Sunday, August 13, 2017

Babe Captive of the Someplace

Deep,deep,deep in the Toyverse in a land known as Someplace.

Nena tried to escape back to the Toyverse and Figerio recaptured her.
 As quickly as she try to flee Figerio the beasman catches up with her quickly. He lassos Nena from his horse and she stands in small field of tall lilies dumbfounded how quickly he caught up with her. To make sure she didn't try nothing like that again some venous plant tenticles arise out of the ground and surround them both. One of the tenticles raises Nena's chin as Figerio "Don't nothing stupid like this again my sweet."
"I want," Nena replys flatly as she feels her wrists retied behind her back and then her ankles. Figario lifts her up back to his steed and the venous tenticles disappear. Nena lays close to his saddle as his huge hand keeps her small hardbod bare ass anchor; despite her bonds she squirms and tense. She knows Figerio is punishing her for her attempted escape. As his steed gallups across the surreal plain back to his keep,she sees the shadow of the Witch of the Someplace staring at them both. As he comes closer back to his keep, for a moment Nena swears she sees the face of the ugly witch of the someplace smiling at her and saying "There's no escape for you Nena of Earth."
 Nena feels the sun on her glistening nude buxem hardbod. Figerio makes her feel small but worthy under his grasp. She gasps when his hand strokes her affectionately. All she wants to do is escape this crazy place away from these creatures who wish to control her to their desires.
Bound she can't do no such thing.
Figerio gallups his steed into the courtyard and stops. He eagerly tosses Nena over his shoulder and clasps her strongly to let her know whose in control of her. Nena doesn't complain as her captor aggressively enters his keep; she squirms over his shoulder but the magic pink silk ropes keeps her powerless. Powerless s a feeling she never felt before.
The Witch appears again.
Figerio asks "What do we do with this troublesome babe?"
"Tie her to a pole in the field. She's manageable."
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Nena shouts in protest. The Witch approaches her and snaps her finger ner her ear. She passes out. The witch disappears in smoke.

A field of Pink Lilies.
Nena wakes up to her horror her wrists and ankles are secure to a pole in the middle of no where it feels like. She struggles and moans but her crys go uncalled for. As she stands bound to the pole she could only imagine what horrors the Witch would dream up for her. She sees she's not far from the Toyverse jungle. She feels dusk coming up and she feels drowsy al of sudden. Sleep suddenly overwhelms her.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Mask Beastman of the Gold Castle

Deep in the Toyverse,in the mysterious land of the Someplace.
With her wrist firmly tied Nena,now a captured toy once again, marches into the  small gold castle under the magic staff of the Witch. Moments later she finds herself in a guilded throne room with a dark mask figure sitting and staring at her; Nena feels a sharp spark of dark magic from the Someplace Witch and she quicklys stand erect bring out her curvy buxem hardbod. She feels in a place surreal unpredictable as her buxem nude hardbod glistens under the light.
"Who are you really?" Nena inquires.
The mask dark figure steps from his throne and approaches Nena gapes that's the figure is a beastman. His name Figario of all things. He inspects Nena by touching her chin and turning her face; she feels his eyes scoping every curve of her perfect hardbod. Her brown eyes roam over the mask beastman Figario who licks his lips at the witch's catch.
"Does she meet your approval?" The Someplace witch asks.
"Why didn't keep her and bring her to me sooner?" Figario asks.
"An intruder stole her before I could make a move." The witch says and disappears in a puff of surreal colored smoke.
"What do you want with me?" Nena declares.
 Figario force marches his buxem toy from the throne room to a private room where his hideous black ant steed is waiting. Nena climbs on the mane automatically and lays on her bare chest. Figario follows  and places his hand upon her bare ass and she feels his horned ant move; a part of the wall disappears and Figario guides his steed out into the open. Nena glances around as she feels his keeping her firmly upon his steed as it moves away from from his golden castle. Nena senses the Someplace is vast and she sees a thin force field which seperates it from the erotic toyverse jungle whom she's familiar with.
"Where are you taking me?!" Nena asks with a firm protest in her voice. "I demand to know."
Figario doesn't answer and he doesn't have to. For a human toy like herself is consider a weaker species. Yet he couldn't help but admire the buxem babe's fiestyness. He feels her incredible hardbod squirm under his hand. Her capture has been worth it.
 As his horned Ant move through a field of large pink lilies,Nena could only look and speculate where she's being taken too. She feels his hand squeeze her gently. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she echoes in the land of the Someplace. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Her moan echoes through out the vast Someplace and Nena wonders what the forces have plan for her as she looks on.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

