Saturday, June 17, 2017

White Beastman Taketh

On Nightmare Island not far from the Toyverse  mainland.
 The Shapeshifters  nor the humpback beastman didn't see this one coming.
 The White Beastman stands in an open shaft of jungle and his huge size makes Nena gape as she lays under the Humpback Beastman horn boar. Already the White Beastman has killed the faceless shapeshifters for their bodies lay in blood under his feet; as the Humpback beastman rides closer and the white beastman throws his his horn dagger and kills him.His boar stops as his body falls to the wet ground.
"I've found you Nena."
"You found your girl allright," she muses as she falls to the ground. The white beastman toward her and takes his dagger cuts her ankle bonds. She stands up leans agains the horn boar. She says. "Set fire to this island and sink it.I'll come with you."
 The White Beastman smiles at her proposal. At she's willing to surrender,he thinks as his roam her curvious bare ass. "Deal".
The white beastman produces a magic torch out of nowhere and throws it at the foliage. The fire starts up quicky burning a huge jungle tree; he takes his finger and burns the corpses of the faceless shapeshifters. One could smell as their aroma as their corpses melt like a plasma ooze. As their plasmalike ooze spreads,an earthquake raddles the ground.
  Nena strolls toward the white beastman and surrender. Once the white beastman rips off her binds her reties her with fresh spherical bolas her hands grip the bolas as the White Beastman marches her back toward the beach.
 Once they reach the beach the fires are consuming the jungle nightmare island. Nena glances back as she swears she hears screams. The White Beastman pushes her toward his large oar long boat. Nena strolls up the plank no questions ask. An eager white beastman follows behind her. Once on board,the beastman orders "BACK TO THE MAINLAND!"
 Nena lays on the huge pillows as his boat turns away from the burning island. Nena stares at it for the last time as she sees it sink rapidly into the sea.
 Nena knows soon she's be back in the familiar erotic jungle marching with the white beastman who has long since claimed her since her strange arrival into the Toyverse. She's now his toy again and he can do with her whatever he once too.
 A power she respects now.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Humpback Beastman

Off the coast of the Toyverse far from the mainland jungle...
The unamed island has taken a nightmarish form.
 Nena tried to escape her captor the Humpback Beastman but he recaptured her quickly. As punishment the lustful beastman binds her ankles. Once done,he tosses Nena over his powerful shoulder and he ventures down the familiar path with the toybabe. OHHHHHHHHHHHH Nena moans as the humpback beastman squeezes her firmly. Her busty hardbod glistens from the recent rainstorm as her wet hair covers her face.
  "You're mine toy," the Humpback reminds her as he strolls down the path toward an open shaft of jungle.
"I know." Nena declares weakly. She looks up and twirls her long wet hair out of her face and gazes at the frightening shadows of the island. She feels trapped,helpless and can't escape this surreal nightmare which the Shapeshifters brought her too. His firm grip reminds her how powerless she is on this world.
The humpback bestman enters into the open shaft of jungle and Nena sees crumbling strange ruins of an ancient civilization. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans agains as the lustful humpback squeezes his human prize. He enters into the ruins and he follows other path that leads back into the jungle and again into another clear set of ruins.
  Once the hunchback enters into some Stonehenge like ruins with a tablet in the center. The humpback lays Nena on the tablet and covers her with a white sheet. Suddenly she feels the tablet lower and she sees the shadow of humpback beastman standing close to her. She watches the light disappear as the tablet lowers into a surreal underground.
  The humpback pulls back the sheet as Nena glows in the underground light. A horned boar appears and the humpback gathers a frighten Nena in his arms and heads toward his stead. Like a brute he places Nena on her barechest and she feels his hand keeping her anchor to him. She feels his horn boar gallup off in the underground chambers.
 She sees one of the faceless shapeshifters smiling at her as her captor gallups off with her. Nena has no idea where the humpback beastman is taking her. She belongs to him. She screams as a flying scorpion lands on her bareback. She tenses as she feels it crawl all over her.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nightmare Island of No Escape

