Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dark Beastman

Somewhere in the erotic jungles of the Toyverse...
in an ancient adobe hut in the savage pixie village not far from the ocean like lake, Nena the Toy lays bound but covered by some magic lace sheet. Since their separation Nena speculates on the Warlock's fate but her own is now question. Laying calmly she sees varied shadows move in and out and the Witchdoctor Pixie who captured her mentions something of "a dark beatman who wants the babe toy." Since his tribe is forbidden to use her for sacrifice or food. Before being covered she did satisfy the witchdoctor and now she's going to be sold. She shutters the thought as she lay overed in a lace sheet which feels like spider silk.
 A hefty shadow enters--
"Here's the babe toy we've captured," she hears the Witchdoctor Pixie declare as he remove the sheet and she lays still. She feels the strong fingers of the dark beastman stroking and touching her. He says, "She's in fine condition I'll the bitch."
Nena gapes in awe as a small bag diamonds is bartered to the witchdoctor. The dark muscle beatman grabs her and tosses her bound body over his shoulder and he departs quietly under the moonlight. Moments later she rests over his huge saddle on his Zebra like steed,OHHHH she moans as his strong fingers squeeze her and keep her anchor as his steed departs the village. She couldn't guess what her new owner wants of her but all she can do is think of escape. But not now.She feels his zebra like steed gallup back toward the vast lake. Upon reaching the shore he removes a black lace rag and gags her mouth.
Nena now rests bound and subdued. The strange dark beastman reasserts his control over her as she lay helpless over his saddle. She gazes at the beauty of the erotic jungle which from time has provided her cover wheneven she finds herself alone and frequently on the run. Her eyes grow wide when a snake like head emerges from the lake and snatches its prey from the shore. She feels the steed slow down and the dark beastman strokes her back as she remains tense with fear. Fear of the unknown and fear what the beastman has planned for her.
She figures she would rather be captured than being a dinner for savages or carnivores alike...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Romance among the stones

Deep in the Toyverse...
Gin land his steed amdist  quasi rose patch near a vast glowing ebony lake which shimmer under the under the moonlight. Gin place Nena on her barefeeet and he retited her wrists behind her back and she didn't resist at all. She understood her role. She stood close to Gin as Nena gazes at the surreal strange Stonehenge stones which dotted the landscape. Still she knows that they're not out of the jungle yet for they're on the edge of Land of the Giants and a troll or a dwarf could capture them both and sell them for their own toys at their whim. She lets him slide a leash around her neck and Nena follows behind him as she let's Gin take the leave. Gin senses she restless and has been since they had been in the Land of the Giants which had been a few days ago.
They arrive at the surreal Stonehenge stones which dot the landscaspe around the ocean size lake. They didn't speculate what lay beyond the lake. Gin gently jolts her leash and Nena remains behind him. She's his toy and he treats her anyway he wants.
"Beautiful world."
"Don't let the looks deceive you. Danger lurks all around here."
 Gin leads his toy Nena into a quasi-patch of large orange roses. They hear the water lapse against the shore Gin pulls Nena around,removes her leash and cut her bonds. He lays her buxem bod down in the sweet smelling roses and she succumbs to Gin lips and hands as he strokes her,pulls her close like a madman. She gasps as his lips run all over her. She murmurs "I could never get this on earth." A few hours later they lay in the rose patch thinking they're alone.
Yet something is there watching them.
As Nena crawls ontop of Gin and kisses him again,suddenly a primitive tribe of Pixies surround. The powerful pixies immediately them as their hostages. A witchdoctor Pixie binds Nena wrists behind her hack and he takes her as his own. The couple marches with the strange tribe Gin figures they want Nena not him but their thoughts are confusing.
For now they march away from the lake; Nena could only guess their fate as the Pixie witchdoctor throws her over his shoulder and takes her deeper into the erotic jungle.