SomePlace Witch Claims Nena

Deep in the erotic Toyverse somewhere...
 A bound and gagged Nena rests over the mysterious cyclops's shouldere as he heads toward a mysterious clearing. She squirms and moans over his huge shoulder but the clops keeps a bound Nena in place; he smells her sweet sexy aroma. Nena senses something is off about this trip but she can't put her finger on it; back at the camp she didn't hear she might be sold if so it would be to another buyer.
The cyclops enters the clearing and sees the wtich sitting on her black and gold eyed dragonfly. Her black flowing robecape denotes who she is. She says "You have the toy as promise."
"Yes.See she rests over my shoulder." The clops declares.
He drops Nena to a ground who squirms against her bonds and moans. Just the sight of the dark cloak witch terrifies her. She recalls her all right where the White Beastman took her too so he can control her and it didn't work out. Yet with the witch the matter is different.
 She lays between them. She feels the witch inspect her like she's a product on a shelf. She squirms and moans for help. "She's feisty," the witch comments.
"She's a fine lover too."
For Nena the hour feels like high noon. Above dark storm clouds roll in as if the witch commanded it/ The witch looks  up at the cyclops. "I'll take her."
The witch rewards the cyclops with a huge ruby and he departs.
Now the two of them alone.
Nena feels the witch isn't human but something else. Something dark and malevolent. But she isn't sure. Nena squeals softly the witch drags her to her hideous dragonfly steed. The witch takes advantage of a bound terrified Nena and places her on the mane of his hideous steed. Just as the nector rain falls,the witch's dragonfly rises into the stormy heavens and moments later Nena feels the rain pound her as the witch keeps her close to her. Nena feels time and space open in front of her and they disappear from the storm.
"You're now mine Sensous Nena."
Nena moans in protest but it doesn't help.

Minutes later...
With her gag removed but her wrists still bound behind her soak wet bare ass,she marches along a red footpath under the arm escort of the Witch. Nena blurts "What do you want of me?"
"You can perform actions no one can't perform human."
 Nena doesn't question the witch further. She forces marchs toward what appears to be a gleaming gold castle. Nena suspects the witch has plans for her but the witch hasn't told her what.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Cyclop's Delight

Somewhere on the infinite savannah of the Toyverse..
A rain storm rages.
The mysterious Cyclops anchors Nena and rides her across the raging storm train.
A soaken wet Nena squirms and strirs under his huge hand; her bound bronze bare ass glistens under the lightening of the storm. Her long hair sparkles. She feels like a iron hand over several tons weighs her down close to his saddle; she doesn't see very far due to the torrential rain. She feels his hand freaquent stroke her wet back; her masters have with her. Especially those taller and stronger than her. She doesn't complain over her situation. For the cyclops rightfull captured her and killed her previous master,a mad shapeshifter. She shivers slightly from the cold against her soaken wet hardbod. The storm is fierce and it feels it can go for days.
 She feels his steed turn toward the erotic jungle.
The storm eases once the cyclops and his cadre emerge under a dry canopy. Nena stirs and tenses out of fear as she gazes helpless at the erotic jungle. A jungle which has given her refuge every once in a while from storms,carnivores and toy hunters.
"Where are we going?" She pleas. "I demand to know."
"A place where I can control you my sweet," the cyclops responds.
"No one controls me," Nena declares fiercly. "NO ONE!"
The cyclops slaps her face and Nena goes quiet.
She notices the leader cyclops separates himself from the rest of his cadre. The cyclops disappears down another path and Nena wonders where the enigmatic clops is taking her. Soon she would know.
Several hours later.
With her wrists bound and terrified of large cyclops,Nena marches erect along a wet footpath toward some real ancient ruins. She isn't sure what it is but many stone ruins dot the erotic jungle of clues she suspects of an advance civilization that once thrive here. Nena remains quiet for her own survival sake as the clops hold his staff weapon at her back. The cyclops reminds her "No funny business toy."
"I understand."
 They enter into some ruins. He motions Nena toward a shiny ebony pole and she stops. He chains Nena already bound wrists to it. She mumbles "My arms hurt." It didn't really for the cyclops grabs her buxem hardbod and quickly kisses her on the lips. Nena is easily succumb by the huge cyclops she lets his huge hands roam all over her; she stirs restlessly on the pole as the two become one under the beautiful stars and the delight to the Cyclops. For Nena has lived up to her legend she's unaware of.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nena Fit to be Tied

Somewhere in the erotic Toyverse jungle at a waystation comprised of ancient ruins.

 When Nena try to escape back into the erotic jungle but she didn't get far. Two huge cyclops stopped her and the leader order to have his babe toy bound and gagged. Nude buxem Nena fights them but the two clops quickly regain control of her. It didn't take long a for their silk ropes to tie her ankles and writs; a black silk gag slides over mouth over Nena's objection and one the huge cyclops gathers her small hardbod in his arms and takes her to their leader. He takes her and lays her on blanket; Nena puts up a rucus but eventually calms down due to exhaustion. As far as the mysterious leader is concer she's fit to be tied to teach her a lesson.
She moans through her gag.
She feels the leader gather her in his arms and over his hefty shoulder. His hand clasps her bare bronze thighs as he returns to their steeds. Nena now rests on the mane close to the saddle as huge hand pins her down. She struggles to the delight of the cyclops. As he pull the riens he and his cadre continue on their strange journey.
 Moments later they reach a savannah. Nena turns her head and could only guess where her captors are taking her. The leader cyclops squeezes her bare bronze ass. Her gag dissolves off her mouth and she moans OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. His touch is powerful which tells her he's not to be played with.
"Where are we going? Where are you taking me?" Nena demands as her brown eyes lock on the cyclops.
"A place you wouldn't care my toy."
As his horse steed gallups into the the savannah Nena figures the destination is beyond the savannah. She sees far distant mountain ranges which dwarf the Himalayas. To her the gigantic mountain range is fascinating. But the cyclops isn't headed toward the mountains.
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she feels his huge hand assert upon her. A tight grip as her bound hardbody tenses and relaxes under his grip. She knows her new captors aren't about to let her go. She feels her wrists and ankles go numb from the tight silk ropes.
 She gazes helpless as the savannah spins before her. She has a feeling a long night lays ahead before twilight where she might know when where the cyclops is taking her. She licks her lips as she lets the cyclops caress her cheek.
 For now Nena doesn't have much of a choice.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Raid of the Cyclops

