Sunday, January 21, 2018

Red Ghoulls

Deep in rhe exotic,erotic black jungle of the Toyverse...
Nena has no idea how long she has march with her goblin captor in the jungle. She clutch the smooth stone bolas in the palms of her hand since his bola is wrapped firmly around her wrists. The ebony path now dips into a beautiful lush jungle valley. The strange reptiles permeate through out the valley as Ago keeps his hand on her shoulder; she feels his magic power radiate through her perfect curvy harrdbod just hours before she and Ago consented in a wild jungle patch. She'd been conquered and all thoughts of escaping him had wiped from her memory.
 Still Nena has an unsettling sense they're being stalked and hunted by parties unknown. She knows a sexy toy like herself brings the creatures that want her. As Nena stroll on the path she lets Ago steer her on down a blue path within the surreal lush valley.
"Where to now my master," Nena declares as she marches down the blue path within a canopy of the surreal jungle. She continues to stroll and she feels Ago steer her again gently. Her small buxem ass glows showing off her perfect curves. She lets Ago march her toward some jungle over grown broken monoliths with some beautiful roses and dandilions in the middle. Nena feels her sensuality aroused. The strange sun of the Toyverse brings out the dim glowing broken monoliths and Nena hears a hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Minutes later..
His bolas slip off her wrists like magic as she lays memorized on her back admist the beautiful Fiona around her. Ago plops himself on top of her and he pulls Nena close and kisse her hard on the lips. Ago then lets Nena roll him over to his back and Nena moans softly as she the goblin control her'; she looks around the strange surreal patch. She embraces him hard. Exhausted from making Nena falls off Ago and cuddles close to him and the two fall asleep.
 Several hours later...
 When Nena wakes up the shadows of the intruders startle her and she screams when she sees a spear rammed into the chest of the now dead goblin; blood trickles down his chest.
 The demonic looking Red Ghouls quickly grab Nena and the leader thrusts her buxem hardbod over his shoulder. She squirms as the cadre returns to the jungle with her. In a soft wet patch she lays on the ground on her chest as strong fingers bound her wrists and ankles. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" She squeals. The leader ghoul thrusts her over his shoulder and her new captor marches toward his wing bat steed which rests in a quiet patch of open jungle.
For Nena restitance is futile.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Flight with Ago

Several nights later in the skys of the erotic Toyverse...under a cool beautiful moon

His great black Raven sweeps toward the jungle and the Sorceror Ago clings to his bound buxem babe Nena whom he captured weeks ago,
 As the wind whips her long hair,she feels his skeletal hand gently squeeze her and she moans OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
Nena could only figure where Ago is going with her as she glances between sky and jungle. She feels his Ravev dip over unfamiliar jungle. He guides his large bird over a a glossy black field and lands it not far from a glossy black jungle; Nena hears chilling strange crys which sends chills all over her nude curvious hardbody.
"Where are we?" Nena pleas, "Where are you taking me?!"
HEHEHEHEHE Ago laughs at her. As he gathers her nude hardbod over his powerful shoulder and Nena feels a sense of overwhelming helpleness and fear.

Moments later
With a bound Nena struggling and squirming over his immense shoulder,the immense sorcerer goblin moves alomg a blue glowing trail. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans aloud as she feels his skeletol hand peirce her her bronze thighs, she trys to get a bearing where she is but the dark jungle confuses her senses. Ago has plans foe her but she's not sure what and that feeling alone frustrates her.
Ago moves through the jungle quickly and she feel his lips kiss her bare bronze thighs. "Such sweet flesh you have Nens."
She giggles "I get that a lot Ago."
The immense goblin stops and places her on her feet; she remains still as his huge hand rips his lace ropes off her ankles, He gently he steers Nena foeward and she marches along the blue trail into the moonlit darkness; she has no idea for now where she's going.
She has no idea at all as she marches in the erotic black jungle one filled with chilling crys of cratures unknown.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Sorceror Goblin Ago

Somewhrere in a burning Dead City deep in the exotic Toyverse
Several nights later

