Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nena the Pet

Several moons the edge of the Toyverse.
 Nena realizes her nymph morph powers only last for a limited time. As she lays bound under the Nymph Chefitan's hand on his steed, her nymph body morph backs to her human side easily. She glances up at the cheiftan and he explains her human side is more powerful than her nymph side. His hand strokes her busty ass as she lays on his steed heading back to Lord Chuck's kingdom. She understands why the nymph chieftain bound her: so she couldn't flee into the jungle. She's still owned property as toy she realizes she has no say about her freedom.
 The cheiftan follows a trail back to Lord Chuck's keep; for she sees his lusty sentianls staring at her and she senses they want her for themselves. She knows that's not going to happen for she's a lord's property. The chieftain parks his steed in the courtyard where Lord Chuck is. The two kings chat over Nena briefly. Then Lord Chuck throws a bound Nena over his shoulder. She moans when his firm hands clasp her muscle thighs.
 He disappears with her into another passageway. She knows he missed her and she missed him. Lord Chuck has his reason to keep her bound until he reaches his toward bedroom. She's amazed and awe at his strength he marches up a spiral staircase. She senses his castle is larger than it looks. He feels Nena exhaustion from travel; for she doesn't tense nor resist him as she lays over his immense shoulder. Whatever Lord Chuck has plan she agrees to play along. Afterall he rightfully owns her and he can do whatever he wants with her. She murmurs "Take me to your bed."
 "Don't worry my Nena." Lord Chuck states. "We're almost there."

 Seconds later....
Lord Chuck lays Nena on her back on the bed. He breaks her bonds and slides her wrists into some bed ringlets. The same he does with her ankles. She lays inviting on the bed. He climbs on top of her and kisses her. "Sleep my pet.Sleep."
"Yes,my lord." Nena says as her brown eyes make eye contact with him. She feels hiands roam her body before he departs. She shows her new power as her busty body morphs into a nymphs slim atheletic one. Then she morphs back to her human form. Lord Chuck embraces her on her lips. She finds his human kiss appealing and feels good to feel the affections of a man again.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nymph's Pet

At the edge of the Toyverse somewhere....
Nena has no idea how long she's been with the nymphs. She feels time and she believes she's been with them for two months or more. But she isn't sure. Already she's been several orgies with them. She couldn't believe how powerful they are with her. Their orgie which had been a strange ritual for her but she adapted quickly. Being away from Lord Chuck of the Realm made her look forward to being back in bed with him. For now she's endures more nymph play.
 In a matter of minutes, three warrior like nymphs surround her at the ball where's she's chained. Two of the quickly snap off her schackles. Another loosely ties her ankles and wrists behind her curvy bare back. Then the lead powerful nymph throws her over his shoulder and clutches her as they flee out of their village back into the jungle. Nena is use to this part of the strange orgy for either one or two would treat her this way but not harm her to her surprise.
  As they follow a strange glowing path, Nena asks, "Where are you taking me?"
The nymphs giggle at her. "Silly talky human."
The unnamed leader grips her tightly and he squeezes her gently. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nena moans as they enter into another patch of jungle. Nena glances around as she reacts to the unearthy crys and growls of creature unseen. Her bare busty ass glows under the semi twilight. She finds the twilight comforting. "When does Lord Chuck get me back?"
"Oh in a day or so."
Nena gasps as the nymphs enter into what has been ancient city. Now nothing but jungle covered ruins. The lead nymph drops her to her feet and her loose cut ankle bonds cut and the leader forces Nena to march forward. She does so welcoming wet grass under her barefeet. She takes her wrists being bound behind her back as a show of power over her. No creature,monarch or tribesman doesn't let her hands free; they love to tie her. Nena feels like their captive more than a sexy pet as she marches guarded by two of them. Her small buxem size has put her at their advantage and she feels she's under their control.
Moments later...
The maucho nymphs have loosely tied Nena in spread eagle in glowing circle wall. She feels the ground hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. As the moon rises the nymphs gently pounce on Nena and she gasps at their touches and kisses; she struggles as the wall's glow increases and pulsates. She feels something is happening to her...Nena now realizes she's a babe nymph for now. And the three nymphs eagerly kiss her and exhaust her. Nena morphs back to her regular buxem self. She feels strange morphing magic course through her.
 It's as if these nymphs have given her a new power. As she lays loose tied still she stares at the nymph vision on the wall. She can't believe this new power has given her an increase chance of survival in the Toyverse...

