Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mate of Mardo

Deep in the erotic Toyverse...above the erotic dangerous jungle.
The shapeshifter Mardo guides and he grasp his prize Nena as she rest wrapped in the gold fishnet. He stares lustfully at the her perfect curves of her nude busty hardbod; the human now relax under his grasp as he keeps her bare ass anchored close to his saddle. Mardo guides his bat intently into  a churning storm as if he's playing hide and seek. Yet it's all deliberate to keep Nena guessing to where he's taking her.
Out of the blue Nena murmurs "I'll obey you."
Mardo grins. "You agreed to be my mate eh?"
"Yes.Mardo," Nena replys breathlessly.
 Mardo removes a two pronged curve blade and cuts the gold fishnet off of her. Still in the storm,a strong gust of wind blows the loosen net off of her bare ass except for her bound wrists and ankles. She welcomes the rain on her hardbod and face; she feels his hand assert more control of her. The shaepeshiftrer forms human lips and carress his Nena toy. She welcomes his affection.
"Your unique to this world," Mardo declares.
"My strength and strong will enabled me to survive," Nena adds,"to my surprise."
She feels his hand twirl with her wet brown hair as she lays bound. He guides his bat out of the storm and below. Rain is falling and some the rain blocks Nena's vision of the jungle below. Again his bat drops and she sees the erotic jungle. As a toy a jungle she's familiar with and often has it hiding places to hide.
He passes a over a rare site: a golden lake and the shifter guides his bat to a landing on the opposite shore. The wet and wind makes Nena shiver. She feels Mardo's powerful hands lift her bound form up and nex thing she's over his shoulder. The rain makes her soaken wet and inviting for sex for any creature who wants her; she licks her lips in antcipation of being Mardo's conquest.
"Where we going?" She asks.
'Just a place."
"I see.
Hours later..
on a dry path Nena marches with her wrists bound behind her back. Nardo has shapeshift into a giant who dwarfs her they follow the path. Her eye glance at his new size. She feels Mardo huge hand steer off the path to another. She feels more like a captive than a mate to him as she walks quietly. For she agreed to be his mate; still conquest of this world,jungle is on her mind. Before its over it Mardo will be murdered and Mardo doesn't know how devious she can be. She sees a strange structure called "The Place." And she feels the hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm under her feet as she comes closer to it.
She knows Mardo is all about control. She's been control before but not as mate.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bound and Subdued

Deep in the erotic Toyverse
Mardo,the vengeful shapeshifter has no plans to kill Nena,the Toy.He has long since return to the ornate room with the surreal stature where Nena is tied. Her small busty hardbod glows in perfection; she raises her head and her brown eyes lock at his.
"What are you going to with me." She asks as she struggles against her schackles.
"We're going on a trip." Mardo declares. He removes his something like a magic wand. He waves the wand and release the schackles and she drops to the smooth floor. Nena rises up staring at him. She's at his mercy. "Are you a sorceror of your kind?" Nena inquires as she steps away from the statue.
Mardo's eyes glow and Nena falls under his strange spell. He approches her and clasps his powerful handa around her small curvy form. They embrace on the lips despite Nena's efforts to resist.
"You want me," She whispers.
"Yes." He caresses her again and his touch drives Nena crazy. "I know a place where I can conquor you my toy."
"Conquor me Mardo," She declares. She feels his strange hands excite like one of her lovers on earth frequently does. She notices his faceless face has taken a human face form with deep blue penetrating,glowing blue eyes. I like men with blue eyes,she thinks. Mardo smiles as he reads her through. For several minutes they're lovemaking continues and she says "I'll do anything you say my Mardo."
He escorts Nena to another smaller room near the ornate chamber. Outside the wind howls outside the window. A gold fishnet cloth lays on the floor and Nena automatically walks in it. Mardo snaps his finger and the live gold fishnet wraps around Nena.She stands wrapped in the gold fishnet and the live fishnet uses its slim tenticles to wrap her wrists behind her back and bound her ankles. She struggles with the fishnet as Mardo tosses her over his shoulder. She realizes he's bound her for transport.
The fishnet subdues Nena in ways she never imagine. She feels her hardbod being rested on the mane close to his saddle on his huge bat. She sees an impending storm coming and already several towers fall into the sureal sea.
 She feels Mardo's human claw hand anchor her as she feels his bat rise and depart from the tower heading back to mainland. Subdued by the magic fishnet Nena tenses her muscles as she stares blankly at the Toyverse heavens.
 Mardo isn't done with her. This is just the beginning,she thinks as she feels his hand squeeze her bare ass.
 "What soft firm skin you have my Nena," Mardo compliments.
She hardly moves in the fishnet for now she's under control of Mardo. For now escape back into the jungle is out of question.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Revenge of the Shapeshifter

