Thursday, May 25, 2017

Imposing jungle

Deep in the glistening erotic jungle of the Toyverse.
 Time has passed Nena knows that for sure.As she lays on his gargantuan lizard,she feels Zorko's hand keeping her anchored.The last thing she recalls is consenting with the powerful beastman  to be his.She senses him as she stirs out of her long dream sleep. Zorko strokes her long glowing hair. "Ah your awake."
"Yes.I am." She gives him her seductive glance."Where are u taking me?"
"My dear we're here."
She feels his lizard stop.
Moments later,with fresh bolas tied around her wrists,she marches under Zorko's close guard under the canopy of an imposing jungle.Buxom Nena jumps startle at unknown growling sounds.She feels dew on bare ass as she follows a wet trail toward a grotto.
 Zorko smiles as he controls his toy Nena.
She does so on the trail within the grotto with a skylight and waterfall.She gasps,closes her eyes as she feels the Eastman's lips consume her,she lets his hands roam all over her. Their ecstasy is powerful.She murmurs "You're so fine with me.So awesome..."
Seconds later Mena awakes bound to a poll under the waterfall;she welcomes the splashing water as she senses she's not alone.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Zorko On The Charge

In the vast erotic jungle of the Toyverse somewhere
 Nena untie her wrists bonds and fled as far from the beastman as she could. Just as she reach a small stream, a huge hideous two head cobra snake emerge and pursues across the stream to the next shore. Nena trips over a small root and falls down into a rose patch. Suddenly the two headed cobra is distracted and moves quickly away from her. Nena breathes a sigh of relief.
 As Nena catches her breath and tosses her long brown hair back, an familiar voice booms: "YOU THOUGHT  YOU ESCAPE ME TOY!!" Then out of the shadows Zorko the beastman remerges on his lizard; he jumps down and corners Nena with his short sword. She doesn't say anything as she stands buxem nude her wrists behind her back. She feels his bolas wrap around her wrists tightly and he orders her to the ground on her chest. She feels his powerful hand clasp her ankles together as he binds them with another pair of bolas; she squirms helpless on the ground.
"I was hoping to get away from u," Nena muses.
"Too bad," Zorko declares as he gathers over his shoulder; he returns to his lizard with his bound booty. Seconds later Nena lays on a large scaley mane. She feels Zorko's powerful hand rest on her incredible buxem bod. She feels anchored and squirms as he stirs his lizard away from the patch. He squeezes her gently. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH shs moans.
Zorko smiles as he clutches his buxem nude toy. Nena could only wonder where Zorko is going with her. Of course he rightfully captured her the first time and now she's being punished for escape him. She didn't mind from time being bound. She's gotten used to it; she believes how some these creatures show their power over her. She looks around the changing jungle of the Toyverse; Zorko is avoiding specific trails with her. She's his and she figures he's taking her to his lair somewhere in the erotic jungle. She tenses when his hand strokes her bareback. They hear thunder boom as the lizard lumbers quickly forward. Minutes a heavy nector rain falls and Nena welcomes it and licks her lips with the nector. As the nector rain.she proclaims: "I'm yours Zorko.You can do things with me as you wish."
"Smart move Nena." The beastman declares as his hand strokes her wet naked buxem ass . To surrender means she can survive; his fingers squeeze her gently again and she moans OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH as she feels the jungle enclose around her.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Captured by Zorko