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Traded Pets

Edge of the Toyverse jungle,edge of the world.
With her wrists bound Nena is presented to a powerful Nymph Chieftian. While the Nymph Cheiftan presents Lord Chuch with a curvy Nymph human like babe.  Nena learns the tradeoff is tempory and she'll be return to Lord Chuck since he rightfully captured her. But the Nymph Cheiftan lets Lord Chick keep the human like nymph babe. Lord Chuck knows where he could find her a better place in his kingdom. He orders his maucho nymphs to leave the female nymph babe calles Ara alone. She quickly bows to Lord Chuck with obiedince. Another babe nymph in a tunic appears and takes over.
   Nena gapes as the powerful Nymph Cheiftan takes control of her. Several war painted Nymphs appear and guard the buxem babe and they march out of the strange ancient temple.
  Nena finds it fascinatiting that she could be traded and return. She figures Lord Chuck weilds a powerful influence with the Nymphs. She sees several insect flyers, a mutant version of a dragonfly except they have long mandibles. The Nymph Cheftian grabs Nena by the arm and she's quickly march toward his huge hideous looking dragonfly. He warns her "Don't try to escape Nena Pet."
 She giggles "I have no plans too. What's your name?"
"Odro of the Nymphs Toy don't forget that name."
  She complys eagerly.
  Odro lifts Nena up to the mane of his mutant dragonfly and she feels his hand keeping her anchor close to him. Their dragonfly rises in unison and they fly off into the vast distance. As lays under the Nymph's hand, she feels she's at very edge of the Toyverse. For hours it seems the nymphs fly with their human booty. Nena moans OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH as she feels Odro squeezing her gently. "You're a strong one Nena."
 She doesn't reply to his statement. She gazes at the sky and unfamiliar erotic jungle. She feels the Cheiftian grip her tighter and as he banks and turns his steed. They land in field of jungle covered ruins with a walkable path. Odro shows his power by throwing Nena over his immense shoulder. She feels the hand grip her bare thighs as they follow the walkable path into the erotic alive jungle. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Odro she moans as she squeezes her gently again. She could only imagine what lay ahead at the end of the walkable path. To her surprise the journey is short and Odro carries Nena to what appears to huge glowing ball in the middle of their surreal village. Nena feels her bonds disappear but then the mysterious Odro schackles her to the glowing ball. She squirms and flex but the chains keep her in place.
 "What do u have plan for me?" Nena declares as she stands defiant on her barefeet.
 Odro kisses her. "Wait and see my pet. Just wait and see."

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Edge of the Toyverse

Somewhere near the shores of the vast ocean like lake of the Toyverse
The strong winds blow the sails of the flying ship and the captain has mastered the powerful winds. Nena watches as a large hook anchor drops from the bow and stern of the ship. The anchors quickly hook onto the shorerocks of an unknown surreal erotic shore not far from the erotic jungle. She stares at Lord Chuck's insect flyer. It remains calm as the ship drifts to a stop. Just gazing at the erotic unfamiliar jungle she feels like she's at the edge of the world,edge of the Toyverse. Even the small moons feel larger now than they have in the past.
 Still Nena is his pet.
She lets Lord Chuck retie her wrist behind her back. He rips off her thin robe and Nena giggles as he marches her back to his flyer. "My king where are taking thee?"
"Someplace beyond your imagination."
Moments later Nena lays on her buxem chest and she feels the lord's powerful hand upon her bare ass. She giggles flirtously as she feels his flyer rise off his boat and does a flyby around his flying ship and then heads toward the strange unfamiliar unexplore erotic jungle of the Toyverse. One thing about the King of the Nymphs he's prove to be a terrific lover.
 Nena says, "You ever want to conquer the Toyverse?"
 "No. To big and to vast.Don't let it fool you my pet."
   "I want to conquer this Toyverse," Nena declares.
   "You're still a toy my pet."
     "True." Nena sighs as she tenses her muscles. Lord Chuck's powerful hand gently squeezes her and she moans aloud OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. As she stares blankly at the unfamiliar jungle. She feels his flyer circle around the waterfall piece of jungle and below a lagoon the size of a vast large lake. The vast lagoon glows under the light and Nena could only guess where the King of the Nymphs is taking her.

