Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mad Ghoul

Deep in the Toyverse..
 After sex with the tired musclenoids, Nena makes a break for the erotic jungle away from them. She runs as hard as she could into a hard sweet rain and she slips down a ravine and gets herself caught in a huge flood from an unknown stream. She pops her head up and she lets her hardbod follow the flood current. As the rain peters out so does the flood and Nena is washed up on some bizarre island in the middle of an unknown river. She falls asleep in the soft mud and dreams; hours pass like a few minutes for she wakes up and gazes around the vast river. She sees a shadows of water reptiles eating thier prey,she turns away and focuses on the island she find herself marooned on. She stands up and she follows a trail through a surreal mushroom and sunflower patch. She stops and stretches her perfect limbs she didn't realize she step into a trap-
 The trap takes the form of live vines that wrap around her and pull her up. A hungry sunflower clutches her as its mouth opens. She thinks its the end as she struggles and below she hears a haunting laughter of an unknown creature. It orders aggressively "Lower this sexy toy you found or I'll burn you."
 The sunflower drops Nena in front of the creature who turns out to be a hideous fanged ghoul who looks at her with affection. The ghoul quickly raises Nena to her barefeet. "Ah a mere mortal I can control." She gapes as the ghould binds her wrists and ankles. He tosses her over his shoulder and crosses from the island back to land via land bridge. The ghoul takes delight as he lets the buxem girl  squirm and fight over his shoulder. He reaches his leapord horse and orders Nena to stand in front of it. Once on his horse the ghoul prods her with his steed and Nena marches blankly ahead like slave toward an open plain. She asks "How did you hear of me?"
The ghoul licks his lips as she marches seductively in front of him. She feels the Toyverse pulling at her and she states "You want me out of lust.I'm ok with that." She muses as her nude hardbod glows under the moon,she feels the dirt of the plain under her barefeet; she looks back at the ghoul he has a certain madness in his eyes and she shudders. She tells the ghoul: "We consent with each other you can do what with me."
 "I know."
  Once upon on the plains she marches and stares at the giant shadows and she can't predict what this strange ghoul has plan for her.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bandit's Captive

Deep in the Toyverse Jungle...
Ram quickly gathers a bound Nena over his shoulder and the two musclenoids head into the quiet erotic jungle. As she gazes at large jungle leaves and the strange beautiful sky a sense of helplness overwhelms her. As the large mucle fingers grip her firmly Nena the toy moans as her captors as she calls them venture deeper into the jungle.
"Where are we going? Where are you taking me you brutes?" She demands.
 The two musclenoids don't answer her questions they move forward with her on their strange,mad quest with her. As a soothing nector mist settles in the erotic jungle,the mist gives the musclenoids cover as they quickly cover their tracks as Nena squirms helplessly. She feels Ram's finger gently squeeze her and she reacts AHHHHHOHHH as she feels his muscle fingers clutch her in delight as they follow a bizarre stone trail that leads toward a broken bust cover in jungle leaves.
 The more she squirms,the more Ram's grip tightens over her. He likes to feel the her skin she realizes.
 Dixxy from the mist,Nena is quickly tied between to posts; she sways as she feels their hands roaming all over her. She feels their lips,thier strange touch, as she screams and calms down. "She taste's good," she hears Rom as he puls her closer and she feels Ram ar the sametime. OH WOW these dudes as good! she thinks as calms down and lets them devour her with her lips and hands. She feels their haind strokes her hair as their kissing continues. Exhausted she states"I consent myself to you my master whatevers..." she droops her and Rom and Ram take this as her submission to them.
 A few hours later...
 With her wrist bound behind her nude buxem hardhod,Nena marches between Rom and Ram. Away from the strange bust. Again chilling jungle crys make her shiver as she marches and huge reptile like shadows past quickly through the jungle,she could only imagine what carnivores would eat her in this jungle.
"Where are we going?" She asks.
Rom and Ram don't tell her as she follows them deeper into the weird Toyverse; all she knows she's their toy to play with and their play she likes for now.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bandit's Delight