Deep in the erotic Toyverse jungle somewhere...
  The mysterious mansect and Nena made love for hours as she struggles against her bonds. Yet she has this feeling other eyes ate watching them--waiting for their moment strike. Nena gapes as the mansects licks her like crazy and she murmurs "More." The more she struggles the more intense the sex becomes and she rests with the mansect sitting on her. Just as the mansect is going to kiss her again that's when the interlopers appear.
 A deep guttural voice intones "SIEZE THEM."
The beastmen quickly sieze them. As the mansect is slapped around,Nena is cut free and she rises placing her wrists behind her bareback. She feels a beastman retie her wrists behind her back,she takes this as showing their power over her. She's separated quickly from the mansect and leader named Zorko orders "March her to my steed."
 Another beastman marches Nena away a few meters in the cool shadows of the jungle near a long legged Cheetah horse. Taking some extra rope he ties her to the knob of the saddle. Nena knows she can't escape like she had planned. Seconds later Zorko appears and the hefty beastman cuts her rope and lifts Nena to his steed. Once again she feels powerful hand as Zorko takes control of her and his Cheetah horse.
They gallup through the jungle quickly and she sees mansect being dragged from another horse. He's weak she figures the beastmen gave him a violent workover. As for her she wonders what Zorko has planned as they ride deeper into the erotic jungle,she feels Zorko stroke her perfect curve buxem ass. She's his and he could do anything he wants with her. She feels his powerful fingers squeeze her. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans softly.
How Zorko found her is a mystery. She figures she's going to be in his concubine or something like that in his tribe. She says, "I'm a queen."
"Of course you are." Zorko intones. "Queen of the jungle? I doubt it. You belong to me human."
Nena could only imagine what lays ahead as the colorful surreal jungle spins like a kliedascope; whatever her fate is she'll accept it for her own survival.
 For now she's Zorko captured property. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans as he squeezes her. Beastmen love her flesh,she realizes.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Mercy of the Mansect

Erotic Toyverse jungle a few hours later..
Nena lays bound and gagged in a patch of smooth wet grass near a roaring stream. The unnamed mansect had a Iguana like lizard for his new steed and moments later he reappears before her as she struggles against her bounds. The eager Mansect leaps off his new steed and gathers a frighten Nena in his arms; moments later the bound nude buxem toy lays on her chest. She feels the gag slide off of her. With his powerful hand on her,Nena squirms slightly as she rests on the lizard's scaley mane. His firm hand squeezes her again.
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh she moans in reaction to the Mansect as he hold one reign and his lizard steed marches slowly across the raging stream. Nena senses the mansect smiling as she feels his powerful grip which makes her feel small; the erotic jungle makes her feel smaller as she gazes and around moans."Mansect where are we going?What do you want of me?"
"Be quiet my toy," he intones as his lizard lumbers onto a rocky shore. For Nena can hear the Iguana claws push the rocks aside as if they never existed. She pleas "I demand to know."
Instead the Mansect kisses her on her cheek. "You're tasty and worthy my Toy Nena of Earth."
Nena doesn't react she only lets her captor to maintain his grip upon her bare ass. Indeed this toy is worthy of the taking--
 Nena squirms as his lizard lumbers into some ancient ruins. Nena could only guess where the unnamed Mansect is taking her. She feels his clawhand roam over her curvy bare ass. Being bound she's at his mercy and he's determine to keep her against her will; she shudders what the Mansect has planned for her as she gazes at the ruins around her. She feels clawhand squeeze her bare dierre. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans aloud again. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
The mansect pulls his lizard to a stop and doesn't take chances. Nena gapes as she's tossed over the mansect's powerful shoulder and once again she feels his powerful grip. Like some superhuman he leaps off his lizard and lands on his feet. She squirms over his shoulder as his toy she has no choice to submit to him if she's going survive.
  The Mansect grips Nena as she lays bound over his shoulder and he marches up the steps into a broken ruin. She looks around and moments later she finds herself retied in spread eagle on a small mound of grass within the ruins. She struggles with her bonds as her eyes grow wide at the lustful mansect who desires her so much.
 She's his and she can't challenge him now.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mansect on the Charge

Deep in the erotic Toyverse somewhere...
 The maucho mansect keeps Nena under his firm claw hand as she lays close to his saddle. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans as the insectoid squeezes her firm buxem bod. Still Nena squirms under his hand but his powerful hand reminds whose in charge of her fate. She feels the hand stroking her back,her long brown hair as he brown eyes gaze at the glistening jungle below. There's no telling what lovenest he has,she thinks as she gazes around. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans again as the mansect squeezes her again. She feels helpless as her buxem bod glows under the twilight. Still bound Nena could only wonder where her abductor is taking her.
She feels his clawhand pierce her flesh and she drops asleep as the Mansect flys forward with his human booty in tow.
Hours later...
Nena stirs awake.
She's over a powerful shoulder of the mansect as his large clawhand clutches her firmly, She squirms but it doesn't help. His clawhand is like a vice grip upon her and she feels the bolas weighing her ankles down. But the mansect continues with her over his shoulder and Nena could only wonder where the creature is taking her. "Where are you taking me Mansect." She asks as she squirms under hand.
"Someplace where no can find us HeHeheheheh." The mansect replies as he follows a predetermined trail. All Nena could do is look around the jungle at the hideous shapes which occupy it. They're in hostile jungle all right but the mansect moves forward unabated. Nena feels a real sense of helplessness as she lays clutch over his shoulder. She feels her body pulsate and glow. Then she feels the clawhand squeeze her again. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans seductively. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh she moans again helplessness.
Hours later...
with her wrists still bound behind her back,Nena marches under the guard of the mysterious mansect. Nena remains quiet as she follows the trail into the unknown...