Land of the Giants

Somewhere deep in the Toyverse...
Under a real huge dinolike skeleton,Nena layed on the ground tied to one of the huge bones. She stares at fires which Warlock Gin made for the both of them. With Gin's kisses fresh on her lips,her cheeks she's contented as she gazes around the new terrain. Above she sees garguan shadows which dwarf her and Gin both. Since her ankles aren't tied she moves her legs as she stares around she knows that being in this land is only tempory. But the strange dinoskeletons give her clues that she's in a world for older than earth. At the sametime she's learn her limits being a toy. She equates toy akin to being a slave. But given her bad relationships,breakups on earth this world fairs better than her previous one.
Under the twilight her redhair glows as does her fine hardbod. She feels wind blow lace with sweet nector. A BOOM! of thunder in the short distance tells her the tropical like rain is coming. She trys to sleep but the howling wind makes it impossible and the Warlock has disappeared in smoke to get them food.
 POOF! he reappears above her. She stares at him. "What took you so long handsome."
Gin blushes and giggles at her compliment. "You humans are funny." He states as he sits with her; she feels his knife cut her bonds. "You trust me not to escape you?" She asks casually.
"Let warn you giants do roam this land: carnivores.But trolls,dwarfs which could snatch us up and sell us at their bidding."
They let the rain fall and he lets Nena lay in his lap. He strokes her hair as she falls asleep after eating her banana like fruit. Gin stands watch for there's more to his toy than he realizes. Gin gently lays on her side and the two cuddle. For cuddling is survival. He smells Nena sweet skin as well.
Hours later...
After the storm passes,Nena is up before Gin and surveying the terrain. She gazes at the broken grassblades and heavyset footprints. The warlock reappears with her and tells to her stay as  he finds a wing steed to get them out of this land. She whispers "You were good last night."
Gin blushes and disappears. Seconds later he reappears on a strange beautiful horsefly. Gin pulls Nena up and she sits behind him. "I suspect the dwarfs and trolls are on our scent."
 "You're guick learner Nena of Earth."
She kisses his shoulder and she feels the wind whip her hair as Warlock Gin navigates his way above the treacherous Land of the Giants.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Land of Giant Skeletons

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse
 She didn't question him.
 With his powerful hand resting on her buxem bare ass Nena could imagine where Warlock Gin is taking her. She rests on a nine leg arachnid. She squirms and tenses her bod under his powerful hands as Gin navs the erotic jungle. She's his and she feels more like his personal slave. She figures that what toy is in this world. She gazes around notices a the jungle terrain change as the nine legged spider lumbers out of the jungle. She gapes when she sees giant skeleton stuck in the mud,she notices they're many skeletons dotting the landscape.
"Where are we my master?" She inquires gently.
Gin doesn't answer as he strokes her back,plays with her red hair.The canopy of trees changes to large mushrooms,grassblades. She shudders when she sees a huge spider web and the spider eats his capture prey in the web.
Nena knows she can't escape. Gin is to powerful and she's at his mercy. She says, "You're such a terrific kisser.Let me guess you have plans to tie me up." She giggles at the notion as his arachnid passes under one the giant skeleton he decides to stop. He quickly puts Nena back on her barefeet and he retires her wrists behind her back and places his silk gag over her mouth. She bites it as she marches under his guard; she moves slowly as she does she feels his fingers in her hair as she marches along trail dotted by giant grass blands and mushrooms. The trail feels surreal. Gin pushes Nena forward gently and she abides for she knows she can't escape him. As she follows the strange trail she hears a SHHHHHHHHHHHH of a running stream drawing close.
They reach the shoreline of the stream and she collaspes. Nena lets Gin toss her over his shoulder and he crosses effortsly and he decides to carry her for the rest of the way. OHHHHH Nena moans as she fells hia hand squeeze her and she tenses her hardbod as she rests over his shoulder. She doesn't know what lingers beyond the skeletons or the grassblades. She suspects something real huge for this forest makes her feel small.
She knows Gin is smiling as he holds onto her. A meek mortal like her is an easy conquest but Nena wonders if she could cut a deal with him. But that's going to have to wait.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nena the Concubine

