Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Beastman with no name

Somewhere deep in the Shadowverse
All Nena can do is gasp-
she feels the immense fingers of the Magic Beastman as he gallups his steed through the Shadowverse erotic jungle. To her he's the Beastman with no Name.Nena moans to his satisfaction as she lays on her chest on the mane of his steed. She gazes around the erotic jungle trying to get a grasp where they're going.
:"WHO ARE YOU?"She pleas as she feels his hand squeeze her again. Again the Beastman with No name doesn't respond;instead he maintains his control of his feminine toy.
Nena moans as she feels her world spin in a fast psychedelic motion. "WHERE ARE WE GOING?" She yells.
Again no answer from her captive. She feels the wind whip her around as the Beastman with No Name strokes her bareback. She calms down. She gazes at the Shadowverse jungle which feels like it goes on for eternity. In the shafts of jungle she sees the hills of the Toyverse leap out in the twilight sunlight.
Suddenly of no where they enter into tunnel. Nena hears the sound of a stream or a waterfall but it's hard to tell. She feels his steed pick up pace in its gallup. It feels like seconds that they emerge out of the tunnel and the Beastman with no Name strokes Nena again as she gazes upward at him memorized.
Seconds later Nena marches with her writs bound behind her back. The Beastman with No Name prodes her within a surreal courtyard. She doesn't put up a fight instead she marches forward since she's rightly own toy. She senses the Beastman staring her out of lust;she's been taken by the lustful ones before. She senses this beastman is different but she can't put her finger on it.
  Ahead she sees a preserve keep,a castle. It's surrel turreets rising toward the clouds. "Uh-oh" She murmurs as she's drawm toward the castle. She feels the Beastman prod her bareback.She moves forward unabaited. She crosses into another courtyard with activity.
They stop.
And Beastman with no Name hoists Nena over his shoulder as he enters into castle. Nena shudders at the unknown.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Waystation Raiders

Deep in the Shadowverse somewhere...
The glistening jungle covers the adobe shelter near a small oasis off trail. Nena-Toy lives up to the God Cheiftan creature expections as she makes out with him. Unbeknowist to the both of them unseen eyes have been stalking them. Especially the exotic buxem toy. Nena lays him on his chest and she  embraces him madly the Chieftan enjoying her the movements of her curvy buxem hardbod and her wonderful lips. She feels his hands run and stroke her shoulder length hair Nena finds making out sometimes in the Toyverse surreal.
  The lovers didn't see the arm shadows surround until it's too late. Garish,goblin shadows surround Nena feels their eyes stabbing back at her with lust. An armor goblin pulls Nena off the God Cheiftan and two goblin warriors ram their spears into him; the two them escort buxem bare ass Nena out the jungle cover adobe into some wet shadowverse jungle canopy.
 "Bound her," one goblin orders. "The merchandise shouldn't be harmed.
"Uh-Oh," Nena whispers as she stands feeling her hands being bound behind her soaken wet back. The Goblins lick their lips as they smell her fresh sex off of her. "Magic Beastman is going to like this catch."
Nena remains quiet. As she feels her ankles being tied by some bolas. Once done a powerful goblin hoists a shock Nena over his shoulder. The cadre disappears from the Waystation as if nothing happened. Nena squirms over her captive's shoulder. She knows life and death often rules the Toyverse like survival of the fittest.
"Ah you have her bring her," an unfamiliar voice bellows a command. Bound Nena feels a pair of strong hands lifting her upward and being lay on the mane of a long leg spiderhorse. She feels a beastman powerful hand keeping her anchor as she lays daze how these monsters found her in the first place.
She watches from the mane of the Spiderhorse as the leader of the goblins payed off. She feels the beastman's hand grip tighten on her and he gallups away with her into the erotic jungle. Nena glances at the glistening eyes of the magic beastman. He doesn't tell her his name--she return her gaze back at the erotic beautiful jungle.
 A satisfied Magic Beastman rides with his lovely Nena-Toy into vast jungles of the Shadowverse...