Somewherer deep in the erotic Toyverse..
She didn't see it coming.
Mardo,the Faceless Sorceror,lands his bat on the smooth ebony tower. All around several dark spires rise ancient beyond time and space. Once the bat settled down he drops a bound Nena on the smooth ebony floor; as he climbs down she gets a rude awakening.
Mardo is a faceless shipshifter. She squirms as he stands over her triumph. Nena feels his sharp black blade cut her ankle bounds and he manhandles her to her barefeet. Mardo forms a face and smiles a sharp fang smile. "You killed my brothers."
"Yeah,I did," Nena protests but Mardo proves stronger as he grips her arm. "Now your my beloved it Toy."
He clasps Nena's wrists already tied behind her back.He cuts her weak bonds and she feels fresh silk bola bonds wrap tightly around her wrists. She murmurs, "Don't kill me."
Mardo shoves her forward toward a  black triangle. They hear the wind howl at this attitude dark clouds of a raging storm cover some of the dark spires like a fog. Nena has no idea in the Toyverse where she is except it's bizarre. But worst she didn't expect to abducted by another shapeshifter who wants revenge and desires her at the sametime.
"I'll kill you Mardo," she declares as she marches under his arm sword toward the bizare triangle.
"I expectued such a word from a meek human like you." Mardo prods and pokes her with his sword and she has no choice to but to abide.
They step into the triangle. It disappears below--
Before the stone door opens,Mardo tosses bare ass Nena over his shoulder. His cool hand lock her in a powerful grip. She moans as he steps out in a dark quiet hallway. She mumbles "Put me down Mardo."
"Quiet Nena of Earth."
She squirms and kicks but Mardo goes forward with the busty babe toy. She feels something a long claw peirce her flesh and she passes out. Mardo knows what to with this troublesome toy.
 He enters into ornate room and he schackle Nena against a surreal statue; as she struggles he grabs her buxem hardbod and squeezes her. Mardo locks his lips upon her..."You're tasty."
She fights chains but its useless. Mardo grins at her for what he has plan for her. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" she yells as Mardo embraces her again and she suddenly calms down.
She watches Mardo leave as she suddenly falls asleep.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Faceless Sorceror

Deep somewhere in the Underneath,another world within a world of the Toyverse...

Lord Charles keeps Nena in cage in his vast garden. Sometime during the night or day she couldn't tell which the dark cloak entity appeared. The cloak hooded entity use to his hand and open her cage door and Nena shrinks against the cage fearful of what has entered. She stares at the hooded figure and the darkness within the hood; she couldn't make out a face at all. Nor Nena could see any eyes.
"Who are you?" She asks.
The faceless figure didn't answer.
Instead he snaps his finger and Nena falls down asleep suddenly.
A few hours later...
 She wakes up feel his hand on her bare ass. Nena feels the tightness of her wrist ankle bonds as she lays on his large dark bat. The wind whips of her hair as she stares at the heavens of the Toyverse. She has no idea how slept but long enough for her to be taken and bound. Nena often took being bound as symbolism of power over her. This strange enigmatic creature whatever it is has power over her. She feels as if she's been conquered in battle and she's the spoil which the faceless creature won in combat.
"Who are you?" she asks.
"None of your  importance my Nena Toy," the creature resonds as he feels her nude busty hardbod tense. "Relax my lovely toy."
She feels her muscles suddenly relax as if this faceless creature use magic on her. Now she's relaxed she feels his cool hand stroking her back and then his fingers twirl soft strands of her long hair. Nena couldn't comprehend what the creature wants of her. Nena presses: "You have a name?"
"Mardo my lovely." He feels Nena squirm restlessly under his  hand,her small busty hardbod feels warm and soft to his touch. She gazes blankly at the surreal skys as her abductor flys deeper into the Toyverse. At least I'm back on the surface,she thinks. She doesn't say nothing further as the enity steeres his bat toward what appears to be some hilly foothills.
 Still how he found her is a mystery.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Conquored Trophy

Somewhere in the Underneath below the surface of the erotic Toyverse...
 Lord Charle's exotic garden.

Nena stirs awake in a small field of huge fungi black mushrooms. The last thing she recalls is Lord Charles making out with her and she enjoy the sex with a man but Lord Charles isn't no ordinary man. As she stirs awake she licks her red lips for his embrace is fresh on her lips. She rises up and feels sunlight strike her small nude busty hardbod.
She splashes and drinks water from a small waterfall embedded in a nearby black mushroom. Refreshed,she sways her long brown hair and climbs on top of a large black muschroom. Around the surreal mushroom field the more erotic shape Underneath jungle goes on forever much like the Toyverse jungle. She sighs feeling the coolness on her skin. She does a 360 degree turn around and sees no signs of Lord Charles ominious keep. Nena stands on the mushroom still to determine which would be the best direction to return to the surface.
 Nena steps down and heads forward back into the jungle. Once on an unfamiliar path she senses she's being stalked. She's not sure whom as she follows the path which she hopes would lead back to surface. She then hears a galluping hoofs and runs as fast as she can. Out of no where she feels wrap around her ankles and she trips falls into some wet foilage. Before she could get to her feet she's connered by Lord Charles.
Nena concedes. "You win."
She stands up as he climbs off his horse. Nena lets him grab her wrists and he uses the same bolas to retie her wrists behind her back. Nena struggles but Lord Charles returns with her to his horse. Seconds later she lays on her chest close to his saddle. His firm grip keeps her anchor as she feels like a conquor trophy of this jungle. She gazes helplessly as the king rides back with her toward his keep; she feels his hand gently squeeze her-
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans seductively. He's not going to let me go, she thinks. She shuts her eyes as he kisses her cheek. She feels his hand stroking her like she's a rare prize. She feels like as if she'a in the hands of an Attila the Hun.
She suggest, "Why not hunt me on the above in the Toyverse jungle. The hunt will be more challenging my lord."
"I'll think about it my Nena."