The Jungle Witch is dead the hunchback and Nena discovers and another fact the fire came out of nowhere and from the air, The ruins burn countiously around them. Nena begs the hunchback to free her and he does, Nena picks up the witches retrackable staff and flees toward the coolness of the jungle.
She glances back and sees a spear pierce the hunchback and kill him, Nena follows a glowing path toward the jungle but instead the path takes her to a stone pier. She slings the staff over her shoulder and escapes in a canoe. With all strength, she rows down stream of the glistening stream into jungle with a sense something from the air is stalking her; a sense she felt since she fled from the dead city.Despite the feeling she continues roar at a wonder woman pace--
Suddenly her canoe stops dead in the stream's current and Nena hisses "WHAT THE HELL."
Then a large winged Viking boat drops down from the skies, She sees a dark form of a goblin on the bow. The bow opens as Nena gapes at the tractor force dtawing her small canoe in and seconds later she finds herself in a larger boat. Before Nena could say anything hideous arm goblins grab her and one reties her wrists behind her back while another takes the staff from her, She feels the boat rise in the air as she's quietly escorted to the upper decks. Minutes later she stands erect nude,the light brings out the perfect curves of her toned hardbody.
"Your majesty our thief," the goblin announces,
"You have the staff?"
Nena remains silent as she watch the exchange. Ago the Goblin grins at Nena with a sense of triumph.
"Who are you?" Nena protests.
"Ah my sexy toy I'm Ago The Sorceror."
She spits at him but powerful goblins force her to her knees and one of them places a knife under her throat. "Should I slice her neck Ago?"
"No,I keep this curvious Nena for my self."

Moments later Nena finds herself chained to a pole in a vast glass floor window room. She stares at the beautiful skies of the Toyverse and the jungle below. She realizes Ago's flying boat is much larger than she thought.
For now she ponders her new fate in the hands of Ago.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hunchback of the Jungle

Somewhere deep,deep in the erotic jungle of the Toyverse...
With her wrists firmly tied behind her bareback,Nena marches under guard of the enigmatic Jungle Witch as she rides her hideous spider meters close behind her. Nena glances around as her sexy nude hardbod glistens and glows under the twilight of a large rising moon; she's been marching for hours it seems but she doesn't feel no aches or pains.
I feel immortal,she thinks. Nena doesn't flee for she knows the witch's spider is fast and can overtake her quickly. She asks, "Where are we?"
"A dead city little bitch," The Jungle Witch says.
"I see.Why do you want me? Some mad expirament you have in mind Bitch?"
The Jungle laughs malevolently.
Nena continues to march toward a huge bone made structure as a nector rain falls. The Jungle Witch snaps her fingers and Nena blacks out.

Minutes later
Nena lays on a tablet covered with a thin gold sheet,she has no idea what happened as she stirs awake her body paralyzed. She hears inaudible voices she isn't sure whom. Worst her ankles are bound with bolas; the Jungle Witch didn't take chances with her. She made sure escape would be futile. She hears finger snaps again and she sleeps again this time longer; the Jungle Witch now controls her with her magic.Nena feels helpless again--

Hours later
Nena stirs awake over a powerful shoulder and she feels large fingers lock over her thighs; judging from the shadow her captor is a hideous hunchback which lookslike a mutant. The hunchback squeezes her and she moans OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH as she stares at the strange dead city of bone.
"Ah my sexy toy is awake. You're a worthy catch," the hunchback declares.
Nena squrms and moan as the hunchback takes her somewhere in the Dead City and the Jungle Witch is no where to be found...

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Jungle Witch

Somewhere,deep in the Toyverse lost in unfamiliar erotic jungles.
Nena didn't know how many days she's been lost. At time she feels been riding her iquana lizard around in circles. To make matters worst a severe tropical storm had blow in and the lightening pounce on the ground next thing she lost control of her iquana as it gallup into the dark reaches of the erotic jungle taking Nena along with  him.
 Now Nena has no idea where she is and she doesn't like to have that feeling of being lost. As she glances at the beauty of the jungle she can't help sense of being watched. Worst something could be stalking her. Ready to grab her and with no weapons to defend herself she's an inviting toy to catch.
She feels her huge iguana slow to stop. She knows it needs his rest and the gentle lizard lowers itself to on all of his four legs. Nena slides off and feeling aches,pains and lack of sleep,she lays with her iguana as another heavy rain falls. The rain didn't matter she welcomes as she sleeps. An erotic dreamy sleep which last for hours--
HEHEHEHEHEEEHEEE stirs her awake.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Nena blurts as she finds her perfect bare ass bound on a mane of huge spider as it lumbers in the rain in the glistening jungle. Shafts of light bring out Nena's curvy lines of her nude hardhod as she feels pressure of a strange slim hand keeping her anchor close to a shadowy cloaked enity. A hoodie hides its face as Nena glances upward at it.
"Who are you?" Nena pleas. "I haven't done nothing to you."
"You violated my realm human." The strange dark entity intones. "So I get to have you Nena of Earth."
"Who are you," Nena declares angerly.
"The Jungle Witch."
"Oh,you're one of those magic bitches," Nena states as she rolls her brown eyes.
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moans as she feels the witch's hand squeeze her and then she feels an electrical spark shoot her spine and spread to her muscles. Nena proves her power of ristances but with a steep price. She feels weak as the wtich keeps her grip upon her. Nena feels the weight of the witch's small bolas which had been tied around her wrists and ankles. The more she squirms the more she feels weaker as if the bolas are magic and constrain her.
 As Nena glances at the wet jungle again she could only imagine what this witch would do with her up arrival to her lair.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Eclipse Gets Tricked