Deep in the Toyverse
Now they're two.
Under Rom's firm hand on his Cheetah horse,Nena stirs awake from her strange erotic dream. She doesn't recall to much details but that didn't matter. As she squirm,her body soaken wet from a hard nector rain,she shivers from the wind. "Where are we.." She murmurs softly as she feels the strange musclenoid Rom stroke her. Then another musclenoid on a Cheetah horse appears and locks eyes at Nena who licks her lips.
 "You got the toy," the other musclenoid states as he rides closer. She gazes upward as the other musclenoid strokes her hair and kisses her on her cheek. "Tasty," he remarks and introduces himself as Ram.
 As Nena squirms under Rom'a powerful hand,he orders Ram: "Have the boat ready by the river."
Ram eagerly gallups off.Rom follows behind him and Nena senses these two musclenoids have plans for her. She didn't ask why either for she like surprises and this new world has surprise her already. At least the musclenoids are semi-human she can relate with them.
 Rom follows a trail out into the clearing and reaches a surreal levee. She hears the roar of the huge river below. Quickly Rom gallups down and meets with up Ram. Before she's lifted off the horse Ram binds her ankles with lace bolas. Seconds later Ram grab her and throws her over his shoulder. Rom and Ram then take her wrap her in fishnet. She gasp as Rom's powerful foot plops itself in front of her. The mauraders didn't waste time as they push away from the shore.
Again the creatures of jungle send chills down her spine as she hears their roars. She sees some bag of gold with an imperial mark. She figures now she's was taken by a bandit. She can't help wonder if the high priest of Shadro is looking for her too. She hears sounds like bumps hit the boat as it went up or down the river. She gaze up at the large erotic jungle trees,she sees a moon to try to grasp their sense of direction.
 Moments later..
she feels the boat being pull ashore and minutes later she stands and she feels her ankle binds being cut and Ram places a small ball gag in her mouth. Nena feels like captive more than a toy. The two gleeful msuclenoids for her hetween them and they march into unfamiliar erotic jungle. She figures now her flowerpatch is out of the question..she's being taken somewhere else.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Musclenoid on the Charge

Somewhere in the Toyverse jungle
Nena struggles against her binds as she wrestles to get free from the two poles which the Musclenoid tied her too. The carnivorious roars send chills down her spine as she waits for the noid to return. She gazes around and suddenly she sees the noid reappear on his cheetah horse. He rides up to her,gets out, she squeels as he retires her wrists behind her back and he rests her over his huge saddle. She squirms as the Musclenoid binds her ankles with heavy bolas. She feels like his property as she struggles; he climbs on his steed and she feels his strong hand anchoring her down on his huge saddle. The mysterious musclenoid gently squeezes Nena who murmurs AHHHHHHH to his touch and demands "Where are we going?"
 The musclenoid kisses her cheek as Nena the toy stares blankly at the surreal colors. She finds this better than being a morsel to the creature Shadro. Her small buxem hardhod tingles and tenses under the strength of her new master's hand. AHHHHHHHHH she squeals as she squirms under the Musclenoid's hand.
 "What's your name?" Nena asks as she looks up at him. "You're cute."
  He doesn't respond except he squeezes her firm buns again AHHHH she squeals aloud as his cheetah horse gallups at light speed. She feels the wold spinning like a wild kalidescope. She feels his lips on her back. She relaxes.
 "Rom" The Musclenoid states, "And Nena the toy you belong to me."
  "Understood Rom." She pauses. "FInd me a flower patch somewhere in the beautiful jungle and make love to me."
 "I will my toy,"
  She doesn't know where that patch is but she sees another storm coming on the horizon. She feels the sweet nector rain and welcomes it...

Nena the Sacrifice

In  the erotic Toyverse...
After the intense makeout with the White Beastman she lays on her back staring at the light filling the room. As she hears the White Beastman snores,Nena sees an opportunity to escapes.
 She rises to her feet and tip toes to the veranda she catches her breath as she grasp the ancient stone railing. She glances around and she takes the leap from the veranda. She lands on the wet grass but she discovers her new body isn't broken. Quickly she runs into the unfamiliar erotic jungle. With no deep sense of time Nena makes her way down slowly down an unknown path. The new world scares and fascinates her at the sametime. As she navigates the wet glowing trail which has neon flora and Fiona she feels she escape the White Beastman. Still she senses that she's being hunted and stalk as she follows the trail which leads down toward a waterfall. She stops at the edge of the waterfall and stares at the moon of her new world.
 Then something shoves her off the waterfall. She falls down a huge cliff and plummets into the water of a small lake. She sees some surreal shark with large teeth and quickly she reaches the shore. With her muscles aching,her mind confused, she crawls under a surreal rock and drifts asleep. A few hours later she wakes up and crawls out of the rock; she looks  up and see unfriendly creatures of varied sorts from beastmen to lizardmen. One of the them orders "Get her!"
 Nena shives as shes risen to her feet and one of the lizardmen licks his lips as she feels her wrists being retied behind her back. One of the beasties takes his sword and he slices off her sling bikini. Oh-uh she murmurs softly as the cadre marches off with her. Nena now nude feels helpless as she marches with her captors. She asks "Who are you jerks?"
 "We represent the Cult of Shadro and you're out sacrifice human."
  She doesn't say anything as  lizardman's hand rests on her shoulder. Nena continues to make conversation. "You captured a toy you know. You don't have to sacrifice me to some crazy god of yours." With that she feels a claw penetrate her skin,quickly she goes dizzy and falls asleep again. She feels the lizardman toss her over his shoulder and his cold claws lock around her bronze thighs.