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse...
In a dandelion patch she lays on the top of the Something which resembles a reptile, Nena kisses and  grasps the Something; she reaches down and picks up a fig and feeds him. She sits up with a grin on her face as she gazes around. Seconds later the Something conlvuses like crazy and bounces Nena off. She relaxes on the ground and watches her master conlvose like crazy and then he stops. A dead stop. Nena rises up and checks for a pulse. No pulse. The Something is dead and she sighs with relief that her small plan work. Above she sees the strange reptile buzzards ciricling when one lands on its corpse and picks its body, Nena returns the erotic jungle.
 She knows she's really lost as she follows an unknown wet neon trail. A trail fraught with some difficulty but Nena doesn't care-she's glad to be free of the Something. Nena manages to reach a vast rivershore. She stops to look up at the sky and sees the beautiful moons and rushing dark clouds which tells her a storm is coming. Unexpectly out of nowhere a crabspider emerges from the sand and EEEEEE Nena screams. The crabspider rushes toward as Nena runs from it. She isn't going to a morsel for rhia monster; she runs as fast as she could and the strange spidercrab catches up until Nena reaches waterfall. Right when its huge claw snaps at Nena she falls off the edge of the waterfall and plunges into a small lake.
 Nena sees a sharklike fish head directly toward her and she pushes herself to the surface. The sharkfish pursues her to the shore. Exhausted she collaspes on the shore just as a drenching rain falls. She catches her breath rises up as she welcomes the rain. She gazes around for shelter from the rain within the erotic jungle. As a toy she knows she's being hunted. She finds a hollowed out sweet smelling log.she crawls into it and falls asleep.
 Hours later...
 She wakes up from her fitful sleep and stretches her arms. She has no idea where she is as she gazes around the neon erotic jungle. She finds some strange edible fruit and she continues to follow a new trail. She stops to look for more food when she feels a hand clasp her mouth and another her firm hardbod. She hears the words "Bound the earth mortal." Within moments the beastie shadows bound her and she toss over over a strange power shoulder; the two beastmen move quickly with their rare human prize. EEEEEEE she screams as the beastmen come to their master the Warlock Gin.
 Gin takes Nena into his powerful hands and lays her on his mothwasp. "I now have the famous Nena of Earth."
 UH-OH,she murmurs as she feels his hand resting her on her bare ass and keeping her close on his stead. She feels his wasp steed rise into the dark sky..whoever this Warlock Gin is he knows about her. She watches the jungle fade as his wasp goes higher and her nude buxem ass feels rain hitting her once again.
 "Gin whoever you are now that I'm yours where are you taking me?" She demands as she feels his hand squeeze her. "QUIET MY NENA OF EARTH,MY CONCUBINE."
At the word "Concubine" her hardbod tenses as she feels the wind whip her glowing redhair as she stares blankly at the clounds.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Something on the Move

Deep in the erotic Toyverse jungle...
Nena the Toy tenses her buxem hardbod as she rests on a strange spider lizard as Something keeps here anchor close to him. She doesn't know how long she slept for days and night blur in time and with no sense of time she doesn't know how long she's been the Something's Toy. She rests soaken wet from a drenching rain which she had slept through. She feels the Something's cool hand roam her cury back as she tenses her bod reaction to his touch. An overwhelming sense of helplessness paralyzizes her as she gazes at the beautiful jungle. She demands "DEVIL WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME!"
The creature doesn't reply except he kisses her wet cheek as she remains tense on his steed. She feels his fingers squeezing her bare ass again. OHHHHH She moans to his satitisfaction for his powerful fingers remain in place keeping her close to him. To makes matter worst,Nena feels the bolas weigh her ankles down. She recalls she try to escape him but he caught up with her they fought and with his fist knock her out. Again she finds herself bound property,a bound concubine to satisfy  her master at moments whim. Still she doesn't have any clues where the Something is taking her. She feels the day morph to twilight with the rising of the beautiful moon.
HIs spider lizard stops.
The Something grabs Nena and throws her over his shoulder.She tenses upon the touch of his huge fingers as he again navigates an unknown trail. Oddly this trail is devoid of animal crys and feels creepy to her. "Where are you taking me you fiend," Nena moans as he feels his fingers clutching her small buxem hardbod. The Something never answers. As he navs the trail. All she does is stare blankly around the neon jungle as he enters down into small valley. Her wet hair droop over her face  as the Something retosses her over his shoulder. She can't get over his incredible strength.she tenses her hardbod for hm to remind him she still alive. She gasps at the beauty of the jungle as the Something remains on his quest with her. She consented with him long ago it seems in a flower patch near a trail. She beg not to bind her but he didn't listen to her then and when she escaped she made it worst for herself.
Still bound she feels the Something stop and back her against a huge wet tree.Under the twilight moonlight she feels his hands and lips kiss her. She returns his kiss with a hard one on his lips. After the short strange makeout he tosses Nena back over his shoulder and continues unabated with his helpless bound Nena over his shoulder. "OHHH Something you're good," she declares as he navigates the trail with his human conquest.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Something

