Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Offer to be Queen

Somewhere in the erotic exotic Toyverse
Pale moons shine their rays through the jungle creating exotic,erotic shadows. Sometimes dangerous looking shadows.
 Nena now rests on her chest on a scarab steed. Her bare ass feels the Troc's clawhand keeping her anchored. The journey has been long and exhausting. Just hours before she walked guarded by her captors zealously. When she collapse from exhaustion,she rode over the shoulder of the Troc and she moan seductively to their delight. Now she's on a scarab insect heading somewhere. She tried to coax out of them where they are taking her. She did get a clue:"Kingdom:. She assumes it their kingdom. Nena tenses her hardbod as the clawhand keeps her firmly anchor. For one reason or another she admires the leader's strength with her. She's their human toy but strength is something admires. She gazes around at the various lighted shafts within the erotic jungle; hideous crys of monsters unknown echo in the jungle which makes her pause.
Unexpectly she feels the immense Troc lick her back. His lick has a calming effect on her-for she relaxes her muscles and her fears. It's as this Troc knows she's afraid of him.There's something affectionate about him but she can't place it. She hears the wind howl and smells a coming sweet rain.

The torrential rains pours downward and Nena welcomes the rain. OHHHHHHHAHHHH she moans softly as the rain pelts her. As for the Trocs move effortsly through the rain as if it never exists. She feels the clawhand rubbing back on forth on her bare back her head bows toward the ground. Nena figures she's the leader Troc toy.
 "I've read your thoughts. Nena Toy you want to rule the Jungle here. You're ambitious for a human."
"Yeah we are."
 "Would you like to start to rule us Trocs? Traditionally we have had human leaders to guide us with their wisdom."
His statement piques her courisity. "Would you want me as your queen?"
"Yes. I would mentor you."
She couldn't believe it and adds "I'm still a wanted toy in the jungle. Others will want me."
"We know the risks."
Just as the rain slacks she sess the Troc kingdom for the first time. She relaxes and let's the clawhand grip her tighter as they ride into varous mounds stone huts. She can't believe they want her as queen.
As she stares at the other Trocs who look at her out of fascination. One comes up and strokes her wet long hair and her gazes toward a surreal beautiful castle as it draws near.
 The Troc leader says  "We've found our Queen."
The double doors swing open and Nena sees a beautiful courtyard.  "This is beautiful Troc."
Immediately other Trocs surround them. Gently Nena is lifted off his scarab and the royal cloak Trocs escort Nena to be cleaned up.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fear of the Trocs

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse.
Still bound one of the Trocs now holds Nena over his shoulder. She bites her ballgag hard as she feels his clawhand grip her firmly. Nena senses they're getting some steeds to ride and continue on to their  destination. Above she hears a crack of thunder,sees lightening flash strike a huge tree not far from her. As far as she can determine these Trocs are a mix of beastman and reptile. Yet their powerful as far as she can determine as she rests over a Troc's shoulder.
 Moments later they reappear with their steeds: several large slithering snakes. She hears one of them declare "Bring me the girl toy."
The eager Troc rushes toward his beefy leader sitting at the neck of his huge snake. Quickly his large hand grasp Nena and she lays close to him. The human like eyes stab back at her with excitement as he his firm glove hand anchors the buxem babe. Again Nena feels helpless,things out of her control but she couldn't control what happens in the Toyverse. As for these Trocs for some reason her instincts tell her to fear them. She has no idea why there's something malevolent about them she can't place.
Again the rain falls. Nena welcomes it as she sighs and feels the leader's hand stroke her bareback. He feels her firm hardbod tense as fear over takes her. She has no idea where they're taking her but she doesn't care. She's now a creature of the Toyverse. And the creatures here find her exotic.
 OHHHHHHHHHHH she echos aloud as she feels the Troc's large human hand squeeze her. As his snake slithered a path through the erotic jungle,the Troc leader bends his head down and kisses her back and cheek. She turns away in defiance but defiance is fruitless with these creatures.Still she hasn't accepted the fact her strength here is weak; she feels the leader Troc kiss her wet bare back again and stroking her wet hair.
Though she fears them and what they have plan for her--the Trocs are something of a mystery.
Where are they taking me? What do they want from me? She thinks.
The leader Troc guides his snake down a small mound and the snake slides effortsly into a stream. The others follow she notices.
 The Troc leader keeps Nena anchored as she gazes at a cave which draws closer. Once in the cave,Nena sees that the inside of the cave is another world. Another erotic jungle. For the stream change its nautral color to neon. The Troc leader guides his snake ashore and it stops. He grabs Nena the toy and places her on her barefeet. The Troc says "March babe-toy." He prods her with his scimitar blade and Nena marches forward with no hesitation. With the other Trocs now gather around she knows she can't escape them. She's thiers.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Attack of the Trocs