Deep in the erotic Toyverse jungle...
Mardo nor Nena didn't see the danger coming.
In the temple,on the pillows,Nena brought hours of satisfaction to Mardo. Nena enjoyed the conquest she could be a shapshifter's mate forever. Both are unaware they're being watched.

Outisde the strange temple,the small powerful cadre of Cyclops waited. They could smell a human scent a mile off. They watch Mardo's comings and goings and they've seen his babe Toy Nena. The babe is whom they're after they could careless for a shapeshifter. His death the leader decree would be swift.They wait and watch for their opportunity to strike and take.
  Mardo and Nena are unaware of the muscle creatures who entered in their space. As Mardo and Nena make out like crazy the leader cyclops sneaks behind the shapeshifter and rams his short sword into him. He falls and melts before Nena's eyes. She doesn't move and the leader cyclops grabs her tosses her over his shoulder. It's all over so fast. The leader cyclops and his cadre flee out of the temple with their human prize. Nena squirms under the clop's powerful hand and moans "Let Me Go."
She doesn't get an answer. Instead she lay on her chest on the cool grass and several pair of large hands bound her wrists and ankles. Again the leader cyclops carries his nude buxem babe toward his horse steed. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." Nena objects as the leader cyclops eagerly rests her on the mane close to his saddle; she tenses her muscles of her hardbod as a strong fingers keep her anchored and suddenly they ride off.
 The wind whips her long hair wildly as she gazes in daze of they found so quickly. Nena trys to grasp what sitiution she's now in. The leader's grip tells her he intends to keep her,perhaps as his concubine or whatever. She watches the twilight fade to dusk as her new captor rides off with her. She feels his finger twirl in her hair. Nena remains silent as the leader cyclops examines her like a rare jewel.
 She sees stars come out in the heavens as she wonders what the cyclops has planned for her. At least she finds solace in Mardo's death.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Mardo Unbound

Deep in the erotic surreal jungle of the Toyverse far but not so far from mysterious Place.

Mardo grasps an exhausted Nena and gallups his horn boar toward his Place. Nena feels his firm hand on her buxem bare ass. His grip is tight as the jungle spins wildly around her. Her muscles ache from the long force walk and being bound doesn't help her either. She murmurs incoherently as his fingers squeeze her. She passes in and out as she gives Mardo the shapeshifter dirty looks which don't help her at all.
 She feels the Place whatever it is drawing much closer and whatever Mardo has plan for her she could only guess. As a free toy in the erotic jungle she face down the worst and survived. She feels Mardo's power as his hand assert his power over her. She feels a tingle up her spine as Mardo draws closer to bis bizarre Place.
"Nearly there," Mardo whispers in her and kisses her cheek. "Look."
"I see  it," Nena murmurs.
The weird strucure known as the Place comes in closer. It's a surreal design large rectangle and she sense it has some mysterious power. As the shapeshifter guides his boar toward the steps the bizarre head busts remind her of a small Mayan Pyriamid she explore once in Guatamala some years ago. The Place dwarves it in size.
Mardo rides into the Place as Nena remains still under his hand. She squirms as Mardo's hand keeps in her place. He kisses her again and she reacts "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I want submit to you."
"You will my sweet toy." He declares as he climbs off his boar steed; Nena fights her bonds.
Mardo morphs into a hidious musclenoid and grabs Nena instinctly. He tosses her over his shoulder and his powerful fingers clutch her as Nena gasps in fear. "You going to abuse me for what I've done?"
Mardo steps down some stone steps into what appears to be an ancient den with flowers sprouting through the smooth stone bricks. She could only imagine who built this structure as Mardo searches for a spot to lay her down. "No,I'm not going to abuse you."Mardo responds as he searches and he feels Nena squirm. "Your fiesty. I like that."
 Nena laughs.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Mardo declares as he sees a neatly arrange set pillows in a circular pit. He quickly goes to the pit and lays Nena on her back. He assumes another shape a creature she feared from her childhood and she feels her wrists slide into some adjustable ringlets and he cuts her ankle bonds and takes each ankle slides them into another pair of ringlets. At the sametime a neon spider emerges and keeps an eye on a seculant inviting Nena as she lays spead eagle on the pillows. The neon spider doesn't frighten her but she knows soon Mardo will conquor her again and she will be forced to submit to him.