Deep in the erotic Toyverse...
The Something made his move in the beastking's lair.
A cool hand clasp Nena over her mouth and she gazes in awe letting the Something grab her off the bed. Seconds later the Something tosses a struggling Nena over his shoulder and he escapes with the toy under the moon. He junps a small veranda and rushes back into erotic jungle. In the shadows of the lair Nena suddenly stands on her barefeet as she lets the Something retie her wrists behind her back. She takes the ritiial of hand tied behind her back since she's the toy as being owned or poessess by her alien masters. For a moment she stands as the Something kisses her for she consends to he his. The Something forces marches his curvy buxem prize along the trail away from the beast king. Nena glances at the red eye Something, She can't make out what the creature it is except his hands are like claws. As Nena marches on a wet grass trail, she feels the powerful Something breaking on her back and trys to make conversation. "Where are we going?"
She doesn't hear a reply as she follows the trail obediently. In size the Something dwarfs her small 5ft frame. She hears a loud boom of thunder before she sees a bright flash of lightening striking a tree. They stop as the tree falls in front of them. She feels Something grab her and toss her over his shoulder without telling her why. The Something navs over the tree and onto the wet path as she gazes blankly through the rain. The BeastKing's lair feels so far away now and she misses the warmth and safety of his lair but she realizes here in the Toyverse she's never safe.
She squirms and tenses as the Something tightens its grip on her as she feels the hard sweet rain fall on her as the Something strolls through the jungle and she has no idea where and why the creature wants her.But as a toy she doesn't have say she's property.
"WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME DEVIL!"  she shouts aloud as the Something moves deeper into the Toyverse with his redhaird human prize. She doen't have to know for the Something doesn't have to tell her.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Beast King On the Charge

Somewhere in the Toyverse jungle...
 Moments later Nena the Toy now lays bound on his huge mothbat under the strange King Beast's hand. The bolas are tied tight on her wrists and ankles as she lays close to the King as his new property. Under a cloudless sky she stares at the twilight moon but can't shake that sense that another creature is in pursuit of her. Nena trys to make conversation with the King Beastman who goes by the name of Xarc. As his property she knows she's a slave of somesort but below the erotic jungle terrain dotted with lakes and rivers. She gazes blankly ahead as Xarc flys more into the Ownverse with her. She feels his huge hand wrap around her small bare ass. She feels his strong fingers gently squeeze her...
OHHHHHHH she moans aloud as Xarc takes delight in her response. She gazes blankly at the heavens wondering her fate. With no sense of time she has no idea how long she's been in the Toyverse. It could be weeks or a year but she's can't grasp the sense of having no time. "Where are we going?"
"My lair human slave."
"I see." Nena states as she gazes blankly at the heavens. "Bet it's in the jungle."
 "It is Nena of Earth."
It isn't long before Xarc's mothbat dips and it circles around a small area of connected lakes. Nena gapes at  its beauty as she lays on his mothbat. She's in disbelief that she could be given as a gift but she figures a toy babe like herself has no rights in the jungle. The mothbat gently lands in area near two glowing lakes.
Moments later King Xarc tosses his bound babe over his shoulder. His powerful fingers clutching Nena as if he own's her. She feels Xarc navigating a path but still she can't shake the sense that some creature is stalking her waiting to take her at its whim. OHHHHH she moans agains as she feels Xarc's strong hand stroking her. She squirms and tenses at his touch as he transverses nautral stone path across a bog. She surveys the two lakes wondering if she could escape but with whatever is stalking her would catch her.
 He steps with her into his stone lair and lays his bound buxem toy on his bed; she struggles but Xarc takes her in his arms and embraces her. OHHHHHH keep me as yours,she murmurs. Letting his hands run all over her..
 As she falls asleep she can't help sense the presence of the creature called the Something who plans to make her his sometime later in the night...