Deep in the erotic Toyverse somewhere...amdist exquisite waterfalls.
Nena never the left the adobe hut. For days and nights she brought satisfaction to the Something. To keep Nena from being scared of him he assumes a human form of someone she's familiar from her memories. As the rain splashed through his grotto the human form Something prove to Nena his proweress with her. OHHHHHH Thing!!! She squeal in delight.
Then after the intense makeout with her,the human form Something reverts back to his original form. Nena stands up over him and pulls him up to his feet. She let's the huge Something embrace again. Already she knows the Something is dying. He falls from her arms and lands against the wall.
"What's the matter?"
"I'm diening beautiful one. I leave you this grotto but you're free to leave."
Nena can't believe she's hearing this. She decides to lay on his lap until she hears his last dieing gasp. She learns that Somethings are rare because of their short lifespans. At least with this Something she fulfilled his needs to her as he did with her.
Nena feels a sense of being younger and her mind stronger from some reason. She attributes the different atomosphere of this Toyverse.
The Something dies in her arms. She buries with rocks she finds through the grotto. She feels alone but contended as she finds a small cavern that leads its way back to the beautiful erotic jungle. Once in the cavern she hears a loud GRRRRR and a three eyed furry four leg monster pursues her for its own. Nena flees and throws off its scent when she finds another way back into the erotic jungle. Once in light the strange monster doesn't come out.
 She sees a small waterfall lake and heads to it. Seconds later Nena lets the tourquois water splash onto her. AHHHHH she breathes as she doesn't suspect another pair of eyes are watching the sexy busty toy. For several minutes she lets the water cool her off and the Something's kiss and touch is freah upon her. She wishes Lord Chuck would capture her again and make her his mate. He's the other human whose lips turned her own--
She swims into the small lagoon where she runs into trouble. Strange creatures known as the Trocs grab her and momens later she finds herself hostage as she marches with wrist bound behind her bare ass and a ballgag in her mouth.
Fear grips her as the Trocs march their human catch away from the small lagoon. She feels a strange thin hand stroke her hair,she doesn't even guess what the creatures want from her. All she knows she's toy in the jungle and she's frequently up for grabs. The Trocs disappear into the shady erotic jungle with Nena as their captured toy.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


In the heavens of the erotic Toyverse.
His demon like bat maintains its course while his huge hand gently pulls his Nena closer to him. She doesn't say anything as the Something's powerful hand keeps her in her place. OHHHHHHAHHHH Nena echoes as the Something's hand squeezes her bare ass. The buxem curvy naked toy remains still as she trys to figure where the Something is taking her. At least here in ths universe,she thinks,it's never a dull moment.
The Something lets her buxem bod tense as he remains in control of her. She gazes around up and down wondering where the Something is taking her. At the sametime she wonders what the Something is; she gapes when his long tongue gently licks her again.
He's arousing me,Nena thinks as she clutches the bat mane. Below the erotic jungle seems to fade toward what appears to be a large pond linked by a waterfalls all around. HIs bat dips lower and heads over the large pond toward one the immense waterfalls.
Nena is comforted by the sound of the waterfall. She surveys the new territory. If he lives in a waterfall cavern I can escape him she thinks. OHHHHHHH Nena moans to the Something's delight. She notes his eyes light up at her response.
 "Nena Toy you're a worthy catch."
She giggles. "That's what some here tell me."
She feel his demon like bat drop lower and it flys into a waterfall.Nena closes her eyes as she lets the water splash her body. She opens them and sees a large grotto in and around her. This must be his digs,She observes.
 The Something lands his demon bat on a stone pedestal near the waterfall. The Something then hustles Nena over his shoulder. OHHHHHHH she echos as the creature's clawhand pierces her flesh  as she squirms. She senses that the Something has triumphed for finding her again. She relaxes over his shoulder as the creature strolls down the steps. She feels his clawhand massaging her thighs; she feels small over his immense shoulder.
Outside she hears a storm rage. She expects the Something to tie her down again since her first capture.
The Something enters his adobe hut with a red glow. He places his Nena near a smooth pole. He thens bind hers wrists and ankels to it; she struggles but she can't escape him this time. The Something stands over her and embraces her...Nena succumbs to his seductive magic as she struggles in his huge hands.
"Why do you want me so much," she murmurs slowly as she shuts her eyes as she feels his hands running all over her hair.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Return of the Something

