Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lustful Pan

Deep in the Toyverse etotic jungle.
Nena runs in a panic from the dead snake corpse. She drops her knife out panic,fear and runs deeper into the jungle without thinking what's there. She stumbles upon a golden path and she follows it down into a valley. Still she has no idea of being stalked but she senses that something is watching her she pauses and looks around. She stumbles upon a small group of ancient ruins; exhausted she rests agains a wall to catch her breath. Since she has no idea of time she watchses as dusk sets in.
Beware of predators looking for me,she thinks aloud.
Nena explores the quiet ruins as the moons rise. Though she's cautious she knows she's in a world where the creatures are more powerful. Unlike her dull earth life she finds this erotic Toyverse appealing. she finds a clear pond amidst the half broken busts,collaspe column temples and half walled structures.
 She dives into the small creature made pond. She finds the water refreshing as she swims in the cool water. When she reaches the ledge she sees a pair of hoofs and she looks up and sees a hideous pan staring down at her.
"Your mine toy," He says as he pulls her up.
"You're hurting me," Nena squeals as the strange Pan bounds her wrists behind her soaken wet hardbod. With his spear ax at her bare ass he jabs and orders "March Toy."
Nena does as she told. She glances back at her new owner and she sees lust in his eyes. "Where are we going great Pan?"
"Call me Grand One mortal."
"Call me Nena of Earth or Toy doesn't matter." She muses as the enigmatic Pan marches her away from the creature made pond to the toward the vast glistening jungle. "OUCH!" She squeals as she feels his speer jab her. They're back on the blue trail and the Pan forces march her toward the sound of an unknown running stream. Again like all streams it cuts the path in half. She stops at the edge of the path and the lustful Pan throws her over his shoulder. He crosses the stream with no problem as Nena squeals in the night. Pan decides to carry his captured prize the rest of the way for he loves the feel of her firm skin as she tenses,moans in the night.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sexy Property,Lovely Property

An unknown island on the oceans of the Toyverse somewhere....
Rolling thunder echos off the sea above fast moving surreal clouds race above.
The shadowy Warlock reveals himself to her to be actually the Shadow People. Nena couldn't believe it at first then she recalls a small incident in college where she had seen one. She explain the creature didn't harm her at all.
The Warlock jabs bare ass Nena with his spear and she remains on trail as they march through the erotic jungle whose shapes turn Nena on. "So what are your plans for me? Shadowlock or whatever you are."
 "Stop mortal," He commands and suddenly Nena feels his magic stopping her dead cold. She stands like bound statue and again she feels intoxicating lips of the Warlock. "You call me Shadowlock how come?"
"A nickname." Nena muses. "Combo of shadow and warlock. Why you don't like it?"
 He grins. "LOVE IT."
 Nena giggles as his spell is removed and she marches compliantly. Around them living plants make sounds. A flower devours a some strange lizard along the path and above a Nena gapes as a giant jungle spidere weaves its web. Spider ignores them as they stroll along a beautiful surreal path.

Hours later...
In a drenching rain,the Warlock marches his curvy buxem Nena toward what appears to be a broken ancient tower. Ironcially Nena doesn't shiver from the rain as she marches barefoot toward the strange tower. Once inside,the Warlock grabs Nena by the waste and force to march up an ancient stone staircase. She knows he's his sexy mortal property and he can't control what he can or do with her. Upon seeing a curved stone bed Nena immediately runs and lays on it. Her body glows under the strange lightening and she lets the Warlock hop on top of her. She embraces him for hours. Free of her bonds she lays beside him. She removes her dagger and kills him in his sleep. She slides the dagger back in its sheath; as the storm rages she jumps from the broken tower and she plunges into the moat. A huge fish sees her and pursues her for its dining morsal-
 Suddenly a powerful current grabs her and she swims with it. The powerful current takes her out to sea and then pulls her toward the mainland with mad rush, Nena breaks free of the ocean current and swims to the beach. Exhausted she crawls onto the beach. She continues to crawl until she gets her strength back--
 She rises up. Nena knows she lost and she knows a lost toy like herself is up to grabs by any creature in the erotic jungle. As a snake tries to take her by surprise she grabs its head and stabs its head with her dagger, the large snake falls dead before her.
 She's unaware of the muscle shadows who are watching her.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bound Property