Abducted by Mansects

Somewhere in the erotic jungle toyverse....
Nena nor the no name beastman didn't see them in the shadows. Nena is on top of the beastman giving herself to him. The two roll and kissed amoursly in the low flower patch not far from his keep. Nena caves gives in the beastman's amazing prowess. As a rain falls they continue to embrace not knowing the shadowy mansects have been eying the toy babe.
Unexpectly the mansects jump them both. Momements later Nena and the beastman find themselves captives. A maucho mansect grabs Nena by her arms and quickly her wrists are retied behind her bareback. She stands soaken wet memorized how the mansects found her.
 With their wrists bound,both the beastman and Nena march under the armed Mansects. One of the mansects quickly seperates Nena away from the beastman. A larger maucho Mansect now escorts her. Her curvy buxem bod glows from the nector rain as she's force marched under a separate guards. A mansect orders. "Make sure the toy babe doesn't try to escape."
 Nena remains quiet as she feels a spear prod her back. She marches bewildered confused along the trail which zigszags here and there.
She stops.
Nena gapes when one of the other mansects removes his bolas and ties her ankles. Immediately the huge maucho mansect gathers her over his shoulder. Nena feels the cold clawhands grasp her firmly as she layed bound over the mansect shoulder. She could only guess what these insectoids would with her once they reach their camp wherever that it. She stirs restlessly over the insectoid's shoulder. She feels the large maucho Mansect stop. She hears the order: "Kill the beastman toss his corpse in the river."
 Nena doesn't see what happen to the  beastman as the maucho insectoid heads his wasp like steed a few meters distance. Seconds later a bound nude Nena finds her on her chest slump over the mane of a wasp as it rises into the heavens with her.
"Where are we going?"
  "You'll find out." The Maucho Mansect replies as he keeps Nena firmly anchored close to him. She gazes into the heavens as the wind whips her long brown hair and her brown eyes grow wide as the mansect departs clutching his new found toy Nena...

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Beastman with no name

Somewhere deep in the Shadowverse
All Nena can do is gasp-
she feels the immense fingers of the Magic Beastman as he gallups his steed through the Shadowverse erotic jungle. To her he's the Beastman with no Name.Nena moans to his satisfaction as she lays on her chest on the mane of his steed. She gazes around the erotic jungle trying to get a grasp where they're going.
:"WHO ARE YOU?"She pleas as she feels his hand squeeze her again. Again the Beastman with No name doesn't respond;instead he maintains his control of his feminine toy.
Nena moans as she feels her world spin in a fast psychedelic motion. "WHERE ARE WE GOING?" She yells.
Again no answer from her captive. She feels the wind whip her around as the Beastman with No Name strokes her bareback. She calms down. She gazes at the Shadowverse jungle which feels like it goes on for eternity. In the shafts of jungle she sees the hills of the Toyverse leap out in the twilight sunlight.
Suddenly of no where they enter into tunnel. Nena hears the sound of a stream or a waterfall but it's hard to tell. She feels his steed pick up pace in its gallup. It feels like seconds that they emerge out of the tunnel and the Beastman with no Name strokes Nena again as she gazes upward at him memorized.
Seconds later Nena marches with her writs bound behind her back. The Beastman with No Name prodes her within a surreal courtyard. She doesn't put up a fight instead she marches forward since she's rightly own toy. She senses the Beastman staring her out of lust;she's been taken by the lustful ones before. She senses this beastman is different but she can't put her finger on it.
  Ahead she sees a preserve keep,a castle. It's surrel turreets rising toward the clouds. "Uh-oh" She murmurs as she's drawm toward the castle. She feels the Beastman prod her bareback.She moves forward unabaited. She crosses into another courtyard with activity.
They stop.
And Beastman with no Name hoists Nena over his shoulder as he enters into castle. Nena shudders at the unknown.