Hours later...
she wakes on a tablet facing a huge dark water abyss. She sees something glowing but she isn't sure if its alive or not. One of the robe high priests kisses her lips and her forehead. She shivers as his powerful fingers stroke her buxem hardbody. The priest says "Maybe we should keep Nena the toy for our carnile pleasure."
 The high priestess shouts "No,we throw human to the Shadro. He's hungry for a human." She pauses direct her gaze toward two of her subs "Throw her!"
 Nena shutters as the two powerful cloak figures throw her into the water. She plummets quickly as she struggles to free herself and she sees huge squid with many eyes intent on her devouring her. As she she sinks toward it a powerful hand grabs her ankle and suddenly she feels herself being transported away from Shadro. Whoever save her is powerful she realizes.

Moments later..
she wakes up under the hand of a strange musclenoid. She liplocks with him for saving her life. "Rise toy you're mine." Now with her wrists bound her back again the mysterious musclenoid marches Nena back into the wild unknown erotic jungle of the Toyverse. She stops and she lets him stroke her curves of her hardbod...she doesn't know if this musclenoid is friend or foe.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Nena on a Leash

Somewhere in the Toyverse
 As she lays on her chest on his strage spider steed,Nena squeels OHHHHH as she feels the mysterious White Beastman squeeze her and stroke her. A torrentental downpour rain falls and Nena welcomes the tangy rain on her lips. She has no sense of time in this new world. As his arachnid stops briefly she feels the white beastman kiss her back and cheek. His lips feel human as she looks around.
"Where are you taking me?" She demands as she feels the beastman pull her closer to his saddle. Again she gazes around the Toyverse jungle. Its eroticness has a way of turning her om. Already she loves this new world already--she speculates its been days since she's been sold to the White Beastman who hasn't told her his name yet. She looks down at his poutch and she sees a leash. She feels the rain pound her as she feels his hand stroke. She senses this beastman must like humans very much. "Sleep my pretty sleep." The white beastman whispers in her ear. Seconds later she falls asleep her mind spinning with pyschodelic erotic dreams.
 Hours later...
 With the leash around her neck,her wrists bound behind her back,the White beastman now leads her down a stone trail. She hears waterfalls around her and screams of unknown carnivores devouring their food. She stands erect as she follows her beastie master toward what appears a cone sticking up out of a pond...
 He leads Nena close to him and locks his hand around her waste again. She looks up again at him. "Where are we white beastie?"
 Suddenly he says some magic words and the cone raises out of the pound. She figures its his home but something more she suspects. He removes her leash and throws her back over his shoulder. He moves toward his tower in the lake. Nena squirms as the white beastman clutches his buxem earth prize. The White Beastman rushes up some stone stairs and enters his tower. Nena shivers as the white beastman stands in his dark anteroom and suddenly the torches light up a spiral stairway to the top. The White Beastman rushes upward as she gasps OHHHHHH to his delight and he enters into a seductive bedroom. Next thing she lays on her back on the bed and her eyes grow wide as she reacts to his kisses. "More,more." She whispers as she breaks her bonds and another storm rages outside.

Nena kidnapped toy

The two beasties had been spying on the buxem babe in the yellow sling bikini for sometime. She's perfect in every curvy sense of the word. Patiently they watch her sly away from the beach bonfire. All they know her name is Nena.

 She didn't see them coming as she follow a trail back to her bungalow. A large hand grab her mouth and another here ankles and Nena gasps in fear as the strange shadows carrie off trail. Moments later she stands with her wrists bound behind her back,a gag in her mouth. The two beastmen march her toward a glowing light Nena could only wonder where she's been taking too as she feel's the beastie's hand on her waste.
 It's called the Toyverse from they explain. Given her dull life on Earth,Nena welcome the change. As the three them march through beautiful erotic jungle one of the beasties cut off her gag. She asks out of the blue "Who are you taking me too? and what's your names?"
 She feels the leader beastie stop her by placing a hand on her shoulder and he steers her off trail. "I'm Zorko and this my partner Yardo. We sell babes like you."
 "I see," Nena states as she looks around the beautiful erotic jungle of the Toyverse. The three of them march back on trail and Yardo whispers in her ear: "You're toy."
 "A toy huh," She declares. "Sounds fun."
  The three pause on the trail when they discover tourquois stream slice the trail in half. Nena hears strange roars as she gazes around; she lets Zarko throw her over his shoulder and he crosses the stream effortsly with her as Yardo plays with her hair. She giggles as she feels Zarko clutch her thighs as her brown eyes search the terrain. She didn't put much of fight with them,she realize. She lick her lips at the notion of being a toy in strange new world.
Again she hears the roar and she sees a strange huge shadow pass by with its blood curtling roar. She feels Zarko turn off trail and emerge into a small clesring near a huge waterfall. Gently he places Nena on her feet and he clutches her arms. She doesn't fight him. She realizes she's going to be sold by this alien creatute to another.
 Zarko states "Great White Beastman we have the babe Nena of Earth you spoke of."
 He rides closer to them on his strange spider steed. Zarko gets a gold bar as he hands Nena over to the White Beastman.
 She screams as she lays on the spider's mane. He turns his steed away from her buyers as he rides off with human under his large muscle hand.
 Nena could only wonder what lays ahead in this weird world she's brought too...she wonders what the White Beastman will do with her as well.