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Deep in the the erotic Toyverse...somewhere
The shadowy God Creature keeps Nena close to him as his lizard lumbers through the twilight jungle toward cavernous dark hole. "Where are we going?" Nena pleas as the God Creature grips her bulbous hardbod ass. She feels his nails peirce her muscle flesh as she stare blankly forward. She licks her lips and they're embrace is fresh on her lips.
 The God Crearture replies: "The ShadowVerse."
Nena glances at him puzzle at his response. A nector rain storm blows in and she feels the nector drops hitting her bare flesh as the strange dark canvernous opening draws closer. Her brown eyes gaze wide at the ancient busts heads that the guard the entrance. She feels their eyes state down at her as they're alive.
 The enigmatic God Creature rides his lizard into the surreal cavern and another parallel universe opens up. Nena gapes as she sees similar flora and fauna which populates the Toyverse. She squirms out of fear but the God Creature's hand keeps her anchor and she feels his hand squeeze her. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans as she gazes around at the new world.
"I didn't think there was universe linked to the Toyverse." She declares gazing at the God Creature.
"Nena-Toy you have no idea what other worlds could linked to our Toyverse." The God Creature declares in a deep voice.
"No,I don't. The Toyverse jungle I'm only familiar with." Nena states. "Now where are you taking me?"
The God Creature kisses her cheek but doesn't say where.
Moments later she feels his large lizard come to a stop. She hears chilling eerie crys of creatures unknown that inhabit the parallel jungle. She could only imagine where the God Creature is taking her.
Moments later...
 With ankle bonds now severed but her wrists still bound behind her bareback, Nena marches along a glowing yellow trail. The God Creature is only meters behind her and she knows escape from him is useless. She didn't talk much as the immense creature marched and jab her with his staff. Nena could only guess where this trail ends; the blood chilling crys of monsters unknown is enough to convince her not to flee from him. She guesses a giant serpent like creature would devour her if she isn't careful.
 The neon light from from some of the erotic jungle trees bring out outlines of her curvous bulbous hardbod. Still where they're going is a mystery. But this unknown fascinates her.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Nena Consents to his power

In the Toyverse in an ancient structure somewhere amdist the erotic jungle...
 The God Chieftan keeps Nena close to him as they enter into an adjacent chamber. Rays of light fill the room as Nena follows the predertmined path. What ever this God Creature has plan,Nena agrees to go along for her own survival. Still she's memorized how he found her out in the erotic jungle. In the jungle she feels small due to the largeness of the plants.
   "Stop my toy." His voice orders.
   Nena does so. The  immense cheiftan now grabs her arm and leads her toward a lone single poles. He cuts her bonds but grips her wrists and she struggles with him. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ASSHOLE." Nena screams.
 Still the humanoid cheiftan puts her in place. He places her wrists in a single metal loop link to expandle chain. Nena struggles with as the Cheiftan grins how easily his babe toy can be controlled. Unexpectly he grabs her and Nena feels him insert himself into her and the kisses,embraces follow. Though she puts a fight she calms down and goes along with his sex dance. They're locked in each others bodies for a few minutes and Nena feels an overwhelming magic overtake her. A magic not even her willipower can she lets his magic overwhelm her. The ancient temple which there in feels alive and various colors play with her. This goes on for several minutes but feel like hours to Nena as she succumbs to the seductive powers of the Cheiftan.
 In a matter of half an hour its all done. An exhausted Nena turns and leans against the pole which she feels hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm vibrations against her bareback. She mumbles "I now belong to you. I consent with you God Cheiftan." She lowers her head like a slave.
 "Good human. You know whats good for you."
She lets rays heal her exhausted bulbous hardbod as she drifts back to sleep. She senses night coming soon but she feels her willpower grow stronger. Still this humanoid is a mystery and it memorizes her--she knows the Chieftan isn't done with her. She figures in a few hours she'll be force marching back into the erotic jungle. For now she welcomes a splash of water upon her as she gazes around.
"Cheiftan what do you want of me? I've done your bidding."

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Wrapped,,tied in Cloth

In the erotic Toyverse jungle somewhere...a few nights later...
With a bound Nena over his immense shoulder,the immense humanoid,the God Cheiftan ventures not far from the unknown trail toward clearing which glows under several moons. He feels Nena's muscle bulbous hardbod tense as he reaches the clearing. For her own survival Nena remains quiet for her sake. As he enters the mysterious clearing she gazes around and she doesn't hear no sounds out of the jungle nor does she sense anything else. She feels her ankle bonds slip off as the God Cheiftan approachs the center of the clearing.
 The humanoid stops and plops Nena on the edge of a purple sheet cloth. She doesn't move for the strange purple cloth memorizes her. Then the immense humanoid rolls Nena on her side. He gently rolls the buxem babe into the purple cloth until she's covered and she feels the magic cloth form around her curves. Then the God Chieftan reties her ankles using a rope already tied into the cloth.
 The God Cheiftan,once done, gathers a struggling Nena and tosses her over his shoulder. He follows a different path this time through the erotic jungle. "Where are you taking me?" Nena pleas.
 The God Chieftan doesn't reply. Instead she feels his finger tighten their grip upon her calves. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nena moans in reaction. She takes his tight fingers as reminder he owns her,he wants her.
 The immense humanoid plows through the jungle and in the distance is large four leg lizard waiting for them. Seconds later,with great care, the God Cheiftan rests Nena on the huge lizard mane. She struggles being wrapped and bound; God Cheiftan places his hand on her curvy bulbous ass. His grip is firm and now she rests close to him He feels her muscles tense under his hand an automatic reaction to fear what lays ahead the humanoid assumes--
 As he guides his lizard steed upward on a new path,Nena relaxes and remains still for her survival. Her brown eyes search the changing morphing terrain for clues where he's taking her. Vague clues of an ancient jungle covered city leap out of her. Then Nena sees a broken bust temple draw near as the God Chieftan rides closer,closer....
 Seconds later it feels like,Nena finds herself over the humanoid's shoulder again as he enters into strange ancient structure. Minutes later Nena stands over the ripped cloth she feels cool stone under her barefeet. The God Chieftan humanoid stand behind her she feels resh silk rope wrap around her wrists as she stares at the structure's walls.
 "March my sensous toy," The God Cheiftan booms.
  With his staff spear at her bareback he forces Nena to march into a neighboring chamber and the buxem ass babe doesn't question the God Chieftan as she marches erect her buxem nude bod glowing under surreal firelight.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