In the Hovering Coven near the shores of the Toyverse somewhere...
Nena has no idea how long she has been with this shadowy witches. As the she lays on the bed and the witch is on top of her Nena removes her knife. As the two embrace Nena rams into the shadowy witch and she screams as she slumps to her death. Nena removes her knife from the dead corpse and discovers she's lizard, She takes the witche's ring and slides it on her finger.
Moments  later the Warlock appears in a shaft sunlight and is please with the outcome. "You killed my sister."
Nena dangles her knife in front of him. "She had it coming. I didn't trust her."
It's then that both feel the hovering coven rumbling. Nena screams when one of the stone walls collaspes. Using his magic the enigmatic warlock snaps his finger and Nena lays bound,gag on his huge dragonbird. Nena gasps as the Warlock keeps her bare ass anchored as his dragon steed flys out of the crumbling hovering coven. The warlock circles his steed and Nena stares as the stone coven breaks up and falls to the sea. Nena bites her gag and tenses her hardbod as the warlock maintains his control of her-\
"Now my pretty you're mine." The warlock whispers in her ear and kisses her cheeks. "All I have to say your fab in bed as a mortal."
 Nena doesn't respond as she feels like his bound property as she stares at the endless Toyverse ocean. She looks back and the Toyverse shore fades quickly. As the Warlock strokes Nena the Toy affectionly she calms down. To her surprise the Warlock let her keep the dagger which is rests in a leather sheath tied to her calf. Strange,she thinks.
As his dragonbird remains at its present altitude heavy clouds now roll in. The Warlock welcomes to cover especially his rare human prize. Nena welcomes the rain upon her and hardbod. She finds it strange that she doesn't shiver in reaction to the wind as it hits her perfect curvy hardbod. After flying for several hours in the storm,the dragonbird drops out of the clouds toward a large island. Nena gazes around and wonders if she's halfway around the Toyverse.
The Warlock lands his dragonbird on the beach. Quickly Nena is gather over the shoulder of the Warlock as he leaps off his steed. He reaches the edge of a new erotic jungle and places Nena on her  feet she feels ankle bonds dissolve and her gag rip off.
 "You don't have to gag me Warlock just put a spell on me next time." Nena remarks.
  "March my lovely property." The Warlock orders and Nena does so.
As Nena enters the  jungle under the guard of the Warlock she senses the jungle is quiet. She hears rumbling of thunder in the distance. "Where are we?"
 "Someplace less harsh my toy." The Warlock reacts. "Someplace less harsh."
"I'll be the judge of that handsome."Nena states as she welcomes the wet under her barefeet.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hovering Coven

