on his huge bat steed. Nena bites the gag as Zurdo clutches her fimly and pulling her close to him. She's at his mercy and there's no telling what he has planned. She feels his bat steed sweep through the erotic jungle and she feels his bat descend again this time by a roaring stream. King Zurdo smiles as he tosses Nena over his shoulder and he follows a path back into the shade of the erotic jungle. She moans as Zurdo squeezes her and he heads toward a vacated wet cave.
 Zurdo didn't his death coming.
Nena which he untied lay seductive for him. She lets the huge beastman pull her small hardbod to him and she feels him penetrate her as they kiss. She reaches around the cool stone floor and feels a bone knife. She takes the bone knife and suddenly she kills the beast king by ramming the bone knife deep into his spine. The beastman lets out an  unearthy scream. She pushes his body off of hers and she kicks him in the face. Zurdo is now dead.
 Nena finds herself lost once again. She reaches the stream bank and takes a chance. She dives into the unknown river and let the current carriy her off; exhausted she didn't care. For now she's free and she let's the stream carry her off wherever the current takes her now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Strange Erotic Tower

Deep in the erotic Toyverse jungle...
King Zurdo reminds Nena of her place. His immense form towers over buxem Nena as she struggles with him as he reties her wrists behind her bareback. He grabs her beautiful hair and pulls her neck back to remind her whose in charge. She doesn't say anything she lowers her head as her long hair covers her face; she grips the magic bolas as Zurdo nudges her along the trail. Nena trys to guess where he's taking her; the only clue she knows is a tower. She speculates the tower could be magic but she doesn't go beyond that.
"What's this tower you're taking me too," Nena declares as her barefeet feels the smooth wetness under her feet. She sees the shadow of King Zurdo remaining behind her as his eyes glow with a certain greed and lust over her. She stops then she feels the point of his spear jab her bareback and she squeals "OUCH!" and she continues to march on the quiet trail. Then she feels the Zurdo,the Beastman come closer to her and place his large hand on her bare shoulder. He says "Don't get no ideas of escape my darling."
"I'm not your darling," Nena declares.
She feels his hand steer to another trail as she walks. Never as she feels a creature so powerful. She feels his power course through her spine. Out of no where they had walk into a shallow water and suddenly King Zurdo throws her over his shoulder. Nena gasps as she feels his powerful hand clutching her. She struggles meekly as the immense beastman strolls along the shallow water. He squeezes Nena and she reacts OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH aloud as the immense beastman carries her deeper into the unknown Toyverse. She feels his hand running up down and her thighs as she smells his foul aroma.
 Nena struggles over his shoulder as King Zurdo follows the trail. She feels his sharp nails peirce her bare flesh and she calms down. Nena gazes around the erotic jungle trying to get fix where she is but the jungle makes it hard to find direction.
 He stops and places her on her barefeet but Zurdo doesn't let her go. She arches her neck as he licks her and Nena mumbles "Give me more powerful king." She looks around and then she sees strange tower in the middle of the erotic jungle.
 He shoves her and marches her toward it. Nena knows now she can't escape him. King Zurdo enjoys marching her toward the tower. As she draws closer she feels some erotic power overtake her. She knows she'll be laying on a bed being conquered again. As a queen she feels powerless as she's drawn closer to the strange tower.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Beastmen grab Queen Nena

Deep in the erotic Toyverse..
The two leather clad Beastmen had watch her conquer the Trocs in one single sweep. Now the rival kingdom is hers. Still by their standards Nena is still a human toy to be taken queen or no queen. She can kill but that doesn't matter the leader wants her. For word has spread she's worthy to be his mate.
  As darkness falls they plan and scheme to take her against her will for a human toy is valuable here. Now this Nena is a queen. They wait.

Several hours later...
the beastmen creep into her bedroom where she and Rom are making out intenstly. The beastmen wait patiently to take her. As they watch the humans make out they see the moonlight filter through the large window and Nena and her lover calm down. The two beastmen quietly sneak to the bed and the leader takes the sheet and wraps sleeping Nena in it. He tosses the buxem queen over his shoulder and the two of them jump off the veranda into the erotic jungle. Using vines they tie her ankles and wrists. Once again the beastmen have the buxem toy in their poessesion. They climb on their wasp steed and the leader keeps Nena the prize anchored as they fly off into the erotic jungle.
 Moments later..
Nena stirs as her wrists ate tied behind here bare curvy back and she moans for help. Nena knows no help will come. Ahead of her she sees two broken turrents of what could've been a beautiful castle. As they march her toward the turrets broken walls,stones lay about as the beastmen march her toward a new turrent full constructed which she didn't see. She feels their hands in her hair and when she resists the two Beastmen manhandle her and remind of her place in this world. The beastmen wonder if they may have incurred the wrath of the Trocs but so far since her abuduction they have seen one yet.
 They enter into a circular throne room. The large Beastman king known as Zurdo sits on his thrown and looks down at his human. Nena stares at him at courisity. Her two beastmen captors force her in front of Zurdo. Zurdo scopes out Nena as she now rests on her kees but she gazes at him with defiance.
 "Queen Nena." Zurdo says. "For a toy you progress far already."
"What do you want of me!" Nena shouts and spits at him.
"You're going to be my mate," Zurdo declares firmly. "You're powerless."
"Kidnappng me jerk you don't know what you started," Nena challenges him/
  Seconds later King Zurdo marches Queen Nena along a jungle path under his sword spear. She doesn't resist or fight back for she knows a beastman wil kill her in a heartbeat. You don't know what you started she thinks as she marches along a smooth wet trail.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Rival Troc kidnaps Queen Nena