Under a Twilight Moon

Somewhere in the Toyverse
For her it feel likes hours,,,as the twilight moon rises,her beastman captor cuts her bonds from the pole. Immediately Nena feels his powerful fingers clasp her wrists behind her back and reties them with his bola. She struggles as she feels one hand on her shoulder and the other on her wrists as he forces marches her away from their small camp. She realizes her hair has change color brown to bright red and she suspects a fig he gave her had something to with  it.
 "What's your name if you have one." Nena asks gently as her barefeet feels the smooth cool grass beneath her feet.
 "Zird,Toy." The beastman replies as he maintains his grip on her. "HMMM you smell good."
"Let go of me Zird I'm not going  to run away from you."
They stop on the cool grass trail in the surreal jungle. Nena sees shafts of moonlight break through the jungle along with strange reptilian shadows. She feels Zird jab her with his small club; Nena didn't like the fact she's on five feet tall in this world as compared to Zird who stands eight feet she esitmates as she doesn't deviate from the trail. She stands curvy erect as she walks and she feels Zird jab her again and she changes direction down another trail. They hear a roaring stream as they follow the new grass trail. She stops and she lets Zird stroke her shoulder length redhair; as she looks around the erotic jungle. She grips his strange small oval bolas--still she has no clue where Zird is leading her as they draw closer to the stream. As she gazes at the grass path it's well worn and the stream cuts the path equeally in half. Strangely they hear no bone chilling crys of the reptiles but Nena senses other eyes are watching her. This part of the jungle feels eerie.Ominiouw. She quips "Zird get me away from here!"
He jabs her again and she marches obiendtly across the small stream; like a huge shadow Zird drifts beside her keeps her arm around her snall buxem hardbod. He grips her tightly as they and Nena doesn't think about escaping him. For now it's the two of them. Yet still Nena can't shake the sense something has been watching them both but what or whom she doesn't know. Someone wants me,Nena thinks as the couple moves quickly along the trail.
 The night feels long...
 "Bow your head," Zird orders.
 Nena does so as she feels him jab her back again. "Stop."
 She does so. She senses the present of another beastman. She hears his voice."Zird you found the babe toy.Our king will like her."
UH-OH Nena murmurs as she realizes she's going to be a gift to their higher power.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Beastman Charge

Somewhere in the Toyverse
 With his firm fingers upon her Nena gapes as she realizes she'd been captured by a beastman. She struggles under his powerful fingers as she stares blankly at the swirling terrain. His leapoard steed is in a gallup and he's determine to get to his destination whatever it is. She feels her swirl under the gallup but the hand makes her feel helpless as she tenses her buxem hardbod. He kisses her cheek and the mysterious beastman claims her as his toy. Nena remains quiet for her survival. He knows she's from earth and here she's priceless for she's from earth. She licks her lips as anticipates her encounter what ever it is.
 "Who are you? How did you find me?" Nena mumbles as she feels his hand gently squeeze her bare ass. She doesn't get answer as her owner focuses on his steed and the desination ahead. She gapes at the strange surreal water savannah as he gallups toward the jungle. She feels once again the powerful beastman's hand moving her closer to his saddle as she grips the mane; the dark jungle draws closer as she gazes toward it. She figures the creature is going to sell her off at this point for a human like her is priceless. Being priceless is something she hasn't adjust to yet.
 She feels his leopard steed ride up a small hill and they emerge in the mysterious dark jungle. Strange shapes make her shudder especially the tentacles that swirl around them but her owner knows how ride between them. Soon they're out of the tentacle and in the more quiet part of the jungle.
HEHEHEHE the Beastman laughs as he strokes her curvy bareback. Satisfied that he capture her single handed. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE she screams helplessly. In this jungle no one hears her scream except for others who want her.
The beastman changes trails and finds a small clearing. Once he gets Nena off his steed,he ties her wrists and ankles to a single slim tree. All Nena can do is stare at her captor as she struggles against her bonds. The beastman tames her with his kiss and she says, "Free me I'll give you what you want."
"DON'T MAKE DEMANDS HUMAN!" he yells at her. "I do what I want with you toy."
Nena stands silent. He'll come around she thinks.
For now Nena stares at the warm fires and gazes at the strange surreal shadows of the Toyverse jungle. Yet to her it's a jumgle she wants to conquer..

