Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Deeper in the erotic Toyverse somewhere...
Nena lays with Lord Chuck on his bed on the top turret. Above the skys churns in various colors. Nena kisses Lord Chick for her last time as she sees a real oppurnity to escape and return to the erotic beautiful jungle. As Lord Chuck sleeps,Nena tiptoes to the top of the turret and she jumps into the orange stream which makes up the moat. Once underwater she sees a small underwater cavern and swims into it and she lets the curret sweep her away from the castle. Moments later she's caught in a rushing stream within the cavern and she feels herself thrusted out by the sheer strength of the water as she plumments down a vast waterfall.
She plummets into a small jungle pond. She swims up to the surface,her buxem hardbod aching, she reaches a grassy shore and collaspses into sleep. She's relieved she's escape Lord Chuck for now. She sleeps a dreamless sleep on the wet grass.
A few hours later..
She wakes up with no sense of time. It doesn't matter Nena raises to her barefeet refreshed and she continues on her journey on a crumbled stone trail. Moments later she emerges into a small ruin city many eons old. Before she takes another step,Nena is overwhelmed by beastmen. They quickly bind her wrists behind her back and they guard her as she now marches a captured prisoner again. The unnamed lead beastman grips her arm firmly and as they escort toward their camp. The beastmen are pleased they captured a human toy to play with.
Since the beastie camp is breaking up,Nena is given to the leader Voro. Their leader gags her mouth and then he lfits Nena upon his spiderhorse steed. As the wind blows the etotic shape trees,Voro anchors the buxem babe close to him and they ride off from the ruins.
 Voro gives Nena a lustful smile as he squeezes her tense hardbod as she squirms on his spiderhorse. His grip is tight and she had been rightfully captured.
Someone always finds me,wants to me.She thinks as she gazes at the crazy wet trail; she feels the beastman large hand stroking her hair. She has no idea where the beasmen is taking her as she looks around the jungle. She glances up at Voro and she knows that's he's highly intelligent.
 She trys to guess where the beastmen are going but the Toyverse jungle often confuses her. She bites the gag as she hears the spiderhorse hoof's plop in the stream. She remains tense as Voro keeps her close to him...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

No Escape

Somewhere in the Toyverse...in a keep somewhere...
Nena breaks her bonds and flees from her cage in the dead of a stormy night. She sneaks quietly out of the room where she'd been held she doesn't know how long. She finds a door which opens to a smooth stone veranda which the steps are linked too. She shuts and flees down the stares as quickly as her legs can carry her; she yearns to be back in the erotic jungle again.
 She follows the stairs which lead to the bottom and above she sees the moat above. She has another worry-the beast that occupies cavern here. Nena quickly reacts by grabbing a spear and she straps a short sword to her bare waste; her eyes survey the cavern as she finds her way out of Lord Chuck's castle. As she follows the trail toward the light outside, the beast suddenly appears with its gator like fangs. It's larger that she is and she gulps as the beast charges at her. Nena dances around it and she stabs the creature in its soft armor. The spear makes the beast spin crazily and Nena draws her short sword and she delivers the final blow. She cuts its front leg and the monster collaspses and grows weaker. She now takes her sword and rams into the skull. The fang tooth monster whatever it is--is now dead. She doesn't stay long as she throws off her robe and runs toward the light and into raining erotic jungle.
Nena sighs relief as she runs back into the jungle. She knows Lord Chuck will send his beasties and lizardmen to find her. She runs along a muddy river bank and suddenly a wind blown thin branch knocks her into the water. She swims despertly across the shallow stream fighting the wind and current. She makes it across and looks back. She hears faint sounds coming from the direction of the keep. Nena runs again until she's exhausted. Amdist some exotic looking  jewel like fungi she collaspses into a dreamy sleeps--
Her dream is realistic. She''s back in the cage on warm soft bed and Lord Chuck is upon her like a wild tiger. She's acts like his tigress as they roll over the bed and fall to the floor. She knows Lord Chuck has conquered her. His kisses are incredible and that she can't shake. Nena wakesup and licks her lips his kiss feels so real. She looks upward and sees some beastie shadows surround her.
"Toy you shouldn't escape the king." The shadow bellows camly and suddenly she feels a pair of furry hands clasp her wrists hehind her back and she feels heavy lace rope bind her writs again-the three ugly beasties march Nena toward leopard horses. HEHEHEHEHEE fills the air as she feels the lead beastie lift her upward and place her on her chest. The strong fingers keep her place as they gallup back toward the castle.
"Am I going to be punished?" Nena asks her captor. "You know you want me."
 "Of course I want you but for now you're Chuck's property." She feels a slight prick on cheek and she falls asleep. She hears their haughty laughter.