Moments later...
She stands erect with her wrists tied behind her back. Lord Chuck slides a leash around her neck and he proceeds into the erotic jungle with her following him. The choker isn't tight and he only pulls his leash if she slows down. Lord Chuck leads his buxem toy into unfamiliar erotic jungle and then their path pans out into a clear patch. Before them a broken clear dome rests. An advance looking dome from what Nena could judge. Did the Toyverse have an advance civilization at one time she thinks.
 Lord Chuck leads her up the steps. She feels a strange power hummmmmmmmmmm under her bare feet. An unknown power that seems to be calling her.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Captive to a King

Deep in the Toyverse,in realm of the Nymph Kingdom...
A few hours later...
A bound Nena lays on his dark insect flyer puzzled and bewildered where Lord Chuck of the Nymphs is headed. She squirms but she feels the powerful king's hand keeping in her place. She pleaded not to be hound and she promise not to flee. But Lord Chuck didn't want to take chances with this human. She stares blankly at the terrain as she lays on his flyer. The wind whips her long hair as her brown eyes remain focus on the beautiful sky. She try to guess where Lord Chuck is taking her. OHHHHHHHH she moans seductively as she feels Lord Chuck stroke her perfect curvy hardbod then she feels his fingers squeeze her flesh and she moans softly.
He guides his flyer out of the dense erotic jungle and next thing they're over a beautiful gleaming lake. A few meters distance Nena sees their destination floating above the water. A large winged hovering Roman Grecian like ship. Lord Chuck banks toward the hovering ship and seconds later he successfully landa  his steed on the broad deck and crew nymphs quickly tie down his flyer. Nena struggles over Lord Chuck's shoulder but she feels a prick of her flesh and she passes out. Last thing she hears "Set sail."
 Hours later...
She wakes with a startle in extremely throne like bed but her wrists are tied to special bed ends. Her legs are to her surprise allow free movement. She trys to break the bonds but she feels schackled to his bed. Nena realizes she's Lord Chuck's pet and he can do with her what he wants. But he isn't brutal with her to her surprise. She figures she can seduce him and give what he wants-if wants me for his queen I'll be his queen. She decides. She feels the ship under sail as she lays on the bed--the largeness of the bed makes her feel small but it doesn't matter at least she's pet to a man. She didn't think human kings ruled here.
For now she lays seductive and inviting on the bed. Lord Chuck enters and removes his trappings and crawls on top her. She feels his hand break her bed bonds first as they embrace she's drawn to him by his hypnotic deep blue eyes.She lets him kiss and caress her madly. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MORE! Nena shouts. She's forgotten the feel of a man and his powerful touch.
 As the ship roams forward over the vast lake, Nena feels his power penetrate her. She realizes this king is smart. They share ecstasy until moonlight shines in his throne cabin. He gets up and picks up a robe and tosses it to her. "Let's go on deck."

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kill the Yeti but Keep the Girl

Deep in the erotic Toyverse near the ancient temple.
Dorvyo keeps Nena tied down via some stone stakes not far from the vast black lake. Unbeknowist to them eyes are watching them and whispers going on when to jump them. They remain in the deep shadows to keep themselves hidden for shock and awe is their primary weapon. The eyes stare at them especially the busty toy Nena as she struggles on the ground. The human would be an excellent pet for their king,the leader concludes. So in the shadows they wait to jump,shock and awe. Nena is their target to take.
Nena squeals softly as Dorvyo,the Yeti trys to conquer her. His lips and huge furry hands roam all over; the bigfoot couldn't believe how perfect the buxem babe is. As they embrace,the intruders makes their move and Nena opens her eyes in horror to see armed nymphs surround them. The powerful lead nymph says "Surrender."
 They do so. Two armed nymphs cut Nena free but she isn't free she realizes as a greedy nymph rebinds her wrisrs behind her back. The armed nymphs quickly separate her from the yeti. Now under a new guard she stands and watches the outcome of her capture. The lead nymph booms "Tie him."
The arm nymphs do so. And moments later two lovers march under new guard and new management. Nena remains close to the leader nymph as she marches under his watchful eye. She asks "Where are you're taking us? We didn't do nothing wrong."
 "You both tresspasse on royal property.So you must pay a price."
:"I see." Nena replies noting that several nymphs can't keep their eyes off of her.