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Creature in the Cave

Deep in the erotic Toyverse jungle...
with her wrists bound behind her back,Nena marches between the two Insectmen who control her. The two bugmen haven't give her a clue where she's being taken too. She learns as a toy she doesn't have much say about her fate which frustrates her. Walking under an armed staff she could only guess where they're taking her since she couldn't make conversation with them but they couldn't keep their handclaws nor bug eyes off her bare ass. Which suited her just fine. Again she hears the roar of thunder and she smells a coming rain. Gently one of the bugmen as she calls them steers her down a different path. The wind whips the jungle trees and the dark clouds move fast above her--the coming rain smells strong as they lead her in a dark shaded jungle. She feels a cool breeze coming from somewhere in front of her--moments later they lead her into a wet cavern. For several meters she follows the two bugmen for she has no choice nor say in her fate.
"You have the human toy from earth?" A voice booms in the surreal darkness.
  "We do."
"Let me have her," the mysterious voice echoes.
The two bugmen lead Nena closer to the darkness...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee she screams as a long tentacle gently wraps her and pulls her into darkness. She feels the end tentacle pop off her wrist bonds as she struggles against strange force that has her. She sees his human like eyes and is intrigue as she relaxes her body and the tentacle pulls her closer. "What are you?" she murmurs.
The creature doesn't respond instead it lays on the wet grass. She sees an exit out a few meters from her. The creature moves its slim head closer and she lets it caress her with its soft lips as she let its strange tenticles wrap around her; she reacts by moving her legs. She doesn't escape,she and the creature interact her lips caressing his strange skin. She feels her body rise and being lowered she loses time lost in the strange ecstasy. Exhausted she falls asleep her mind fill with psychedelic images that didn't make sense--
 Nena wakes up and its all over. She quietly escapes out the cave back into the erotic jungle..her freedom is short live. A club bangs her head and she passes out. Nena wakes up again and finds herself on a leapoard steed feeling a powerful hand of a beastman as he gallups off with her as his rare human booty...NOOO she moans helplessly...

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Insectmen in the Night

Deep in the Toyverse...
Nena manage to slip out of her bonds and quietly slip away from  the ghouls. Confuse by the glowing trails,erotic jungle, she follows a wet trail that leads her away from the ghouls. Already other eyes are stalking her and she's unaware they're watching,,waiting to grab the buxem toy. As the rain falls heavily she takes a turn off the trail. Already the eerie blood curtling sounds sends fear down her spine as she trys to find shelter from the nector rain.
 She makes a mistake and wades through a vast stream across to another shore. She follows a strange path and that's when the Insectmen appear. Immediately Nena surrenders,the creatures for her to her knees and her wrists are forced behind back and are bound. Once on her barefeet,she's trapped between them as they march their human prize down a wet path. Nena shidders what these strange bugmen have planned for her; she notices two wasps are waiting and one of the insectmen grabs her with clawhand and escorts her to his steed. Seconds later she lays helpless near the strange insectman who lays claim to her. She gasps as she feels his clawhand keeping her anchored down as his steed rides into the beautiful heavens. OHHHHHHH she moans as she feels her bare ass being gently squeeze. It feels like a strong pinch as she struggles under his powerful handclaw.
"WHAT DO WANT OF ME?" Nena screams as the she squirms under the powerful handclaw. Agains she feels an overwhelming helplessness as her captors fly off somewhere with her. She feels like the only human in this world and she's at their mercy. She gasps as the handclaw gently strokes her back as if she's pet. Her squirming subsides as she feels sleep overtake her and the wind whipping her hair.
Moments later..
She wakes up with a startle as she now rests bound over one of the Insectmen's shoulder. She squirms but the clawhand keeps her in place as she stares blankly at the jungle trees. A sweet aroma hits her nostrils as she lets the second Insectman stroke her hair. They're infatutiated over her. Still it's a mystery where they're taking her as she welcomes sunshine upon her bare buxem hardbod....