Deep in the erotic Toyverse.
She doesn't know how long she's been on her barefeet. Yet Nena to her shock and awe hasn't been exhausted from the long walk with her magical shadowy captors. She stays on the trail for if she is to deviate death will  follow; especially with the carnivore spiders roaming about,the Witch and Warlock inform of the fang tooth rats as big as dogs would devour her. For they control these rats.
 The fog clears out and Nena sees that her captors have stopped. "Look up sexy toy," The Warlock declares as she feels his hand wrap around her firm bare waste.
 "Look up" The witch adds in her malevolent voice.
Nena does so and sees what appears to be a strange beautiful rock hovering above  erotic jungle.
"What is it? Your home?" Nena states as she admires the beauty of ir.
 "Our Hovering Coven." The Warlock declares as he kisses Nena on her cheek. Minutes later they reach vast clearing near the red cliffs highlighted by beautiful ocean. The Hovering Coven now drifts down and stone steps magically fold out. The Warlock clutches Nena's arm and marches her up the steps the witch follows and BOOM! The door shuts.
 They escort their human toy to a huge well and she sees the Coven move,as if on its own power.Their Coven stops over the ocean not far from the rocky surreal beaches. Nena looks at her strange captors and ask: "Do you both have a name?"
"My inquisitive human," The Witch states as she draws closer to the buxem babe. "I'm Zerna and he's Zerxes we're brother and sister warlocks."
"I see," Nena the Toy responds unevenly as they two escort her away from the open well. "So what you two warlocks are going use me for?"
 Zerna the Witch acts quickly with her hands and suddenly a primitive cage traps a terrified Nena. She feels her cage rise up into the vault ceiling as she clutches the bar. She wishes now a hero would appear and slay these magic goons. Her cage sways and suddenly opens Nena plummets out and falls into a huge crystal bowl.
 She looks up and realizes as Zerna and Zerxes state down at her. She screams as Zerxes hand reaches down and clutches Nena in his hand gently. He opens his huge hand and Nena lays sprawl her hardbod glistening. She feels his thumb gently rub her firm hip.
 "Like being a toy?" The Warlock states as his huge eyes state down at her.
 "Return my normal size jerk."
  Suddenly smoke in his hand and Nena feels herself spinning--
 She wakes up to find herself tied to a bed again. She struggles to break her bonds as she lays in a comfortable bed within some garden in the Coven. She sees a bloodied knife near her as if a struggle took place her.
I rather take my chances in the jungle,She thinks. She manages to pull her hand loose and hide the knife behind the pillow. Nena knows what to do survive. For now she waits.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Witch and Warlock

Deep in the Toyverse.
The two intruders have been staring at Nena the Toy as she schackle spread eagle. They look at each other and agree a human toy would suit them fine. To the two intruders Nena is an exotic not of their world. Word of mouth they know she's from earth. Some believe she's the only human in the Toyverse jungle. Nojo doesn't them at all. For these two are shadow people or shadows as some have call them in the jungle.
For the Shadows Nena lays ripe for their taking. The pair,one a warlock and the other witch immediately use their magic. The witch throws a ball a light and Nojo runs out of the broken temple in pursuit of it. Then the Witch poinst her staff at a statue which comes alive and it distracts the other nymph to the outside.
"Let's get her," The Warlock states.
They scramble quickly to where Nena lays. She looks up in terror at the shadow intruders. Quietly they remove her bonds and she stands up shivering as she feels her wrists being tied behind her bareback. NOOOOOO She squeals. She feels the Warlock toss her over his shoulder and two disappear with her from the temple as if they never esisted. Nena shivers as the two shadows run off with her.
Moments later..
In the wet erotic jungle Nena marches entwined between the two shadows. She has no idea where they're taking her. "What do you want?"
"You," the Warlock shadow declares,"That's all you should know.
Suddenly a mists roll into the jungle outside the ancient ruins and the shadows march with their buxem toy into the mists. Nena doesn't know where she's going she feels the Warlock's powerful hand around her waiste. They march within the mist and Nena has no idea where they're taking her much less why they stole her.
For now Nena can only guess what lies beyond the mist. To her the Toyverse isn't at it seems sometimes.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nojo's Toy

Deep in the erotic Toyverse in an ancient ruin city.
With her wrists bound firmly behind her bareback,Nena the Toy walks under the guard of Nojo the Powerful Nymph. Her barefeet feels the wet grass below as she strolls into the ancient ruins. She feels Nojo jab her in the back gently and she proceeds no questions ask. She looks around and says "WOW! Beautiful place."
 "SHUTUP!" Nojo yells at her and Nena does so. She stops and she feels Nojo pulling her close as he grabs her hair. She screams as he kisses her and throws her back to her feet; a frighten Nena now walks under the two huge SnakeHeads which guard the entrance of the ancient city. She licks her lips as she gazes around; there's no telling where Nojo is taking me,Nena murmurs. Unexpectly another mauch muscle nymph slides his arm around Nena's waste. Her guard is making sure she doesn't try to escape.
"CARRY HER!" Nojo shouts.
Uh-Oh,Nena gasps as his subordinate nymph gathers her in his arms and slides her effortsly over his shoulder. OHHHH she moans as she feels his hand clutch her as she squirms and tenses her hardbod. She feels the wind against her curvy hardbod as she squirms.His powerful sub nymph continues with her as if she's some capture treasure which she is.
"Where are we going?"
Nojo doesn't answer he only kisses her on her limps and she falls asleep and calms down.
HUMANS! Nojo thinks aloud.
As a rain storm comes in they take their time. The two nymphs stop and the second one hands Nena over to him. She rests over his shoulder as he moves with determination with her. As the rain falls the two look where they can find shelter. A sweet rain falls as the two scramble into a small broken temple.
As Nena stirs awake she finds herself tied spread eagle on a cool floor. She welcomes the rain as lays in the cool puddle. Nojo stands over her with his condescending look.
"I want you" Nena blurts as she makes eye contact. Her brown eyes glint with a light. Nojo sits on her and he embraces her lips and he kisses her neck. She squirms under her bonds to his kiss.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Nojo all Powerful Nymph