Minutes later...
Nena wakesup to find her herself hanging by her hands over some some exotic plants. The plants are alive. For one tentacle curls around her bare as she sways back in forth. She sees Lord Chiuck in his cape and Roman style helmet  mask. "You shouldn't have ran away Nena."
 "You're going to let me live or die?" Nena states bluntly.
"I'm going to let you live. You like my live plants they're carnivores I raised from seeds. I feed those who betray me. In your case I want to let you know whose in charge of you."
You don't own me,she thinks. She concedes "I'm your lover oh Lord Chuck I shouldn't have run away. Sorry."
Lord Chick smiles and waves his scepter and Nena feels herself being move and a thin sharp branch blade cuts her rope and she falls upon some cushy mushroom domes. She feels slight pain as Lord Chuck stands over her staring at her. She stares back at him and says, "Take me to your bed o great king and I'll be your queen for now." The king bends down and they liplock like crazy. She knows she can't escape him for now but for give in time she knows she'll be back in the erotic crazy jungle where she belongs.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lord Chuck takes charge

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse.
The bidding for her feels like hours. Then the highest a bidder a maucho like human,a man known as Lord Chuck seals the bid and Nena the Toy is his. Surreal lightening swirls around the ancient colisieum as Nena struggles on the giant stone hand. The wind blows her long glowing hair as she fights her chains.
After Lord Chick pays his price for the toy he gallups with on his leopard horse toward the chained buxem babe. Waspmen fly from above and land on the hand free Nena but they tie her wrist and ankles with lace rope. A large waspman hands over Nena to this mysterious Lord Chuck. Next thing Nena rests close to his saddle. She feels his huge hand clasp her bare ass as he rides out with his toy. She squirms and tenses her bod as the hand squeezes her. As he rides out with her out of the colisieum,she moans OHHHHHHH.
She feels his leopard horse gallup into the storm. The rain falls hard on them as he rides effortsly with her. OHHHHH Nena squeals as Lord Chuck rides deeper into the surreal erotic jungle. She looks up at the mysterious Lord whose face is hidden by a mask. All she knows he's powerful for she feels his his warm fingers pierce her flesh. Just his presence alone makes her stay quiet. She doesn't struggle as his hand strokes her back and plays with her glowing wet hair; she doesn't know what her role is with him yet. She figures she'll be his sex slave. Being slave,she muses isn't so bad. She feels his lips caress her cheek and she turns away in defiance.
 Lord Chick voice booms: "DON'T DEFY ME MY TOY."
Nena remains quiet as his steeed gallups further into the erotic jungle; she gazes around the jungle and she sees erotic ruins fly pass her. On one stone she sees a huge vulture eying her as if she's going to be his supper. Lord Chick gives it a look and the vulture flys off.
She looks upward and sees his keep on the hill. He follows a water trail which leads upward into a courtyard/stable. He arrives in the courtyard and with one touch she passes out and Nena feels herself being toss over his immense shoulder. Again she feels his fingers clutching her as if he owns her.
Lord Chuck enters through a wall upon some steps and carries his burden upward in the tower.

Hours later...
Nena wakes up and she finds herself tied to a bed in a dome cage. She trys to break her bonds but the ropes are tight' she feels she's at the mercy of the Toyverse as she licks her lips. At least this Lord Chuck is human. She hears the rain outside. She sees Lord Chuck again and he enters her caged bedroom. She struggles and moans at first but his touch feels real fantastic. She now realizes how much she misses a man's touch with her and his lips.
She murmurs "Conquor your babe toy." Next thing she feels his powerful hand raise her and she locks with his lips with no hesitation. "Keep me" Nena murmurs as she lets her conquorer overwhelm her.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Escape and Sold

