Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The End of the Toyvserse

Unbeknowist to Nena another much larger planet has now entered into same orbit of Toyverse making its destruction undeniable.

Nena,her wrists and and ankles bound to a totem pole of the UnderToyverse in the the small village of the Beastgoyles. As the village is quiet she feels the ground shake like an earthquake. She sense something is not right and the gravity feels lighter.
Something is going on but she can't put figure on it. Suddenly steam vents break open violently sending rocks and water upward. The beastgoyles are now awake and charge out. Already parts of the underworld are falling apart and unexpectly Nena is cut free and she runs dives into the cool stream and let's the current take her back to the surface. She falls out in once calm lake where she raises her head out of the water--
 The wildlife runs crazy for safety but Nena now sees the cause a huge planet and she gapes how close the Toyverse has gotten to it. The gravity has gotten slighty lighter but the sky has darken due to the unnamed planet which has created chaos through the planet. Nena remains in the lake and finds a huge log rest on. Seconds later the lake opens into a new stream and Nena holds on.
 "I'm going to die her," she murmurs. She rests her head against the huge branch while the log rides a rapid violent current downward. Around her the planet cracks more here and there. Steam and blue lava run out everywhere. No life is safe she realizes and the cracks grow wider by the second.
 Another village is on fire and the creatures scream to thier deaths,Nena notes as she watches from the log. Then she looks in the water and grabs the broken magic staff and clutches it. She feels the current move faster into the cave and she plummets with the log downward toward the broken center of floating water and rock--
 With the staff in hand,she grip the broken staff and feel the tug of time space as she floats.The once jungle world she now know is gone. Suddenly the magic staff lights up and floating Nena becouse space particles head on a predestined course---
 Where she doesn't know. Her councious feels like it's traveling at the speed of light.....

Author's Note: Nena's adventures continue in the Neververse blog 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Beastgoyles of he UnderToyverse

Deep in the underground of the Toyverse
 Nena feels like she's another dimension,a world in a world she didn't think that existed.
She'd been on the beautiful glowing path for past few days but it feels like a few hours to her. The strange underworld which had vague elements of the surface of the Toyverse especially with the vast large jungle trees which make her small.
Since she'd been propelled into this surreal new world,Nena can't help sense she's being stalk and as a toy for this world's creatures she's a worthy catch. Nena continue down the path as she searches for food,the wind feels good against her curvy nude hardbod. Suddenly a giant centipede like creature appears and pursues Nena like crazy.
 Nena runs like crazy as she trys to outrun the strange centipede creature which is catching up with her quickly. The creature takes her by surprise when its slim mandibles lock around her waste and lifts her off the ground. Nena struggles furiously to break free as the unearthy centipede moves toward a stream. She screams and kicks but the centipede moves quickly with Nena as his dinner morsal--
 Nena reaches down and pulls her bone made dagger her hip and stabs the centipede's mandible. The mandibles open up and drops her in a running stream. Before Nena could get a swimmer's grasp with the stream,the currents sweeps off with her aggressively. Again she fights for her life against the strong rolling current,she falls down a huge waterfall into unexpected calm waters of a stream lake.
She swims to surface and lays on the shore. Suddenly strange muscle like shadows surround her.
 Nena eyes roll upward as she sees her interlopers.They're hideously ugly and they resemble surface beastmen mix with gargoyles except they don't have no wings. One them grabs Nena by her arms and is raise to her barefeet. Exhausted she surrenders to them. She feels a pair large fingers clasp her wrists together and a lace rope wrap around them.
 Nena stands still as the ghastly Beastgoyle graps her and throws her over his huge shoulder. She moans helplessy as she finds herself a captive toy of creatures unknown. They disappear with her from the strange shore as if they never existed at all.
 "Where are you taking me jerks," Nena declares.
 The only answer she gets is a firmer grip on her bare bronze thighs as the creature tote her into the new unknown jungle...

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sucked to the UnderToyverse

Along the Crimson Coast,in the cliff embed tower,somewhere in the erotic Toyverse...
Few weeks later..sunset twilight.

Nena had been shared between the White Nymph and the landlord of the tower,a mysterious one eyed ghoul. Nena  had been thier toy now for several weeks and she feels imprison in this strange tower. For her escape is paramount and killing the White Nymph is now her goal. Unaware to the nymph she'd murdured the ghoul in cold blood with his own dagger which now possesses.
 She feels the ground rumble under the cool,smooth stone floor for some reason. Her brown eyes search the floor thoroughly. As the sun sets over the strange Toyverse sea, the shadows emerge through the slim windows. She feels secure with the scimitar dagger strapped to her bare thigh.
She searches the roams for the white nymph with a cold determination.
Again the ground shakes,she hears pars of the cliff small into the water followed by huge tsumani like smashing against the cliffs.
This tower could go anytime now, she thinks as her eyes search for her captor who brought her agains her will in the first place.
She finds him with his back turned to her in a room. Nena grins as she removes her dagger and the ground shakes more violently. The white nymph stares down some strange empty well whatever it is. But Nena doesn't give a damn.
"Die you sunofabitch," Nena hisses as she rams her dagger into the back of the White Nymph and he falls into the well. Nena moves to the edge and looks down--
 An explosion suddenly ripples the embedded tower and Nena loses her balance and falls into the sureala well. As she falls she sees the top of the tower explode in all directions and some stone chunks fall down with her--
 Nena clings to the dead body of the nymph as it falls. She pulls her dagger out of the body and slides it back into her thigh strapped sheath. They plummet into the violent swirling water below and Nena breaks free of the corpse and weakly swims out toward open ocean. At least she'll have a chance to survive. She reaches the sandy shore minutes later and collaspes into sleep. Her muscles never ache so much.