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lord Charles of the Underneath

Somewhere below the erotic Toyverse. A world within a world.

With her wrists firmly tied behind her bareback,Nena force march toward what appears to be a weird looking castle. She would try to resist the lizard her escort but he prove to strong for her. With a kick he pushes the busty Nena forward.
"Who wants me?!" She demands as walks along the trail toward the ominous castle in the distance.
"Lord Charles."
"Whose that ruler of this world?"
"Not quire my sensuous toy. Actually he's been searching for you." The lizard responds as his claw now clamps on her shoulder keeping the nude busty Nena on the trail. "Don't try to escape here.Death awaits for those who do."
Nena remains quiet and marches forward toward the weird castle. One thing,she thinks,this Toyverse is a hollow shell for this world to exist. She asks,"Who rules the Underneath?"
"Queen Gao and Lord Charles share their realms here.Often share their toys."
"Un-Oh," Nena murmurs.

Moments later...
 The lizard marches Nena into a dark garden courtyard with seductive aromas. Her brown eyes search the courtyard for avenues ot escape but she doesn't see none. The lizard's claw quickly steers toward a secret wall passage into the castle. They march up some steps and through another passageway emerge in a gauty throne room. She sees Lord Charles, a human, to her surprise, sitting on his hovering thronechair. He touches his dragon head armrests and his throne docks into a surreal serpent of his throne. As the lizard marches Nena up the steps already fear shoots up her spine. The lizard drops Nena to her knees.
"I brought her your majesty."
"So I see," He rises up and inspects the girl as she remains still and still quiet. He continues: "Ah this toy is now mine"-he looks down at her-"aren't you."
"Yes,your majesty," Nena mumbles.
His lizard quickly departs.
"Some call me the toy collector." Lord Charles booms. He rises Nena to her feet and draws his staff she hears his order to march to do so and she obeys. She sense Lord Charles' triumph of now having her for himself as they stroll down a black carpet toward the unknown--an unknown she which she fears.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

To the Underneath

Sometimes in the erotic Toyverse things aren't what they seem....

Deep in the erotic jungle of the Toyverse far,far from the Someplace...
Several twilights later...

His reptile steed collapse from exhaustion and the lizard left his carcass for the scavengers.
Nena squeals as his claws grasp her wrists behind her small nude busty hardbod and reties her wrists behind her bare ass. She doesn't know how long she's been with the lizard since her abduction but since she's a toy she doesn't complain about being taken from her master. For some reason she get's a real thrill of being abducted by another creature as if she's in a competition. Yet she knows the Toyverse jungle has its secrets and cruelties.
 The lizard prods her down a path. She asks "Where are you taking me?"
"First," The lizard states,"to get a new steed. Then we're headed to the Underneath."
She ventures down a few paces down the path,her long brown hair falls to her shoulders as she stare straight ahead. Nena inquires,"The Underneath?"
"A world within a world," The lizard declares as Nena stops at the stream. The lizard grabs Nena and throws her small hardbod over his shoulder. He ventures across the stream with no problem and places Nena back on her barefeet. At least I haven't been harmed,she thinks.
Moments later they emerge at a small plain where some hideous long leg spiders are grazing like cattle. Nena leans against a tree and watches with fascination at the spiders and the lizard ventures out and quickly tames one.
He rides toward Nena as she stands with her back against the tree. She lets the lizard bound her ankles; she gasps at his strength as he lays her close to him on her chest. She feels his claw assert real control over her as she gazes blankly around. She's his and she's not going to challenge him over it for he's stronger than she is.
  They head toward a group of small mountains and Nena drifts asleep.
  Hours later...
A strong gust of wind whips Nena's hair and she wakes up. She gazes toward the small group of mountains where the storm is coming up. His spider slides into a slit into the surreal mountain and Nena gapes when she's erotic jungle around her not to mention a waterfall.
 "This must be your Underneath," She muses.
"It is human."
  Eerie sounds haunt this erotic jungle and Nena tenses her hardbod but the lizard's claw on her bare ass keeps in her place. Fear shivers up her spine as the lizard squeezes her gently and she responds OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans helplessly. She's at the mercy of the lizard and he will do with her what he wants.