Somewhere in the Troc kingdom in the erotic Toyverse..
She's been bathing in a small waterfall in a cool water lagoon. Nena feels the cool water wash over and makes her feel young and sexy. The nautral waterfall shower feels better than a hot shower she recalls from Earth. However she doesn't know other eyes are watching and waiting.
 Nena backs out of the waterfall in a small garden lagoon where she feels safe. Suddenly a hand clasps her mouth and waste. Two Trocs overwhelm her and carry her into a semi dark cave where they tied her wrists behind her back. Another greedy Trock lifts her up to his lizard horse steed and she feels his claws peirce her bare ass OHHHHHHHHH she moans as the world spins crazily around her.
 "Where are you taking me you jerk," Nena complains as she rests on the mane of the quick galloping lizard horse. The unfamiliar Troc doesn't respond as his claw grips her. "He's going to like this curvy human legend has it she has good lips."
 The terrain changes dramatically. It's jungle but a colorful neon like jungle and she feels the lizard horse stop in a series of broken structures which look like an ancient small city. The rider brings Queen Nena into a larger structure; she sees a larger Troc sitting on his thrown and he licks his lips when he sees her. The rider drops Nena in front of the Troc. He bends down and kisses her cheek as she sneers at him.
"Fiesty isn't she?" The Troc declaires.
 She lays at his feet still but this king troc orders no harm comes to her. She feels his hand gathering her in his arms and he takes het to a small bedroom. She lays on the bed and lets him devour her. He cuts her bonds letting his hands roam all over her. She spies a dagger on the bed table and she grabs it. The troc sreams to his death as Nena kills him. Now her wrath against the rival tribe has been incurred.
 She rushes out of the bedroom and into the corridor. Chaos has ensued for she sees her troc forces quickly take over and slain the rival trocs. "Take me to his thtown chair," she orders. She's quickly escorted and she sees Rom standing with his own forces. The conquest had been quick and bloody. But now things have calm down.
 Nena  cuts a sitting rival troc's throat while he sits in his chair. She throws the corpse out of the thrown chair and she sits down. She holds his scepter in her hand. She says "Do wish to live or die."
 Nena surveys the remaining Trocs. "I killed your King and I now ruled your kingdom." She sits regal and beautiful in Rom's eyes. He comes up to her and he kisses her cheek.
 To their surprise the remaining Trocs bow to them. For first time Nena feels like a queen and for the first time she feels power which feels so strange and alien.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Trials to be Queen

Deep in the Troc kingdom of the Ownverse...
The two trocs disturb Nena from her long sleep on her soft bed,she's quickly forced to her feet and one of the Trocs retie her wrists behind her bare back, They march her out of her small adobe square structure into the cool erotic jungle. They lead her down at a stone path toward what appears to be small coliseum. She hears shouts as she's shove along. Nena asks,"Where amd I going?"
 "To prove yourself that you can rule Nena,.Warrior trail as we call it for you humans."
  "Ok strip off my robe march me nude in the pit."
  As they reach coliseum,she feels her robe being ripped off. She stands curvy and muscular against the surreal light backdrop. The trocs march through a small passage way into the smooth pit of the coliseum. She looks around at the audience and then at the dark hole at the other end of the colsiuem. She feels the wind blow against her body as she snaps her bonds off; her weapon a long sliver spear shoots out of the ground and she catches it.
 Immediately large razor tooth snake slides out and curls in front of her and admits a loud HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSES. Nena braces herself for the battle to come. The large snake lowers it head and spits its tongue at her and Nena jabs his tongue with her silver spear. The snake coils back defensively waiting for Nena to strike again.
Nena braces herself in her battle stance. The snake uncoils and slithers around her as she moves in concert with it. She sees an opportunity to strike again and she strikes at the snake's eye. The monster recoils in anger upward and dives down at her. Nena rolls over and strikes the large snake in its soft white belly and its blood spouts covering her all over--
 The monster snake is weakened by her blows. It now moves slower but one eye matches with her movement. Then Nena jumps on its head and deals the final death blow: she rams the spear through the its skull. The monster snake fights it and throws her off. Nena hits the stone wall and is knocked out; the last thing she sees is the snake dieing amdist a cheering gladiatorial crowd.

Hours later..
she wakes up with a startle in a nauntral steam bath. She notices the snake blood has long since disappeard from her skin. The water has nautral properties which soothes her aching muscles. In the steam she sees a human barbarian shadow. The shadow says: "I'm Rom. I'm king of the Trocs. You prove yourself to be queen."
 She sees more detail of him as he wades into water with her. They're surrounded by the Troc guards. Nena is memorized by him and she lets Rom take her in his arms and  they embrace. She feels all of her pain and sorrow disappear as they make ecstasy in the nauntral steam bath. Still the word queen takes some getting used too.