Somwhere in the erotic Toyverse jungle,in a small verse called Paradise.
After intense love making with the enigmatic Verdun, Nena rolls over on the wet grass. She admits she would rather stay in this world than return back to earth. For some reason her hardbod is stronger,she feels younger than her original earth age. Yes she can't get over the incredible sex not even the guys on earth couldn't match the creatures she's encountered thus far.
 Since she has been in Paradise,a few days Nena calucalates by earth time,since there is no sense time doesn't exist at all. Yet she can't shake that feeling of being stalked,watched. As if there is another creature here in this Paradise that penetrated here. What creature she isn't sure. Yet she has this vague feeling the Something has found her.
 She rolls over again and kisses Verdun affectionaly. At least as a toy she has proven her worth. "Verdun let me go,please. I lived up to your expectations." She declares to him as she sits on top of him.
 "You can go toy." Verdun states as he bites her for the last time. He lets his hand slide off her incredible bod. Verdun props himself up and he smiles as he watches Nena departs on her own. Nena disappears through the mist back into the erotic jungle.
 She doesn't know where to go. Yet the stalking feelng is now stronger. Agains she senses the Something somewhere in the jungle. But where? Nena continues down another trail. She stops and lets the dew fall on her body. The jungle dew makes her feel cooler. She continues down the trail into the unknown. Often the unknown scares her. She feels exhausted and she finds a patch of surreal gigiantic mushrooms to sleep under. She has a nightmare that the Something finds her and again he makes her his; she rests on his flying bat and they disappear into the Toyverse.
 Nena stirs awake shocked.
 She feels the wind whip her lovely shoulder length hair. She feels a familiar hand on her bare ass as she gazes down at the erotic jungle and she gazes at his steed: she sees the big ears of his bat. As she tenses her buxem nude ass; she sees the Something grinning at her. His glowing red eye stabbing back at her. "Find you my Sensous Toy."
"You owned me fair and square." Nena declares softly. She feels his long lip lick her and she feels her bod easing her tensions.
 For now she stares at the Toyverse heavens as the Something keeps her anchor on his bat. She lets the wind whip her hair as she wonders where the Something is taking her. For now she's his fair and square.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Vordun's Paradise