Somewhere in the vast erotic Toyverse jungle.
His huge iquana lizard lumbers through the jungle and he clutches his Nena
The Solor God Nena underestimated she knows that for sure. But right now she's in no position to challenge him. She belongs to him and rightfully so. Nena gives him a disgusted look over his deception of her as she now lays bound on the giant lizard's mane.
"What are you going to do with me? Sell me you bastard." Nena blurts.
"No,you're my mate. The night of the sacrifice is when conjoined." Eclipse declares.
Nena,her nude buxem hardbod glistening, glances around the unfamiliar dangerous jungle. Again terrified shadows make her shudder as she feels Eclipse assert his power over her. She hears a loud sonic boom of thunder.
Then the nector rains falls.
Nena welcomes the rains as it soaks and clenses her bare ass. She remains silent as the iquana lumbers through the jungle,through small valleys and across various streams. The huge storm doesn't let up and the rain increases like an invisible force and Nena can't make hardly anything except for howls and growls in the erotic jungle. Right now she wishes she's a dinner morsal for the many jungle creatures which occupy the surreal jungle which she's so familiar with. She stares at the dark form of Eclipse.
 She swears there's something evil about him. But she notes a trinket around his neck like a long necklace. "I'll be your mate," Nena says seductively.
 "Excellent." Eclipse declares.

A cave several hours later--
Nena prove herself with Eclipse more than once. As Nena lay on the cool wet grass of a jungle cave,her hand stumbles on a broken bone dagger. She seizes her opportunity: as he kisses her like mad,she raises her dagger and slashes Eclipse. The attack takes him by surprise and Nena stands up and kicks him hard in the face. He collaspes to the floor. Again she stabs him and she turns her dagger deeper into him and something happens. Eclipse starts to disappear in smoke and his smoke now is magically pulled into his trinket. Eclipse is no more. Nena picks up the trinket and puts it around her neck. She throws the broken dagger and she finds a used a bone short sword.
 Nena runs out of the cave and climbs on the iguana. She rides off back into the jungle as if nothing never happened. But the solor god is where he belongs.


Monday, September 4, 2017

Betrayal by the Solar God

Somewhere in the Toyverse Jungle several nights later...
Under a strange fire Nena glows tied to a broken totem pole. The hornclops have exhausted her with their power sex with her; now her minds in a pychodelic mix of dream and reality. Their kisses are fresh upon her and she struggles against the bonds which hold her.Huge surreal bonfires burn infinitely as she struggles with the force in her which wants to control her soul and mind.
Now a heavy nector rain ralls pattering Nena like she's a ragdoll.
She welcomes the heavy nector rain. She feels her bonds loosen as she pulls and plays with them. As if all of sudden she has some superstrength which she never had before. Let go of me you're sunofabitch bastard god! 
I will my sweet you'll be mine. 
NO! she snarls.
Nena feels her buxem hardbod ben forward and she breaks her bonds,falls upon the wet grass. She grabs a scimitar dagger and like a snake she creeps up on the two hornclops.She cuts their throats instantly and the huge creatures fall to their deaths. She stumbles through the rain and collapses in a field of surreal fungi plants. As the rains falls she sleeps and a dark human like form slips from her perfect sleeping hardbod.
The morning after...
Nena wakes up with no knowledge what happened the night before. She rises up fresh and anew then she sees the slain hornclops,thier necks slits. She wants to scream but doesn't. Nena wonders about the strange solar god that poesssed her for several days. Her strong will won the fight obviously.
 "You thought you can escape me toy," The dark muscle human form with glowing stabs back at her.
Nena stands dead in her tracks.
"You're human," Nena studders.
"I am Eclipse and you're mine.Nena."
She trys to flee but can't. Suddenly Eclipse is upon her and she feels her wrists being retied behind her back. The dark sun god grabs Nena by her arm forces her to walk with him toward a huge iquana like lizard. Seconds later Nena lays on her chest feeling Eclipse powerful hand keeping her bare ass anchored as she squirms.
"Where are taking me?" Nena asks as she struggles.
She doesn't get an answer as the iquana lumbers through the erotic jungle. Nena finds herself a captive once again.