Somewhere at sea off the Toyverse coast.
Nena feels her wrist schakles break and she falls to the wet ground. Since her capture by the faceless shapeshifters she hasn't seen them yet; still she senses their presence as she stands up. She murmurs "What is this place?" as she tosses her long brown hair out of her face. Her nude buxem hardbod gleams under the twilight as she lets the surf calm her down.
  Nena leans against the strange bust and to determine where she can go from here. All around her is jungle with neat cut paths. She feels the island is large for she recalls seeing a larger than life mountain range in the interior. She decides to walk to the beach.
 Nena departs from the bust and follows a path back toward the beach. She welcomes the beach sand under her barefeet and she sees the Toyverse mainland covered in a mist. As she walks down the beachline the beach seems to go on forever; halfway through her walk she gets a surprise.
 Out of the sand,a tentacle rise up and curls around her. Nena squeals as the tentacle clutches her and she sees the sand open up to reveal some teeth. She gapes as the tentacle lowers her and then out of nowhere some spears hit the tentacle; the force of the attack from the jungle forces the tentacle to drop her as it squeals in pain.
 Nena stares upward as she sees a one eyed humpback beastman appear. He raises her to her barefeet and quickly binds her wrists behind her bareback. Nena gasps as the humpback beastman marches her back into the dark jungle.
"Who are you?" She asks.
The Humpback Beastman doesn't say anything. Nena assumes that one the shapeshifters has morphed into something that scared her from her childhood.  She marches nude erect as she marches under the guard of the humpback beastman.
 She senses he has taken her more out of lust than anything else and Nena wonders as she follows unknown path what other nightmarish creatures exist here. All she sees is shadows but she now know others exits and they'll seek her out to have. She doesn't make conversation as she strolls along the path and there is no telling where the humpback is marching her.
What other nightmarish creatures linger here? She thinks as she marches quietly along the path. She knows the faceless shapeshifters will get her again when the time comes.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Precisious Toy

Along the coastline of the Toyverse....
 The eager faceless shapeshifters force Nena in ther oblong boat.Nena lays in silknet as the other Shapeshifter binds her ankles tightly. "Where are you taking me?" she asks.
  The lead shapeshifter leaps out of his boat and pushes it out to sea fiercely. Once over a wave,he climbs in and wraps Nena in the fishnet. She gazes up at the sky as she feels their boat moves up and down the waves. She watches the shapeshifters as they guide boat beyond the known mainland. Nena figures they must have an island to far from the mainland jungle.
  In the calm surreal waters,the Shapeshifters guide their boat toward a bay of a jungle mountain island. Since the weather has been calm,it has been easy sailing and with their babe toy in tow;they no one else will steal her.
 She sighs as she lays still in the silk net. She welcomes the change atomosphere to the sea. The salt air is strange to her nostrils. Minutes later she feels the boat hit the shore as she bounces in the fishnet. The two shapeshifters first jump out and then unwrap Nena from her fishnet cocoon. The second eagerly throws her buxem nude curve bod over his shoulder and the two shapeshifters move quickly inland.
"You're our precious toy human." The shapeshifter says eagerly.
Nena doesn't answer. She gazes around the stranger erotic shape jungle of the unnamed island. She doesn't how many days she's been with them. She estimates a week or more has pass since the Tovyerse plays with her sense of time.
 Moments later they enter some clearing with monoliths,columns and various square strange structures. Nena could only guess where's she's being taking too. The second shapeshifter suddenly squeezes Nena's bare flesh and she suddenly drifts asleep.

An hour later...
Nena,with her wrists tied above her on a bust wakes up in a panic. She feels more like pet to shapeshifters now. As she struggles she wonders what they have plan for her. Suddenly she feels water splash on her which she welcomes for now.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Shapeshifters on the Move

Somewhere near the coast of the erotic Toyverse...,
With her wrists still securely bound behind her back,Nena feels the second Faceless Shapeshifter lift effortsly and place her over his shoulder. She gasps when his cool hand locks her on her bare things and her small buxem hardbod collaspses over his shoulder. Soaken wet from the nector rain,the faceless shapeshifters smell her sweet sexuality. Nena trys to guess where she's being taken as she rests over the second one shoulder. Echoes of huge monster reptiles leap out along the path and she wonders if the three them maybe a dining morsal for a hungry carnivore.
These creatures are being discreet,she thinks. They steer clear of any carnivore trail. Nena gazes around blankly as her captor keeps her close to him. This part of the erotic jungle I wouldn't mind getting lost in,she muses to herself.
Unexpectly she feels the shapeshifter hand squeeze her; OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans in response.
The faceless shapeshifter states, "My dear you're still alive."
"Yeah,I am. Just to please you both," Nena responds in kind. "I'm your toy and you two can do me with me whatever you want."
"Glad to see you see things our way." The faceless leader reacts.
"I have no choice." Nena responds."I'm yours."
The faceless shapeshifters don't say nothing further and Nena could only guess where they're taking her;her nude buxem hardbod glistens under the twilight. She feels the hand tighten on her bare ass as the second one follows his leader. Nena remains quiet as she stares blankly at the erotic jungle. She tenses her hardbod out of fear than anything else; she senses the glee of the faceless shapeshifters since they have her as their human toy to play with.