Along a vast coast of the erotic Toyverse.
His spiderhorse makes short strides along the paths. Nena lays slump over the mane of his steed;OHHHH she moans as she feels Vordun's powerful fingers squeeze her and remind her whose in charge of her fate. His kiss is fresh on her lips. From the sea,a storm rolls in and Nena feels rain on her bareback. As she gazes around the hard rain blocks her vision as she feels anchor firmly on his spiderhorse; her buxem hardbod glows from the rain. She tenses her bod as she feels Vordun firm strong hand.
This guy isn't going to let go of me for a while,she thinks as she feels the rain pound her. He steers his spiderhorse into a cave and she shivers as she feels the wind blow against her.She hears the wind howl. Nena stares outside of the cavern and she sees the storm in all of its fury. She turns her head and she sees a strange glow at the opposite end of the tunnel cave. Paradise she quickly assumes.
Vordun grins and bends licks her back. Nena reacts AHHHHHHHH Master.Satisfy me.
"Soon my toy,soon." Vordun states.
 Nena feels the warm light draw closer and sighs. The powerful Vordun she knows isn't going to let her go soon. Though she yearns the erotic jungle to roam,being with Vordun has been quite an ecasty experince.
His spiderhorse emerges out into the light and she gazes at jewel mushrooms.huge erotic jungle flowers; she feels huge drops fall upon her from the humugunus erotic jungle trees above; at the sametime Vordun strokes her back and she feels her tensions relax.
How many days have I been with you? She thinks as she licks her lips. Her nude buxem ass glows--to Vordun's delight. She gazes around this exotic paradise within the Toyverse. She's captivated by the beauty of the exotic jungle.
"I'm your Toy Verdun," Nena reminds him as she feel his hand keeping her close to him. His fingers feel like those of a strong bodybuilder on earth. Strong and masculine. She let's him kiss her cheek. It;a a warm kiss and she sighs with excitement.
 Moments later...
With her wrists firmly tied behind her nude back,Vordun marches his subdued Nena through the exotic  jungle. For now she has no idea what this Vordun has in store for her.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Vordun on the Charge

Deep,deep in the Toyverse jungle
A torrential rain falls hard on them both.
A bound Nena rests on his strange spiderhorse steed he commandeered sometime ago. Nena could feel the power of her owner course through her; she feels her buxem hardbod glow and pulsate as the heavy rain falls. Vordun licks his lips as he stares down at his human toy. He squeezes her hodbard gently and Nena moan OHHHHHAHHHHH in response. Soaken wet she's alluring and curvy. Perfect by Vordun's standards. He senses she's strong willed and having read her memories of the erotic Toyverse she's survived where most weak humans would perish instantly to the death.
He guides his spiderhorse to the edge of erotic jungle where it pans out to a broad cliff. Nena gapes when she sees the vast sea of the Toyverse and several moons hanging on the horizon.
So beautiful,she thinks.
Vordun bends down and kisses her bare back. She feels a strange tattoo take shape on her back.
"You put a tattoo on my back. What does it mean. Can I see it?" She asks gently as she makes eye contact. She admits that Vordun in handsome and strong in his human form.
 "You'll see your tattoo goddess."
"I'm no goddess." She replies.
Vordun guides his spiderhorse down a cliff path toward the sand and rocky beach. The storm breaks up and she sees more moons around the world of the Toyverse. Sunlight breaks through shining but not blinding. The sun is actually a star that went supernova long ago. Vordun would occainsly stop and caress,seduce Nena as his. He feels her body tense,then relax. She's subdue but he finds the buxem human babe memorizing to say the least. Once he reaches the sandy rock beach he follows the cliffs. But he uses the large rocks along the beach warn trail to hide her and himself. Nena knows Vordun isn't about to let her get stolen. She released in the erotic jungle she's high value.
"Vordun where are we going?" Nena asks as her deep brown eyes make contact again.
"Paradise." He answers slowly.
She continues to relax more under Vordun's large hand. She pauses and looks around as she trys to gues where Paradise is. Above she sees strange wing birds circling. Vordun recogonizes her strength in her buxem bod and her mind. He squeezes her again OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moan aloud.
I don't like being squeezed,she thinks.
Nena looks for clues for Paradise as he rides his spiderhorse against the surf of the Toyverse ocean. An ocean vast and unknown. Nena looks upward and asks "Whatt's on the otherside of the ocean?"
"Dark jungle."
 Vordun sees a huge rock not far. He trots his spiderhorse to it and stops. He lifts Nena off his horse and leans her against the rock; they embrace again as Nena feels shivers down her bod. Vordun embrace told her he's as human as she is for now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Vordun's Concubine