Deep in the dank erotic Toyverse jungle..
Nena the Toy stirs restlessly under his strong fingers as she lays on her chest on his lumbering Geico lizard. She feels the rays of the moons on her buxem hardbod. Again Rojo licks her affectionly with his long tongue and his hand feels her bod tense in reaction. Nena gazes blankly at the terrain despite the fear chills running up her spine. She wishes she could find some ancient map of this Toyverse which she's now a part of. She knows now she'll never return to earth. But for some reason she likes the alien jungle over her native earth which feels so far away and a man's kiss she misses deeply and rolling in bed with one as well.
Again Nojo squeezes her. OHHHHHHH she moans loudly as she let's him and his companion Oko that's she's alive. How long have I been on this monster,she wonders as Nojo strokes her glowing long redhair. Nojo reminds her gently: "There's no way mortal Nena for you to return to your Earth.HEHEHEHE."
 "I know." She states meekly. "Kiss me again."
  The powerful Nymph caress her again she doesn't resist. She lets his lips and tongue caress her like crazy.
 This dude really like mortal babes,Nena thinks as she stirs looking around. She gazes at the primitive erotic jungle  where a huge anaconda like snake wraps itself around a two headed T-Rex and she admires the two how they fight. She feels the geico stop and sees that Rojo and Oko are watching to the carnivores devour each other in combat. When the battle ends in a stalemate the two nymphs turn their lizard steeds away and again head toward running beautiful stream.
 "Where you taking me?" Nena asks as she feels Rojo's fingers retain control of her.
Again he doesn't answer. Rojo doesn't have too for mortals like her he perceives are weak. Nena gapes as their Geico lizards slide into river. Nena gazes at the running river as she remains silent. she asks herself Am I the only human in this jungle? She calms down and relaxes her hardbod for Rojo's sake. The lizards drift across the river stream  and they rise up on their powerful legs upon the shore.
Again Nena gazes at the terrain. Again various flat stones,broken temples,busts and dried out stone pools dart the landscape. Nena guesses the ruins are ancient beyond time and have some sort of power and advance civilization one live and died here.
She feels his Geico stop.
Rojo places Nena on her barefeet and she stands erect; the two powerful nymphs force march Nena toward the ruins. She knows she can't escape them for they stay close to her as she strolls forward.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Night Nymphs