A large sky throne room several minutes later.
They stood bound and erect waitting judgement. To Nena's shock the Nymph king is a man. He's thin but handsomely powerful she judges quickly. "Who are you?" Nena pleas in a feisty voice, "we haven't done nothing wrong."
"Call me Lord Chuck ruler of the Nymph realm and who are you toy?"
"Nena." She says seductively.
"Under my decree you two trespassed on royal property. Tresspassers face death but I'll make the exception." He stares at this sword armed nymphs and orders "Kill the Yeti but keep the girl alive."
Nena stares in shock as they march the yeti off. She doesn't see the bigfoot no more.
 "Now my Nena your my pet." Lord Chuck says with a smile on his face. His blue eyes memorizes  her. "You understand?"
"I do. My lord." She says, "once we consent I will be yours."
Lord Chuck smiles at the buxem babe toy as he licks his lips.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Undiscovered Jungle

Deep in the Toyverse somewhere...somewhere in the beautiful heavens...
His large fingers keep Nena in her place as he steers his dirtdopper toward an unfamiliar exotic jungle. As Nena squirms Dorvyo  clutches her tight as her long brown hair whips in the wind. The toy babe knows she can't escape this dude. She had tried at waystation a few days before but Dorvyo recaptured her so easy. She couldn't believe it and now she lays helpless on his dirtdopper with his large hand on her bare buxem ass. Her brown eyes are drawn to the unfamiliar exotic jungle. The strange bigfoot is determined to keep her or make her his human mate. The mating lesser makes her shiver and tense under his firm large fingers.
"What's down there?" Nena inquires as the strange unknown jungle draws closer. Actually a small open patch stands with large erotic jungle trees. The jungle trees are unfamiliar to Nena as she stares at them. Dorvyo must have a hidden place,she thinks as the huge leaves draw closer. He circles his dirtdopper over the small patch and seconds later he lands his steed in the small patch which has beautiful purple red dandilions.
Moments later Nena stands on her barefeet as she Dorvyo's large hand grab her wrists behind her bareback and using a small chain to rebound her wrists. He had his reasons to this: so the human couldn't resist him or try to kill him.
"March human or I'll kill you." Dorvyo bellows aloud.
Nena doesn't challenge she strolls forward instead. She feels Dorvyo march closer behind her keeping his eyes on her. As she marches ahead she sees some dark structure hidden in the unfamiliar jungle. Whatever it is it's either magic or someplace to be controlled,she thinks. Live plants decorate the trail toward the mysterious structure whatever it is. Giant Venus like flytraps with small eyes stare at her hungrly but Dorvyo pokes one of the carnivore plant's eye and it squeals. Nena,her nude buxem ass shows its hardbod curves as she marches toward the hiddent structure. Dorvyo orders "STOP!"
Nena does so with no question.
Fearing that the strange carnivore plants will grab Nena,he grabs and tosses her busty ass over his shoulder. Nena gapes as she feels the large fingers grip her thighs and Dorvyo continues on the journey as she gazes at the unfamiliar jungle. She squirms and tense her hardbod but his powerful fingers keep her in place.
 Dorvyo,clutching Nena over his shoulder,marches up the broad anctient steps of the square broken bust head structure. Already parts of the jungle have claimed the ancient building. He finds a tablet aqnd he lays a frighten Nena on her back. She gasps as Dorvyo's large hands strokes her cury busty ass. She has no idea what's going on as she lets Dorvyo work her over.