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse...several days later..
Something real strange has happen. Nena isn't sure what happened; she's daze,confuse for the Vordun statue head slammed into a cliff and broke right down the middle. To her shock as she stands chained she sees Voro frozen in a crystal crypt. "VORDUN" She yells "WHERE ARE YOU!"
No reply. Again the fractured head shakes again and cracks,the wall which Nena is chained breaks off.And Nena lands on her back and her nude buffbod aching. She looks around and suddenly she sees a mauch muscleman shape. Vordun,now in powerful human like form approachs her; snaps his fingers and her chains fall off.
Nena memorized remains standing as she lets Vordun uses a silk chain to bind her wrists tightly behind her back. Then Vordun shoves her ouf of his destroyed statue. She falls down and murmurs "I can't walk,I'm tired."
Vordun smiles and grabs Nena from the ground and tosses her small buffbod over his shoulder. OHHHH She murmurs softly as the mysterious god marches over the rugged erotic terrain with his new found human toy. Nena gazes up at the trees as she feels his strong fingers squeezing her bare bronze thighs. She figured by now that she and Voro would having ecasty in a romantic aroma patch of flowers that dot the Toyverse jungle. OHHHHH She moans aloud again. She can't help but admire his strength as she squirms.
Vordun states, "Your my Concumbine human."
Nena doesn't respond to his statement as she squirms in his arm. She feels his fingers dig into her flesh. "Where are we going Vordun?"
The creature doesn't answer as the god creature moves quickly through the erotic jungle. A boom of thunder and then lightening; the skys grow dark and a drenching soaking rain falls. drenching them both.
Vordun moves through the erotic jungle and clutches his Nena as he keeps his footing through the mud. Nena licks the wet off her lips and she likes to be soaken wet for some reason. She feels Vordun;s nails dig deeper into her flesh keeping her anchored over his shoulder. Her small buxem buffbod tenses as Vordun navigates  a path of live carnivore plants.
Nena could only wonder where this god creature is taking her. She knows that Vordun knows she's from earth which makes rare in the Toyverse. She feels the silk chain rub on her wrists and she feels her hands numb.
 As Vordun moves forward through the jungle all Nena the toy could do is wonder where this god creature is taking her. Freedom now feels distance for now.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Vordun God of Forever

Deep in the erotic Toyverse jungle...
His spiderhorse follows the small stream. Voro keeps Nena anchor with  his powerful hand as she squirms her nude buxem bod. She bites the gag as she looks around the erotic jungle. But it's clear that Voro is taking here to somewhere. But where? She gazes down at the stream as she softly moans and tenses her bod.
A loud HMMMMMMMMM gets their attention. Nena searches where the strange hmmmmm is originating from. It's hard to tell where within the jungle. Then Voro unexpectly stops his spiderhorse-Nena realizes that's its just the two of them. He cuts her ankle bonds as she stands and then Voro force marchs her toward a huge dark shape blocking the stream. "What is it we're going to?" She inquires casually.
 Voro doesn't answer as he prods her with his spear sword. She complys as the strange huge dark shape draws closer. The strange HMMMM grows louder as they march toward the dark shape. It's a shape Nena has never seen before.
 They now stand in front of a huge ancient stone carve head. Of what they don't know. Voro and Nena suspect a god. The HMMMM stops and head says "BRING THE TOY AND YOURSELF IN."
Voro jabs Nena his toy and she marches into the mouth of the head. Once Voro the beastman enters the mouth shuts. The voice booms. "RELAX YOU TWO,VORO GUARD YOUR EARTH HUMAN TOY CAREFULLY."
Voro nods eagerly at the strange request.
Nena is puzzled how its knows she's from earth.. She asks,"Who are you?"

Voro cuts her wrists bonds and march her toward a greyish strange wall. Nena lets Voro chain her wrists to the wall. Nena now can move againt the dirt. Voro unexpectly takes Nena in her arms and he kisses her lips as she struggles with him; he pulls her closer as she feels his lips on her neck. "More." she murmurs. The wall lights up behind her and she feels powerful sexual energy surge through her and the beastman. They collapse to the ground and Nena murmurs "Free me from my bondage..."
Vordun's voice booms again "NENA I CONTROL YOU." She feels her chains pull her back and she stands cury erect.
Voro doesn't know what think of this god..for he and Nena stare at each other puzzled,bewildered.