Hours later...
Nena stirs awake from a strange dream which she couldn't recall. She looks toward the Crimson Cliff and sees a blown hole into the cliff. Then Nena hears a loud SHhhhhhhhhhh and sees something like a tornado coming fast. She can't outrun it. She feels the extreme strong winds and suddenly she sees the dark funnel which sucks her up. She feels the water being sucked up as the tornado becomes a waterspout. As Nena spins in the waterspout she feels the winds weaken and she drops into the ocean.
Unexpectly a whirlpool forms out of no where and its current sucks in Nena whose fighting against it. Again she passes out....
Moments later....
She stirs awake on a very strange shore. She isn't sure where she is now as  she rises on her barefeet. Around her surreal neon jungle she isn't familiar with and she sees a footpath a few meters from her. The surf is quiet and gentle as it rols over her brefeet. The strange light brings out the curves of her perfect nude buxem hardbod. '
 She now wonders if she's dead and in another diminision but the feel is the sameplace all she can ask her herself: what have I fallen into?

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Tower of Vordo

Deep in the unknown erotic jungle of the Toyverse...
Vordo,the White Nymph,grips his Nena as she lays bound on his steed as it whips through the early evening air. Nena gasps as she stares at the various moons which orbit the vast Toyverse. The huge unknown moons remind her how small she is in the universe. As she lays helpless,she feels Vordo's fingers pierce her small bare ass.
As his fingers squeeze her she lets out a loud moan OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH which echos into the heavens and beyond. She tenses her small curvy nude hardbod as her captor keeps her close to him. She could only guess where the White Nymph is taking her--
 She feels a sudden descent of his steed for she sees the huge swarth of jungle trees below her. She begs, "Vordo where we going?"
Vordo doesn't answer except she feels his powerful hand grip her small firm hardbod tightly as he banks toward the coastline. The wind whips Nena's hair savagely as she lays with her muscle tensed. Sometimes she finds its wise to be quiet with her captors.

A few minutes later...
 He lands his steed on a surreal colored beach surrounded with huge rocks and tall blood red cliff above. He doesn't cut Nena's ankles bonds yet instead he throws her over his shoulder. Nena softly squeals when she feels his fingers pierce her flesh again. She has no idea where he's taken her but she has a feeling she's possessed by some mad creature. Nena gapes as she watches the huge waves splash the surreal large rocks. She wishes a huge rip tide engulf them and pull them out to sea. Butt her chances are slim to none.
"Where are you taking me master," Nena begs softly.
 "An ancient tower that's all you have to know," Vordo declares in a commanding voice. He squeezes Nena's bare bronze thighs and she moans OHHHHHHHHHHH once again to remind her whose in charge of her fate.

 Carved into the blood red cliff is the strange tower. Nena feels Vordo marching up the tower's steps as she gapes at the incredible waves. In the distance she sees another violent storm coming with its fieirce's lighting. Nena squirms as Vordo enters into a dank stone room. It appears to be real ancient with faded mosaics on the wall.
  Vordo puts Nena on her feet all of sudden. His rips off her lace anke bonds. He prods her again with his sword and she marches forward to the beautiful bed. She knows Vordo is going to conquer her in the large bed. Yet his madness is enough for her to kill him.
 Yes,kill him. At least she has that choice.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Nena,Toy of Pleasure

Deep in the erotic jungle of the Toyverse..somewhere.
She has no idea where she is,much less the time. She has no idea how long she's been with the powerful white nymphs. The various blooming surreal tropical flowers didn't give her no clues. With her wrist firmly bound behind her bareback,she force marches between two powerful armed nymphs. The grass feels comfy under her barefeet as the broken shafts of lights bring our her perfect curves of her hard  buxem bod. Several evenings ago Nena surrender to the white nymphs in a custom orgy where a drug had been use on her to control her.Her small size made it easy for her to slither from one nymph to another and some carried her in thte jungle to make out. She doesn't recall much that happened,all she knows she live up to her reputation.

Now Nena rests with her wrists and ankles tied on the comfortable grass mound. The leader made sure she didn't try to escape them. She squirm and moves trying to break her bonds but two hefty guards hover over her. All she knows the leader is searching for a steed which means they must be going someplace and she's going with them. To calm her down,one of the guard nymphs stuffs a fig down her mouth and she falls quickly asleep. They now stare at her as if she's rare Venus.