A few hours later in the twilight.
 Now marching between the two hefty faceless shapeshifters,a bound Nena follows her captors along the trail. She welcomes the wet grass under her barefeet,the second shapeshifter would play with her long brown hair and she didn't complain. She says,"So where are we going?"
"That's our surprise toy."

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Faceless Shapeshifters

For a babe toy there is no escape from those who want to poessess her...

Near the coastline deep in the erotic Toyverse.. 

She lays bound on his cheetah steed as the firm finger rest on her bare ass keeping her anchored.For Nena the world spins as the cheetah horse gallups along the trail close to the coast.She hears the soothing sound of surf as it slaps against the long stretch beach. She murmurs, "Who are you faceless ones?" 
"Shapeshifters," the voice replys hidden in a hood. 
Nena trys grapple her sitiution as she lays on shapeshifter's cheetah horse. His gallup slows down and she gets a good look at his campion; they're dress like hooded monks. Whatever you are,she thinks, I belong to you. Nena accepts that fact as she feels the lead shapeshifter gently squeeze her. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans. OHHHHHHHH. 
"Human has such a seductive voice," his companion states. "This toy Nena is a worthy catch." 
"Catch for what?" Nena pleas. 
Immediately she feels the pressure of the enigmatic shapeshifter's fingers increase upon her. She remains quiet as they follow a trail between jungle and beach. Nena couldn't read these dudes minds she knows that for sure. The last thing she recalls is putting up a fight with them and quickly being subdued by their superhuman force. Then the lead shapeshifter gather her in his arms and next thing she wakes up bound upon his cheetah horse. Her capture had happen with the force of shock and awe.Next thing her small buxem hardbody rests on the cheetah horse and before passing out is hearing the gallup of hoofs. 
  Nena trys to guess where the shapeshifters are taken her. They didn't talk much and the leader enjoy stroking her bare flesh. As she lay slump she feels the hand on her nude ass keeping her in place; she smells a coming rain. Nena didn't mind being bound for transport. It tells her that these dudes are going to letting her go; she figures they're some rogues who got lucky when they must seen her making her way to the beach. 
 For her the Toyverse feels vast.Unforgiving sometimes. 
Yet she didn't question the shapeshifters as they continue with her as their captured booty. A rare booty. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Imposing Grotto,Imposing jungle

Somewhere deep in the erotic Toyverse ...
Sorko didn't waste his time with his bare ass buxem toy.
 With her wrists bound firmly behind her beautiful back once again,Nena marches with obiedence with her head bow as Sorko marches in her a cool stream. As she strolls Nena studies the terrain to find away out. But she knows she has to murder owner to do so. For now she plays along flirtiously with Sorko. He drifts closer and she feels his hand toy with her hair.
Sorko says "Oh,what a wonderous creation you are my dear Nena."
The imposing beastman forces marches forward; she feels his eyes scoping her every nude curve of her body. Yes,she's a worthy catch.A rare catch in the Toyverse. Nena blurts "You're going to sell me?"
Sorko grabs her long hair and pulls her close to him. His response is with a kiss instead verbal. "You know when I'm ready to sell you."
Nena doesn't ask further. She marches in the cool stream. She wants to kill this jerk for the way he mistreats her. She doesn't express that fact as she forward toward what appears to be a cave where the stream is coming out of. As they draw closer Nena notes the busts guarding the evidence. The beastman shoves her into the cool cave.
 The glowing mound patch he escorts her too. Before she lays on the ground,Sorko cuts her bonds. Nena lays down anticipating the encounter. She decides now to kill him. As she lays on her back her perfuct curvy hardbod glows. Sorko leaps upon her and Nena fulfills his obligations to him. She spots his short sword and draws it quietly from its sheath.
"Now you die," She hisses.
 For Sorko it's too late. Nena takes his sword and quickly beheads him. Head and body fall off her and she stands up taking the sheath and returning the sword. But this time she ties the sword to her bare waste; she then goes for a short swim in the stream and she feels the water clense the beastman's blood off of her. She swims out the cavern as if nothing happen.
  She rises up in the shallow stream. Now she was free but lost. Yet she isn't alone in the jungle others are going to pursue her.She follows the stream up stream to lead her to the beach and coast. For days she walks and swims. Despite the carnivore shadows which haunt the jungle and she avoids the reptiles at all cost.
A few hours later..
  She's captured and disarm a few meters from the coast. The faceless shapeshifters have bound her wrists and ankles. She lays on the leader's cheetah horse steed under his firm hand. "What are you going to do with me?"
"You'll find out Nena Toy of earth. You'll find out."
Nena squirms under the powerful hand of the gleeful faceless shapeshifters as they ride off with their captured human booty.