God Cheiftan Takes Charge

Deep in vast edge Toyverse erotic jungle
The three of them didn't see the shadows coming.
Nena,struggle between the two slim trees to break free as she feels the wind of a coming storm. What she didn't expect the storm brings the shadows. And the one call God Cheiftan who has been scouring the jungle for Nena--
 As the wind,rain blows in violently the mutant shadows jump them. Nena feels stange hands cut her free and retie her wrists behind back again. Her brown eyes search the rain for the humanoid creatures who jump them. She hears the beastman and nymph scream as they're killed quickly.
The God Cheiftan takes control of Nena. He marches the nude buxem toy with a small escort. "Who are you?" Nena yells in the drenching rain. Instead she feels a strong hand around her bare waste as she's escorted back into the jungle. The strong hand doesn't let her go at all.
With the torrential rain everything happens in a blur...
Nena feels the same hands lift her upward and she feels the firm body of  beattle. She can't make out if its horn or hornless; then she feels the God Cheiftan hand fall on her bare hardbod. She feels the wet hand squeeze her as his insect steed lumbers quickly through the erotic jungle. It's hand is powerful and she feels overwhelm as she lays on her chest. Whatever the God Cheiftan is he somehow saught her out for his own purposes.
 When the rain clears,Nena sees the familiar jungle again. She feels the hand keeping her in her place as she glances at the God Cheiftan. "What do you want with me?" Nena squals. But she doesn't get an answer as God Cheiftan keeps her anchor to his steed. As the insect picks up its pace Nena watches the world spin in various colors. This insect moves fast,she thinks. She feels the hand of the God Cheiftan stroke her tense bare ass and his hand squeezes her again. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she squeals aloud. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Nena glances at her captor and he smiles at her with delight.
She resumes her blank stare at the erotic jungle. All she knows the God Cheiftan is powerful humanoid. As she lays helpless Nena could only speculate what the God Cheiftan has plan for her. She figures it's now worse than being a slave two rogue thieves who gave her real bang.
 All she can do is gaze for clues where's her abductor is headed....

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bound and Blindfolded

At the edge of the erotic Toyverse jungle. A few days later...
 With her wrists bound behind back and a blindfold over her eyes, she marches between the Nymph and  the Beastman. They're on a riverbank that she knows because of soft soil. She smells the exotic aromas of the varied jungle plants that highlight this part of the jungle. Still Nena has no idea where she's being force march too. She hasn't been harmed in any sort of manner she speculates they're two rogues,thieves who see an opportunity with a toy babe like her. Nena says "Lord Chuck will find you both and kill you."
They laugh at her.
"Where we are our small toy no one will find you," The nymph bellows.
  She then feels the Beastman hand fall on her shoulder and stir her down another path away from the river bank.She remains silent as marches her fate is lock in the hands of the two thieves that stole her hours ago it seems. The nymph strokes her long brown hair for he likes to feel its softness. Still Nena has no idea where she's being lead too and why. The trail changes under her barefeel to cool smooth stone and she hears a small running stream drawing closer. She follows the sound of the stream until he barefeet feels the water over her feet. Nena stops.
  She feels the Nymph grab her and he throws her over his shoulder. Her senese are more keen blindfolded she realizes. She feels the nymph's grip as he carries through water and he remains behind the beastman. Nena hears the nymph "Be wise if she remains over my shoulder. We can't afford to lose her."
"No we can't."
She feels Nymph sense of triumph as the small stream fades away. She hears a coming storm in the distance as she rests over his shoulder. His firm hand on her bronze thighs. She feels his nails pierce her flesh and she moans OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH alound.
"When is this blindfold coming off?" Nena pleas.
"When we reach out destination our lovely toy.Be quiet." The nymph orders. He feels Nena drift off to sleep as she squirms over his shoulder....
 A few hours later...
 Nena stirs awake tied between to slim palm like trees. The vine ropes are strong and there's no way she can't break them. A camp fire glows in front of her. She studies the patch where she is and she guess they're a few meters off the trail. Nena feels cool breeze blow from the cavern behind her and she knows two abductors have plans for her the night. The firelight makes Nena's buxem bod gleam inviting for others in the jungle night. For the nymph and beastman now control her fate.