A few hours later...
A strong wind whips her shoulder length hair and stirs her awake. Nena lays bound on a grotesque wasp as she bites her gag. She looks helplessly as the white nymph flys through the surreal heavens with her. She looks down and sees rugged coastline mix with rock and jungle. Still its hard to guess where this strange white nymph is taking her. The powerful nymph makes her feel more like his captive than his toy. But thoughts of conquest she hasn't given up on. She knows she can't conquer all the Toyverse but maybe some but she could live with that.
 "Ah my Nena is awake," she hears the obsessive voice of the white nymph. His strong fingers remain on her bare ass and keeps her in her place. She feels another kiss on her cheek and soon she knows he will kiss her on her lips. Suddenly she feels her gag fall off. Nena murmurs "Where are you taking me my master with no name."
"I am Vordo my Nena that's all you need to know," the White Nymph says as he licks her bareback with his tongue. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nena murmur moans. For now she stares at the infinite jungle below.
She doesn't know if her fate hasn't been sealed or not...

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The White Nymphs

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse..
Loki's lair a few nights later..

An unknown fire consume Loki's lair.
From her jar prison Nena could see the flames spread quickly. She swears she sees small shaodows among the flames. Yet the smoke makes it unclear what she's seeing so she slinks against the smooth glass of the jar. She's expecting Loki to grab her and flee out his dominion. Yet she decides to take a risk. She goes to the front of her jar and pushes it with all her mite.
 She pushes hard and her jar moves to the edge of a wood shelf. She pushes again hard and unexpectly her jar prison falls.
  Her jar prsion plummets to the floor and breaks into a million glass pieces. Nena,resting on the warm floor, looks up daze but very much alive. The dark hooded figures appear, still daze one grabs Nena and flings her over his shoulder. "Thank you," she murmurs softly. The figures now flee via large rathole back into the wet,cool jungle. As Nena rests over the shoulder of her rescuer, she welcomes the coolness against her skin. They flee as Loki's tree burns and glows in the jungle around it. As they follow aa unfamiliar path within the beautiful erotic jungle, hears thier voices.
"We have her now."
So they were looking for me,Nena thinks as she feels strong alien hands squeeze her bare thighs. She knows the Toyverse isn't safe for her it never has been. It has been surivical of the fittest. The mysterious party finds a stopping point under a canopy of huge dandilions. The creature drops Nena gently on the grown. She doesn't move but she's courious whose rescued or captured her for thier own ends. She watches the cloaks drop off of them--
 Nymphs. Powerful white nymphs.
 Thier leader orders "Bound the babe toy."
Nena gasps as powerful hands raise her curvy nude hardbod to her feet. She remains quiet as one of powerful built nymphs bind her wrists behind her back again. She murmurs "Now you have me,what do you want with me? You know I'm the Toy o Pleasure."
 "We know Nena of Earth."
 Moments later Nena finds herself entwine between two armed Nymphs as they march down a trail. Escape is out the question. Yet after the horrors of Loki, Nena welcomes the change of scenery and captors as well.
 She has no desire to flee to them. For now she's a part of the Toyverse. As she follows the the white nymphs into the unknown.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Nena in a Jar

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse,deep in the erotic jungle,deep in the unknown
 She doesn't recall much except the giant hand sweeping her up and gasping as Loki tosses her lover the Red Ghoul to his death...the rest has been blur.
Several evenings later...
Nena stirs awake from her vivid nightmare.
Her mind begins to grasp where she is. As she rubs her eyes from her deep sleep,she shades of a glass around her. Beyond the glass she sees a semi lighted candles here and there. As she rises up she realizes she's been in a huge jar from sometime. A jar. She's in belief still how this giant ogre,Loki, got wind of her.
 She brush the thought aside for she's now feels like real toy on display in her jar prison. She could see the giant outline of Loki in the semi darkness. She wants escape and flee from him but it may have to wait. She leans with hand on the glass and peers out of her jar prison. She didn't expect that giants roamed the Toyvese but they do. Yet being capture by this Ogre feels like a bizarre Heavy Metal comic tale where she's the hunted damsel who's been captured. Still she finds its fascinating to feel like now a real toy doll.
 "I gotta getaway from here," She murmurs as the she feels the glowing candlelight. The bright candlelight brings out her sensous curves of her buxem nude hardbod. In this world her hardbod is perfect in every detail.
Strange,she thinks.
Loki turns and approaches her.
He removes the glass top of his jar and his stubby fingers claps a helpless Nena effortsly and once his hand gets control of her; she's dropped in the palm of his huge grey hand. "HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM you're fine,"
 Nena doen't know how to respond. So she lays in his hand as he takes her away from her jar. She found Loki unpredictable at best. Why he wants her is still a mystery. Maybe as his human collectable she figures. She lets his fingers run all over and she moans in the process. She feels like she's a six inche sensous Barbie doll now. Loki smiles at the touch of her skin. Nena hardly moves or stand up.
 She blurts "Why do you want me?"
 "You're toy. That's all you should know my little darling."
He gently drops Nena back in jar and puts the glass top on it. Nena lays on the glass floor wondering how could she escape back into jungle...