Deep in the erotic Toyverse jungle
To Nena' shock the dark beastman let her go. Before she leaves the ruin abbey she kisses him hard on his lips as he ties a lim knife belt with a knife around her hardbod. He knows she doesn't want to leave him but he doesn't want her face the dangers he faces. After one last kiss,Nena the Toy flees back into the moonlit jungle. Occuppied with strange crys and shadows,she stands on a wet patch of grass as she finds a trail to venture down or up depending on how you look at it. She quickly decides to nav the river leeve trail near a glowing roaring stream. '
Nena feels lost but she doesn't think about it for survival is on her mind. As she strolls the levee trail along the roaring stream she feels the levee slippery stones. But she proceeds along the shaky trail. The ground shakes like a small quake and she screams as she falls into the current of the roaring stream which rapidly takes her through several rapids; she fights to stay alive and suddenly she falls with the water as she plummets into a small lagoon lake. She hits the water with force that she hits the sandy bottom and quickly rises to the surface and swims to the red shore. With every fiber of her hardbod aching.she crawls toward a hollow mushroom and collaspses into a deep dreamless sleep.
Hours later..
Again she wakes up with shock as she finds herself disarmed and resting on a huge Geico like lizard. Again her wrists and ankles are bound she discovers. As she feels strange fingers squeeze her she reacts OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH as she squirms tenses under the hand of a new master. She looks up and sees glowing lustful eye shadow staring down at her and she feels its long tongue licking her. Nena murmurs "Who are you?"
"Night Nymphs Toy shutup."
As Nena tenses her body in defiance,the Nymph's hand keeps her anchor and the powerful hand reminds her of her place in this jungle. Nena gazes at the unfamiliar terrain,the strange carnivores having it out in a fight over whose the biggest in the jungle. The nymph pulls Nena closer to his saddle for he knows this hardbod mortal is his.
"Where are going Nymphs?" She asks as she tenses her bare ass under the Nymph's hand. She feels some powerful force she can't escape poessess her. Being toy she realizes these masters of the jungle like to show her whose in charge. OHHHH she murmurs as the Nymph strokes her back with his firm hand.
"What's your name Nynph?"
 "Nojo my lovely mortal."
"I see.Any hot plans for me since you rightfully captured me?"
Rojo doesn't answer he slaps her insteand and Nena giggles for it feels like a tickle as she gazes at the other nymph on his Geico whose keeping an eye on her...

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Enchanted Ruins

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse...the full moons and half moons hang like beautiful diamonds against a bright moonlit sky.
  Her world spins in various colors,the terrain changes from jungle to savannah to jungle to lake to savannah again. As Nena squirms and tenses under the Dark Beastman's hand she's actually relax on his huge saddle. She quickly notes that his zebralike steed is slowing down amidst the surreal color savannah which is vast between the erotic jungles and mountains. She trys to guess what direction the beastman is headed but the Toyverse plays with her mind which makes it difficult where he's going and worst she has no sense of time. She guesses time by the moonphases.
"You're soft and firm bitch," the mysterious beastman declares as she strokes her again with his powerful fingers. She shudders as she huge shadows near the mountains,shadows much larger than them both.
"Where are we?" Nena declares with persisant.
 "The Enchanted Savannah."
  She realizes the beatman is familiar with this part of the Toyverse. She senses his lustful strare as her small hardbod glows under the moonlight. At least this place beats earth,Nena thinks aloud.
With his powerful hand grasping her,she feels his zebralike steed change direction and head toward what at first appears to be vast openness. Another full moon rises upward on the horizon,its light temporily blinds her. She feels the steed gallup faster toward his destination. In someplace this vast which could be anywhere--
 The dark beastman kisses her cheek as she gazes down and sees a stream. She sees reflecrions of some ancient grey like abby. A ruin abbey. Not to big and to small. Around the surreal abbey are strange dark and red stones which rise up out of the ground. But still the sound of the steam or a waterfall makes her feel comfortable.
Moments later...
With her wrists bound her back,her nude hardbod glowing, she marches under the long sword of the dark beastman. "We're going to abbey darkie," Nena muses as her barefeet slushes in the wet grass. She looks back and sees a storm coming across the savannah. The dark beastman gently nudges her and Nena complys.
 They enter into the strange abbey. Nena notes the roof collapse long ago and whatever or whoever live her has long since disappeared. The dark beastman marchers her to strange crystal stone in the center of the abbey. He cuts her binds and shackles her wrists and ankles to the crystal stone; she giggles at the beastman's touch. Suddenly the crystal stone glows and Nena feels its warmth. At the sametime the beastman grabs her and embraces her. As she struggles against her shackles she welcomes his kisses and his hands running all over her.
You can keep me,Nena murmurs. Keep me as yours as long as you want...
The storm rolls in and both welcome the drenching sweet rain. Moments later the beastman frees her and she cuddles against him. Yet the dark beastman knows the sexy human wants to conquer the Toyverse which is impossible but the babe needs a kingdom of her own as he strokes her red hair.