Deep in the erotic Toyverse....
Nena doesn't have a clue how long she's been in the keep in King Vosko. She figures  it has beem several months since her capture by his infamous antmen. As a toy she lives up to her reputation of satisfaction but as time wanes on she grows bored of King Vosko. After a huge party which Vosko threw everyone got drunk off his wine and are now asleep; Nena snaps awake and sees her oppernutiy to escape the craziness of his court. She rises up from his bed in his immense waterfall room and tipstoe toward the waterfall where a secret entrence/exit exists.
She walks through the waterfall and disappears. She finds herself below the castle for she could see the strange eel sharks and dragon fish which highlight his tropical moat. She moves quietly searching for a way back to the erotic jungle where she feels safe.
She turns her head and sees there's a huge hungry huge teeth creature staring at her hungrily. The monster puruses her for several kilometers but Nena maintains her lead against the monster. Just as the monster's long tongue reaches out for her,Nena reaches the edge of small cliff and below she sees her way out. She jumps to a huge a jungle tree and the monster whatever it is turns away disappointed that it didn't catch his dinner--

Nena sighs in relief. She navs her way down the huge tree and jumps to the soft ground. Despite her aching muscles she's amaze that she's still alive in this crazy Toyverse. After she gathers her wind,she strolls out of the small open cave into a shallow gold lagoon surrounded by erotic shape mushrooms and jungle flowers. She sloshes across the small lagoon links up with an exotic trail. Since it's the only trail she follows it anyway despite the risk but she wants to get as far away as she can from the crazy king. She searches around and finds a fruit tree picks up a small apple and eats it quickly. She finds the food of the toyverse more tasty than what she has eaten in earth. Then some maucho bald musclenoids take her by surprise and Nena screams helplessly in the jungle. Her cries for help go unanswered.
 "Jerks get your hands off of me," Nena says fiestly as she trys to fight two musclenoids. Her risistance is brief for her wrists are bound behind her back and the leader tosses her over his immense shoulder. She squirms and tense as the unnamed musclenooid clutches her.
"What do you want with me?" Nena pleas.
"We're goin to sell you toy."
"I see," Nena declares quietly.
Moments later two musclenoids enter into a collapse Roman like coliseum overgrown with jungle. The Roman like coliseum is eons old. As Nena struggles as the two musclenoids schackle her to a hueg floating stone hand. It rises upward...
"Let the bidding again." An alien human voice declares as Nena is presented as the human toy of pleasre of earth. She struggles against her bonds but she can't break them as the minions bid on her. Soon she's going to be sold again and she shutters who will own her as she hears thunder roar crash closer to the coliseum...

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Nena and the Antmen

Deep in the erortic Toyverse somewhere
As the pan sleeps,Nena makes a run for it back into the vast erotic jungle. With no bearings she has no idea where she's headed much less the dangers tha lurk around the bens. Nena finds a trail into a serene valley unaware that eyes have been checing her out since she venture into the fruitful valley. A giant bug eye spider now pursues her and Nena runs as fast as she can until she stumbles upon some weird box structure. The strange box structure is adjacent to some creature made pool and she hops in the water for a swim to cool off, She's unaware she's invited some strange intruders--
 when she looks up she stops swimming and stands up. She sees a group of armed antmen who now surround her. For some reason they're excited to find her and it perplexes her. A hefty antman orders "Out toy!"
She does as she as told. Nena steps out of the water via some steps and she's quickly apprehended by the Antmen. Once again she feels her wrists retied behind her buxum nude hardbod. Gently the antmen nudge her away from the pool and back toward the erotic jungle. Again Nena smells rain coming as she's marches between her ant captors. "What do you want me?" She questions as she feels a spear ax jab her back. She continues to match not fearful of them. She feels a clawhand stroke her long glowing hair. She feels her bod glow as if the something in the pool water made her stand out.But the antmen don't raise questions about the glow and Nena senses they know who she is.
"King Vosko been searching for you mortal."
"Really," Nena muses as she marches under an arm escort. Not far she sees a mayan like castle embedded in the jungle. With each step it draws closer. They march her across a nautral land bridge and into a garden throne yard. Nena sees King Vosko sitting in his throne and she feels his immense power already. The Antmen break up except the two that march Nena toward the sitting King who licks his lips at the site of cute buxem mortal. Seconds later Nena stands erect staring at her-she feels strange power. He says "Nena of Earth I've been searching for you and I now have you."
"Yeah I'm popular in the jungle,dude.It seems everyone or everything wants me for one thing or another."
Vosko orders his antmen to leave and they do so.
Without questin Vosko throws Nena over his shoulder and diseappears with his buxem booty somewhere in the castle. Nena gapes as she feels his powerful hand grip her as he heads down an unfamiliar corridor. Where he's taking her she doesn't want know.