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ghoul Orgy

Deep in the Toyverse..
wirh her wrist tied behind her buxem hardbod,a gag her mouth,the mad ghoul forces Nena to march down an unknown trail. Under the rays of the Toyverse moons the eccentric mad ghoul lick his lips as she stroll down the trail. Moments later the they reach a levee riverbank and the ghoul prods her with his staff sword to change director and Nena the Toy does so. She shivers what lays at the end of trail: she can't help but think death but she shakes the thought off as she strolls underguard in the jungle.
 "STOP!!" the ghoul yells and she does so. She feels her gag being gently pulled off. She asks, "Where we going my great lover?"
 "An orgy."
 "Sounds fun ghoulie," Nena declaires.
 The unnamed mad ghoul marches her forward his eyes admiring every curve of this rare human from the stars. Nena stops confused at a cross fork trail. Gently placing his hand upon her shoulder and he steers her down the left trail. The wind whips her hair and Nena smells a coming rain. As the sweet rain falls Nena welcomes it as her barefeet slushes in the mud,she feel the water trickle through her toes.
 Moments later...
 They enter into  some ruins made up of surreal busts some broken by the time. Beside this bust ruin village she sees the river vast and wide. The mad ghoul marches into the center of the busts.
 "I have the human toy," he announces.
 Before Nena could gasp another powerful grabs her and throws her over his shoulder. OHHHHH she echoes as she feels a handclaw grip her tightly as it runs with her into an unknown part of the bust village. Momenst later she struggles as many ghould hands bind her to stakes cross eagle. She struggles in the grass as the several ghouls bang her...she welcomes the exchange as another srorm rolls in drenching her in heavy rain.
For now she's their property but she knows they're others in the Toyverse who desire her..for now she enjoys the ghoul kisses and touch which feels like a man's touch to her.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ghoul on the Charge

Surreal plains of the Toyverse...
Nena made a break from the crazy ghoul at a smaoll oasis. She runs as far as she can when she gets halfway close to the erotic jungle, she's jump by the mad ghoul. She screams NOOOOOOOOOO as she feels his powerful hands quickly pin her down. Seconds later she's bound and gag by her captor and is toss over his shoulder. She struggles and squirms with him as she returns to his leopard horse. She regrest escaping the ghoul. She would rather be a morsel for a carnivore plant than be a ghoul's toy; he lays her extremely close to his saddle and she feels his hand squeeze her. He whispers in her ear: "Don't escape me again Toy your mine!"
Nena nods her head as the ghoul turns his steed and heads back on a his destined path. With his strong finger on her bare ass she no choice,she feels his steed gallup faster as her world spins in surreal colors. One side is jungle and the other looks like a mountain range which dwarves Rockies and the Alps. She squirms as he squeezes her again she took the squeeze as showing a form of affection.
 The mountain range comes closer as the ghoul heads into a small patch of jungle and in the distance she sees a strange mound. The mound comes closer with each gallup and she shudders what the mad ghoul has plan for her. As they disappear into the mound. She wonders if this mad creature is magic or something; he snaps his fingers near her ear and she falls asleep...
Moments later..
She wakes up shackle spread eagle on some weird tablet stone and she sees the ghoul licking his lips as he comes closer. She trys to fight him but the ghould has the upper hand as she feels his lips on her neck and his hands touching her madly. She screams in delight and murmurs more from the ghoul as she feels the tablet stone working its magic on her. She asks "What do you want with me?"
 The ghoul doesn't respond as he conquers her aggressively--Nena welcomes his conquest of her as she trys to break free. But she consends with the ghoul which owns her now. She has a brief thought flash: the ghoul is going to auction her off to some bidders in the his toy she doesn't have a say whom she wished to be bidded too...for now she murmurs "More,More."